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“Senior Wind, this is Jian Chen.

You can say that hes my only friend in this world.” Shen Jian arrived beside the supreme expert bound by the chains of order and introduced Jian Chen to him.

However, Shen Jian completely ignored the chains of order around the supreme expert as if he had grown accustomed to it a long time ago.

Nearby, Jian Chen studied the supreme expert that Shen Jian called “senior Wind”.

His heart stirred violently, unable to calm down.

The supreme expert that the sword spirits had deemed as a half-step Grand Exalt was currently wrapped up in chains of order.

Although he was someone who could destroy worlds with a flip of his hand, he was basically no different from a prisoner right now.

Moreover, from the almost-demonic roar that erupted from this persons mouth earlier, Jian Chen basically realised immediately that there seemed to be something off about this half-step Grand Exalt.

However, something confused and perplexed him even more.

Why was Shen Jian here

Moreover, it seemed like Shen Jians relationship with the supreme expert was quite special.

Jian Chen clearly noticed Shen Jians actions of forming the hand seals when the supreme expert rushed over earlier, which meant that the chains of order had appeared because of Shen Jians hand seals.

In other words, Shen Jian had restrained the supreme expert.

For a moment, Jian Chen was filled with questions.

“This is your friend How did he appear here How did he enter the formation of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways” the disheveled senior Wind asked.

His voice was extremely hoarse, filled with deep suspicion and confusion.

It was also at this moment that senior Wind slowly raised his head and parted his long hair, revealing a pair of pale, unclear eyes.

He seemed like he was sleep deprived.

His eyes were completely lost.

“I was directly teleported here through a teleportation formation disc.

I was beside the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways the moment I appeared,” Jian Chen said.

“A teleportation formation disc” Clearly, senior Wind had not completely recovered yet.

Many of his thoughts were still unclear.

He murmured that silently before asking in complete confusion, “What teleportation formation… There arent any teleportation formations here…”

With that, senior Wind fell silent.

Soon afterwards, the confusion and murkiness in his eyes gradually receded and vanished.

His gaze gradually sharpened.

At the same time, his bearing underwent an overwhelming change.

Although he still seemed no different from a beggar, he gave off a proud sense of domination.

It was as if he had completely recovered in that moment.

In the next moment, his figure abruptly vanished, having silently arrived in the formation for the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways already.

However, the chains of order still wrapped around him firmly.

The power of ways coiled around him like a form of suppression.

Senior Wind ignored the chains of order on him.

He did not try to break free from them either.

His eyes became extremely deep like they were hiding a limitless universe.

The limitless ways wove together, and the laws evolved.

Currently, he was peering into the mysteries of the world, resonating with the ways, seeing the past and the future.

Even though he had yet to become a true sovereign of the world that was an embodiment of the heavenly ways, he could still peer into many secrets.

“Its actually them!” A while later, senior Wind seemed to understand everything.

He stopped peering, and a hostile light flashed through his eyes.

“Jian Chen, tell me everything that you went through in detail.” The Wind Venerable looked at Jian Chen.

The depths of his profound gaze flashed with a strange light.

Very soon, senior Wind learnt everything that happened from Jian Chen.

He said, “Jian Chen, someone has been scheming against you.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster you speak of is only someone who has been used.”

Jian Chen frowned heavily with that.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster had been used as well That was rather unexpected, but it also made sense.

After all, he was simply unable to think of a reason why the Azure Ink Grandmaster would want him dead.

Just what benefit would it bring to the Azure Ink Grandmaster

However, he was unable to think of any great figures who hid in the dark and would go to such great lengths to have him killed either.

“The one who schemed against you is the Myriad Bone Guild, but with the Myriad Bone Guilds strength, killing you is a piece of cake.

Yet, theyve used every last trick to deliver you to me.

I can only think of one situation that explains their actual intentions.

They want you to die by my hand.”

Senior Winds gaze landed on Jian Chens Space Ring.

He continued with his hoarse voice, “Theres a divine beast that possesses an extraordinary bloodline in the divine hall you carry.

I can sense the presence of the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar races essence blood within the divine beast, except the divine beast is far too weak.

Its nowhere near strong enough to refine a droplet of a Grand Exalts essence blood.

The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways is indeed the only innate item that can save him.”

“As a result, from the bloodline in the divine beast acting up to getting you to teleport to you to this planet, the Myriad Bone Guild had a hand in it all.

They knew you would need a Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways urgently, which was why they came up with a scheme to send you here.

Even if you dont need the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, they can use other methods and other reasons and excuses to make you appear here.”

“Thats because if I lose the suppression of the power from the ancestral artifact, Ill lose my mind and go crazy.

Ill kill all outsiders in this place.

Whether you want the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways or not, the only thing that awaits you is death before my insanity.”

“The Myriad Bone Guild.

Its actually the Myriad Bone Guild…” Jian Chens expression became extremely ugly.

He said, “Why Why are they going to such great lengths for me to die by seniors hand With their strength, killing me would be easier than a piece of cake, wouldnt it”

Senior Winds gaze suddenly sunk.

“The reason is very simple.

They want to deal with me, but theyre not my opponent, which was why they directed their attention to you.”

“Behind you should be an extremely powerful expert, and your life is extremely important to this expert, so important that the Myriad Bone Guild is confident that once you die by my hand, the expert will definitely come to find me to avenge you.”

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