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Shen Jian began telling him everything he had gone through after leaving the Tian Yuan clan.

However, compared to Jian Chens rich and fascinating experiences, what Shen Jian went through could only be described as simple.

He basically did not encounter any particularly large setbacks.

Back then, he had left the Tian Yuan clan on a spaceship.

After experiencing a lengthy journey through the vast outer space, an extremely powerful force took him away from the spaceship.

Afterwards, he appeared on this nameless planet.

After he arrived on the planet, he learned that the Wind Venerable happened to be experiencing clarity at that moment, vaguely sensing his existence before personally bringing him here.

Afterwards, Shen Jian remained on the nameless planet and cultivated.

Under senior Winds personal guidance, he learnt many of the Wind Venerables secret techniques.

Even the extremely precious heavenly resources planted there were available for Shen Jians use.

Without any exaggeration at all, Shen Jian and the Wind Venerables relationship was basically no different from a master-disciple relationship apart from the fact that he had not officially taken him on as his master.

“Because of some personal issues, senior Wind spends most of the time in a clouded and deranged state, where he can fly into a rage without any proper reason.

As a result, senior Wind taught me a technique that can restrain him when I need to, to prevent him from making any great mistakes when hes unaware.

“Once I use this technique to restrain senior Wind, senior Wind will enter a short period of clarity, but this technique really should only be used when there is no other choice.

The power that restrains senior wind actually comes from senior Wind himself.

If senior Wind is restrained by this power when hes deranged, hell unconsciously oppose the power even though it originates from himself because hes lost his self-consciousness.”

“When Senior Wind is deranged, he obviously stands no chance against the various restraints cast down when hes right in the mind.

However, every time he contends against his own power, senior Wind suffers a certain degree of harm.”

Reaching there, a sliver of reluctance appeared in Shen Jians eyes, but most of it was sympathy and pain.

Whenever senior Wind was right in his mind, he would use all of his time to guide him, expounding on the ways, guiding his path of cultivation, and teaching him many great techniques.

Shen Jian had begun treating senior Wind as his teacher a long time ago.

As a result, senior Winds current state worried Shen Jian.

“Then do you know the reason why senior Wind is like this And what can be done to help senior Wind recover” Jian Chen asked.

He understood inside that by leaving the problem of allocating the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways to Shen Jian, senior Wind had essentially permitted Sacredfeather to take the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

Otherwise, a precious, innate item like the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways would never end up in Sacredfeathers possession.

Even if Shen Jian spoke for him, it would be useless.

Jian Chen was grateful for senior Winds generosity.

If it were possible, he did not mind helping out senior Wind to pay him back for the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

Shen Jian shook his head.

“Ive asked senior Wind about this several times in the past, but senior Wind never told me.

He just told me to focus on cultivation.

It must be because Im too weak.

Even if there really is a way to help senior Wind, my strength is nowhere near enough.”

Reaching there, Shen Jian paused before studying Jian Chen closely.

“Jian Chen, just what realm of cultivation have you reached so far I actually cant see through your cultivation at all.”

A strange light flickered in Shen Jians eyes.

He personally believed he had already been extremely fast to reach the Third Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime with his current age.

Even senior Wind had once given great praise to his cultivation, even saying that aside from the reincarnations of supreme experts, Shen Jians cultivation speed was probably unmatched even across the entire Saints World.

Shen Jian also took pride in his progress, but now that he saw Jian Chen, he lost confidence.

Jian Chen smiled when he was asked this question.

He said happily, “Im a little faster than you.

I should be around the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

Of course, thats because my cultivation method is rather special.

The way the cultivation realms are broken up are a little different from yours.

The Eighth Heavenly Layer is just a rough estimate.

Actually, it might be a little lower.”

“Of course, theres also the possibility that its a little higher.” Jian Chen only muttered that inside.

He kept it to himself.

Shen Jians face immediately became filled with shock.

He stared at Jian Chen blankly, remaining speechless for quite a while.

He understood Jian Chens origins and progress extremely well.

He had used over a millennia to reach the Third Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, while Jian Chen was born eight centuries later than him in the lower world.

The actual time he spent cultivating was nowhere close to a thousand years.

He had reached his current realm of cultivation in a few short centuries, which filled Shen Jian with admiration.

The two close, old friends who had not seen each other for many years spoke fervently.

They both discussed what they had gone through, as well as what they had seen and heard.

It even included some matters regarding cultivation, such as their comprehension and understanding of the ways of the world.

They conversed like there was no end, still going strong even after three whole days and nights.

“Youve been to the Darkstar World Ive heard senior Wind mention the Darkstar race before.

Originally, they were a peak race of the Spirits World and possessed a supreme sovereign.

However, they became locked in a battle to the death against another peak race of the Spirits World, the Wood Spirits, and the Darkstar race lost.

Afterwards, they were imprisoned in a miniature world by the Wood Spirits, unable to leave again.”

“Otherwise, the current Darkstar race would probably be a part of the Spiritsages…”

When the Darkstar race was mentioned, Shen Jian became filled with sighs.

He experienced a mixture of emotions, unable to pinpoint it as sympathy or envy.

Although the Darkstar race seemed to be imprisoned, it had allowed them to escape a place of dispute like the Saints World, avoiding a lot of bloodshed.

They were the ones that could truly sleep in comfort at night.

Even the current Spiritsages had once faced many hardships and trials.

Who knew how many talented geniuses had died early in their growth.

“Oh right.

Whats the Wood Spirits current strength, Shen Jian” Jian Chen suddenly became intrigued by the Darkstar races mortal enemies.

“I heard senior Wind mention that the Wood Spirits have already declined completely.

Right now, let alone the fact that the Wood Spirits dont have many clansmen left, even their strongest expert is only a Chaotic Prime.”

“The Wood Spirits no longer have much authority within the Spiritsages.

They basically possess a second-rate status now,” said Shen Jian.

“Sigh, I never thought a peak race that once had a Grand Exalt would actually decline so much.” Jian Chen immediately sighed when he heard about the Wood Spirits current situation.

He experienced a multitude of emotions.

After a moment of silence, he continued to ask, “The Wood Spirits have produced a supreme sovereign in the past after all.

Dont they have any heirlooms like treasures of their race left within the clan”

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