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“Right now” The Wind Venerable was taken aback by that, but he soon frowned and became troubled.

He could tell with a single glance that Jian Chens current condition was not looking very good.

Even with the Chaotic Body, it was unavoidable for his battle prowess to decline severely.

Jian Chens state left the Wind Venerable both worried and wracked with self-guilt.

Jian Chen had ended up like this completely for his sake.

Originally, the Wind Venerable wanted to completely grasp the powers of the fetal membrane of the world and become a Grand Exalt true to his title.

Then he would do all that he could to help Jian Chen recover so that he could properly pay him back.

However, Jian Chen was determined to leave right now, which left the Wind Venerable at a loss as for what to do.

He obviously did not wish for Jian Chen to leave right now.

Because of the Myriad Bone Guild, it was extremely likely for Jian Chen to face danger once he left here.

However, if he forced Jian Chen to stay…

Seeing how determined Jian Chen was, it went without saying that it would cause Jian Chen dismay.

In the end, under Jian Chens determination, the Wind Venerable did not stop him.

He allowed Jian Chen to leave the nameless planet.

Sacredfeather did not leave with Jian Chen.

He remained by the Wind Venerables side, planning to cultivate for a period of time with the Wind Venerable.

Of course, that was what the Wind Venerable wanted too!

“Senior Wind, if my brother just leaves like this and the Myriad Bone Guild continues to target him, wont he be in danger” Sacredfeather was filled with worry as he gazed at Jian Chen, who had been sent out by a power from the Wind Venerable.

“The Myriad Bone Guild wont target him in such a flagrant manner.

The end reason for why theyve thrown him into danger is just to deal with me, but now, the operation that they had calculated carefully and planned elaborately has fallen through.

I have no intentions of leaving either, so what other reason does the Myriad Bone Guild still have to harm him”

“But you dont have to worry.

You can say that little friend Jian Chen has given me a new lease on life.

Without his chaotic essence blood, I wouldnt even have a ten percent chance at fusing successfully with the fetal membrane of the world.

How can I forget about such a great favour I owe As a result, Ive left an imprint on Jian Chen a long time ago.

Once his life is in danger, Ill know immediately.”

“The Saints World might be vast, but as long as he remains here, I can reach him in the blink of an eye.”

In an unknown space in the Saints World, a great power suddenly swept through, making the space tremble.

The stars all flickered.

The great energy had come quickly and left quickly too.

When the energy storm subsided, Jian Chen appeared there silently.

The nameless star that the Wind Venerable resided on was extremely remote.

With Jian Chens speed, even when he used the Laws of Space to travel, it would take him a very lengthy period of time before he would reach the closest interplanar teleportation formation.

As a result, the Wind Venerable directly sent Jian Chen off on his way, saving him from some travelling.

“I need to replenish my chaotic essence blood as soon as possible.

It would be best if I could get my hands on some more God Pills of Condensing Blood, but if I want to obtain them, Ill have to go to one of the forty-nine major planes or eighty-one major planets.” Jian Chen hovered in the sea of stars with a pale face.

He quickly planned out his next step before immediately using the Laws of Space and travelling through the endless cosmos.

However, he had not travelled for very long when he noticed an extremely large spaceship flying along at an extremely great speed.

The quality of the spaceship clearly was quite high.

Just the speed it had demonstrated right now was probably well beyond what certain regular Chaotic Primes could match.

Jian Chen immediately changed directions and chased after the huge spaceship.

He completely unleashed the Laws of Space and moved so quickly that he could probably even shake off a few Chaotic Primes.

Very soon, Jian Chen caught up with the spaceship.

He appeared right above it and planted his legs firmly on the energy barrier.

“This is a merchant spaceship from the Myriad Suns Empire of planet Scarlet Cloud.

May I ask why youve gone to such great lengths to catch up to us” Basically the moment Jian Chen caught up to it, an old man in black robes flew out of the cabin.

He spoke to Jian Chen through the energy barrier, filled with caution and vigilance.

Jian Chen could tell with a single glance that the old man was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

He should have been one of the protectors of this spaceship.

He had ridden spaceships in the past, so he obviously understood that all spaceships travelling through outer space had numerous Infinite Primes escorting them to ensure their safety.

“I am Chang Yang.

Greetings, fellow cultivator.” Jian Chen had already put on his mask, concealing his presence.

He had completely turned into someone else.

He clasped his fist and smiled at the black-robed old man.

“Id like to ride on your spaceship, so I do hope you can allow me to.”

“You want to ride our spaceship” The old man did not open the protective formation.

Instead, he stood inside the formation and stared at Jian Chen with suspicion.

“Thats correct!”

“Then where are you planning to go” the old man asked.

“Any of the forty-nine great planes or eighty-one great planets will do.”

The old man contemplated it for a good while before choosing to open the formation in the end and letting Jian Chen onto the spaceship.

With the strength that Jian Chen had displayed, he could basically go without a ticket.

He was even allocated the best cabin on the top floor of the spaceship for cultivation.

“Nine Infinite Primes and even a First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

The protective force of this spaceship sure is powerful.

Though, this spaceship is quite large too.

It holds several million cultivators.” Jian Chen sat in the luxurious cabin and grasped the situation of the entire spaceship with a single sweep of the senses of his soul.

The countless, overlapping formations there could not stop his senses.

After all, this was merely a merchant spaceship.

The strength of the formations were limited.

There were very few that could stop the senses of experts like Jian Chen.

After making arrangements for Jian Chen, the old man in black robes arrived in another luxurious cabin covered in formations.

He clasped his fist at an old woman who sat in there.

“Great elder, Ive already made the arrangements according to your orders.”

“Alright.” The old woman sat with her eyes closed.

She gave off the powerful presence of a First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime and said hoarsely, “This person is indeed rather fishy to board the spaceship half way, so keep an eye on him.

If its really like what he said, that he only wants to ride our spaceship temporarily, then we wont mind taking him with us as a hitchhiker.”

“Yes!” the old man in black robes said politely.

“Also, while this person did catch up to us with the Laws of Space, and the laws seem to be at the Eighth Heavenly Layer, I have a feeling that this person should be much more powerful than that.

At the very least, he was completely fearless before a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like you.”

“As a result, you have to be a little more careful before this person.

As long as he doesnt cross the line, you have to show him the respect he deserves,” the old woman said cautiously.

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