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Senior Winds words at the end immediately filled Jian Chens head with doubts.

An extremely powerful expert was standing behind him

And he held great importance to this expert So important that once he died, the expert would find senior Wind for revenge without the slightest hesitation

If senior Wind were only a regular Grand Prime, then that would still make sense.

After all, Jian Chen belonged to the Martial Soul lineage.

Although they were not connected by blood, all the successors of the Martial Soul lineage were fated to be the most trusted and important siblings of one another due to the special characteristics they had inherited.

With the Martial Soul lineage, dealing with regular Grand Primes made perfect sense.

But now that he knew senior Winds strength, the Martial Soul lineage definitely did not have the strength to avenge him.

The young War God, Tie Ta, flashed through Jian Chens head, followed by his elder sister who had yet to recover, Changyang Mingyue.

Although he was on very good terms with the two of them, even Jian Chen could not be certain they could stand forward for him once an expert on the same level as senior Wind became involved.

“Is it Tie Ta Or my sister Or should I say the Samsaric Immortal Exalt of the Immortals World” Jian Chen thought.

He eliminated the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

He was not important to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Even though he had rendered a meritorious service by returning the Anatta Tower, his death was nowhere near enough for the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to oppose an expert on the same level as her.

At this moment, senior Wind suddenly extended a finger and pointed at Jian Chen gently.

Jian Chen immediately felt an invisible power that seemed to pass through him as a medium, shooting off into the vast space and darting off into the unknown.

“Senior Wind, whats this” Jian Chens expression changed.

Although senior Winds gesture seemed nothing special on the surface, he could clearly sense an unbelievably vast power behind it, which touched upon the very laws and order that the world operated on.

“To kill the Azure Ink Grandmaster,” senior Wind said flatly.

When he heard that, Jian Chen shivered inside.

Who knew how far away this nameless planet was from planet Tianming, and the Azure Ink Grandmaster was a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime too.

Was this simple gesture really enough to kill him

Jian Chen immediately reevaluated his understanding of the strength of a “half-step Grand Exalt”.

“Senior Wind, the Azure Ink Grandmaster was used by the Myriad Bone Guild, just like me.

Hes at fault, but his fault is nowhere near as deep, so please just teach him a slight lesson instead.” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

“None of this is as simple as you think it is.

Im not a murderous person.

If it were possible, I obviously wouldnt want to kill the Azure Ink Grandmaster either.

However, given the current circumstances, the Azure Ink Grandmaster must die, or Shen Jian will die,” said senior Wind.

Hearing that, even Shen Jian became perplexed.

He asked in doubt, “Senior Wind, Ive never had any contact with this Azure Ink Grandmaster before, so why does his fate affect my safety now”

Senior Wind plopped down on the ground.

The chains of order around him shone brightly, clearly suppressing him at all times.

He gazed at the surroundings and said slowly, “The two from the Myriad Bone Guild probably discovered I was hiding here many years ago, and they completely investigated everything regarding my situation and this planet.”

“The heavenly resources growing here were originally all for myself too.

In particular, the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways directly affects whether I can take that crucial step or not.”

“As a result, even when I lose my mind, I subconsciously protect the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

Once someone takes the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, Ill definitely kill them.”

“It wont just be the person who takes the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways either.

With my level of cultivation, I can clearly see all the people involved in this behind you.

Under my wrath, I obviously wont spare the person who schemed this.”

“As a result, only by attacking the person behind this can I make the Myriad Bone Guild believe that everything has occurred according to their plans.

Its equivalent to sending them the signal that youve already died to my hands.”

“If I dont do that, itll instead be easier to give this all away, to make the Myriad Bone Guild suspicious.

What comes next will definitely be an investigation from the two of them in person.

Im not afraid of them, but once they come here, Shen Jians existence obviously cant be hidden anymore.”

“Even if Shen Jian leaves right now, the Myriad Bone Guild will find out about his appearance sooner or later with what theyre capable of.”

“If the Myriad Bone Guild realises how much I value Shen Jian… let alone valuing him, even if I have the slightest contact with him, they wouldnt spare Shen Jian given how they handle things.

Moreover, Shen Jian still cant leave this planet for the next few years at the very least.”

“As a result, all I can do is play along with their plans and give the Myriad Bone Guild a false impression so that they completely lower their guard.”

Senior Winds lips curled into a mysterious smile.

He continued, “Actually, that strike of mine might not be enough to kill the Azure Ink Grandmaster.

Although hes much weaker than me, hes still a Grand Prime after all.

Killing him from such a vast distance in a single strike is quite difficult, but Im sure the Myriad Bone Guild will help out.”

“Thats because behind you, I only see the Azure Ink Grandmasters figure.

I havent discovered the slightest connection with the Myriad Bone Guild.

I can only rely on what you said and the various traces Ive found through peering into the heavenly secrets to find them pulling strings.”

“Theyve gone to such great lengths to hide themselves, even refusing to take part in this personally.

It is all to push the responsibility to someone else so that they dont have any connection to this.

Clearly, they want to make sure the Myriad Bone Guild is completely uninvolved with this.”

“As a result, as long as the Azure Ink Grandmaster dies, theyll basically be completely in the clear…” Senior Wind sighed gently, “In order to hide Shen Jians existence and to earn a period of peace where they believe youre dead, all I can do is sacrifice the Azure Ink Grandmaster…” Senior Winds voice was filled with a deep sense of helplessness.

Suddenly, senior Wind trembled, and his expression changed.

He said in a hurry, “Time is up.

I need to leave here.

Jian Chen, you must remember that without my permission, you definitely cannot leave here, or thatll be equivalent to dooming Shen Jian.”

“As for the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, it was extremely important to me originally, but I dont need it anymore.

I originally planned on giving it to Shen Jian.

Shen Jian, you can decide how you want to split it up…” Senior Wind shook more and more violently.

His face twisted, and his presence fluctuated in an extremely unstable manner.

Clearly, his period of clarity had come to an end.

He was about to lose his mind again.

After giving some quick instructions, senior Wind vanished completely, having ventured to the other side of the planet already.

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