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Senior Wind left once again.

With his departure, Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather all returned to their places of cultivation.

The so-called places of cultivation were actually just a few caves they had casually dug out.

The caves were not far from the heavenly resources planted on the nameless planet.

Although they all carried divine halls, which could easily provide them with a better environment, none of them chose to cultivate in a divine hall.

First of all, the nameless planet was very safe.

There was absolutely no need for them to worry about being disturbed.

Second of all, cultivating outside made them feel closer to nature.

Even though the nameless planet was completely in neglect, it truly was extraordinary.

Not only was it enveloped in an extremely powerful formation, but the ways and laws were regularly conjured there too.

And, many heavenly resources of extremely high grades were planted there.

“Jian Chen, the soil is a spiritual item used to nurture innate resources, so all of the soil possesses a hint of the innate presence.

Ingesting it will bring great benefits to cultivation.”

“These droplets of dew are all collected from the Cyclic Soul Flower.

According to senior Wind, the Cyclic Soul Flower is a special heavenly resource for strengthening the soul, also an innate item, making it extremely rare.

The dew from the Cyclic Soul Flower is vastly different from regular dew, as its dew condensed from the power of the Cyclic Soul Flower.

Only a single droplet is produced each year.”

“Every single droplet of dew from the Cyclic Soul Flower contains extremely pure power of the soul.

If you ingest dew from the Cyclic Soul Flower over long periods of time and cultivate, not only will the power of your soul increase rapidly, but itll further consolidate your soul too, purifying the mind of any negative emotions.”

“As for these leaves, theyre specially for tempering the body.

Not only do they strengthen the body and the physique, but they can even increase the bodys absorption rate of origin energy.”

Shen Jian took out various precious resources for cultivation and split them into two piles, passing them to Jian Chen and Sacredfeather.

He did not touch the foundations of the heavenly resources, only harvesting minor, non-essential parts of them.

But even though they were minor, non-essential parts, they were precious, rare items to Infinite Primes.

They would be very difficult to obtain in the outside world.

Senior Wind had personally planted all of these heavenly resources.

At senior Winds level of cultivation, many heavenly resources were already useless to him, so those that he personally planted would definitely be extraordinary.

Jian Chen and Sacredfeather did not hold back, directly accepting the precious resources from Shen Jian.

There was no longer any need for empty gestures of courtesy between them.

Jian Chen was interested in trying out the effects of these heavenly resources.

Very soon, he ingested all of the heavenly resources from Shen Jian; immediately, he became overwhelmed with amazement.

The heavenly resources from Shen Jian were all insignificant parts, either some soil, some dew, or some leaves.

They could all be described as complimentary items.

But even these complimentary items lead to an extremely obvious effect on his body.

“I wont strengthen drastically over a short period of time with these treasures, but if I ingest them for long periods of time like Shen Jian, the benefits will be immeasurable.

Apart from bloodlines, all other aspects and abilities can be increased, or even undergo a complete evolution,” Jian Chen thought.

He could not help but think of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

If the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways was still here, the heavenly resources would probably form a complete set.

If all the heavenly resources were consumed together, they could increase all aspects of a cultivator.

Whether it was their bloodline, their body, or their soul, none of it would fall behind.

They could truly and utterly change a person from the very core.

“Senior Wind originally prepared these items for himself, probably for taking the final step,” Jian Chen thought to himself.

Since senior Wind said he no longer needed these heavenly resources and had left them to Shen Jian.

Jian Chen could imagine just how powerful Shen Jian would become if he actually ingested all these heavenly resources.

However, he also understood that Shen Jian was still quite far off from that day.

Although he was already an Infinite Prime, his cultivation realm was still a little too low compared to these rare heavenly resources.

Consuming them now would instead be a waste.

“Ive already grasped multiple laws now.

Among them, the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space are the strongest, followed by the golden core of laws I obtained from the eight experts underground on the Desolate Plane, which are the Laws of Strength, the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Destruction, the Laws of Fire, the Laws of Curses, the Laws of Corrosion, and the Laws of Space.”

“Among the seven laws, the Laws of Space are the highest, followed by the Laws of Strength.

My comprehension of the other laws are relatively shallow.

Even with the golden cores of laws, I have virtually no time to cultivate them.”

“Afterwards is Martial Soul Force, but my Martial Soul Force has been strengthening at a much more gradual rate ever since I left the Martial Soul Mountain.

If I want to cultivate Martial Soul Force, its best if I go to the Martial Soul Mountain.”

“I can push the Laws of Corrosion, the Laws of Curses, the Laws of Fire, the Laws of Strength, the Laws of Destruction, and the Laws of Creation to Infinite Prime through the golden core of laws, but according to the remaining power in the golden cores of laws, itll be very difficult for me to break through to the Fifth Heavenly Layer even if I absorb them completely.”

“Laws at the Fifth Heavenly Layer wont increase my current battle prowess by much.

Itll just give me some supplementary abilities at most.

Moreover, they might not necessarily reach the Fifth Heavenly Layer, and I would have to spend so many years on them.”

“My current strength is still insufficient.

Right now, the only way to strengthen myself is through the Way of the Sword.

As for the Laws of Space, theres no need for me to go out of my way to increase it for now.

The power of the beast soul from the Spatial Insect Emperor has not been completely consumed yet.

The next time my strength increases, the power of the beast soul will directly elevate my Laws of Space to Chaotic Prime.” Jian Chen shut his eyes in thought and began examining his body, planning out his future direction.

He had grasped a great number of laws so far.

Apart from the aforementioned laws, he had also come into some contact with the Laws of Samsara and the Way of Karma through the Samsaric Immortal Exalt.

However, he also understood the principle of biting off more than he could chew.

Compared to wasting time to comprehend laws that would not increase his battle prowess, he was better off devoting all of his attention, all of his efforts, and all of his resources to the Laws of the Sword.

With each increase in the Laws of Sword, the Chaotic Body would increase too.

Every bit of additional strength meant that he would be a little more capable of protecting himself.

One day, when there were not a lot of people left in the world that could threaten him, was he supposed to worry there would not be enough time for him to comprehend the other laws

“Ill keep the seven soul fragments around for now.”

Jian Chen was already on par with Chaotic Primes now.

He was no longer the measly Godking on the Desolate Plane.

As a result, the existence of the seven soul fragments in his consciousness became more and more evident to him.

Not only was his soul powerful now, but it was also under the protection of the sword spirits, so the seven feeble soul fragments had ceased to pose a threat to him long ago.

The seven soul fragments probably never expected Jian Chens growth rate to be so fast.

After deciding on a direction, Jian Chen thought about it and ended up deciding to take out a divine hall.

He dove into the divine hall and directly took out the fortune jade, sitting on the fortune jade to comprehend the Laws of the Sword.

The fortune jade was no trivial matter.

Although Jian Chen trusted senior Wind very much, he still felt like it was necessary to hide the fortune jades existence.

A supreme quality saint artifact divine hall obviously could not fool the senses of senior Winds soul, but fortunately, fortune jade was a special treasure that could hide from the senses of all experts.

Even Grand Exalts were no exceptions.

The only way to find fortune jade was with the naked eye.

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