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“What a terrifying cultivation.

Just a roar of fury from him can shake a Chaotic Prime to death.

What ancient beast This is clearly a supreme cultivator.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster, that damned Azure Ink Grandmaster…” Jian Chens face became extremely ugly.

With everything that had happened so far, how could he not realise he had been dancing to the Azure Ink Masters tune He had been teleported to a land of death.

However, he was unable to understand why the Azure Ink Grandmaster would want to work against him like this.

Even if the Azure Ink Grandmaster already found out he was Yang Yutian and desired the resources he had obtained from the Darkstar World, it would still make no sense because all of the resources were on him right now.

Aside from that, he really could not think of any other reason why the Azure Ink Grandmaster would oppose him.

Jian Chen glanced past the formations there and his face darkened.

He did not even need to test them and he could tell the formations were extremely powerful.

With his current cultivation, it was absolutely impossible for him to shake them.

“I cant summon the Martial Soul Mountain.

This person is far too terrifyingly powerful.

If I draw the Martial Soul Mountain over here, Ill doom my seniors from the Martial Soul Mountain instead.

All I can do now is fuse the twin swords.” Determination filled Jian Chens eyes.

He immediately reached out to the sword spirits, prepared to fuse the swords.

“Half-step Grand Exalt.

Master, this person basically has a foot planted in the realm of Grand Exalts already.

With our current strength, even if we fuse the swords, we wont be able to injure him,” Zi Ying said.

“What A half-step Grand Exalt” Jian Chen was alarmed.

He knew the enemy was very powerful, but he never expected them to be so powerful.

“Since we cant injure him, then use the fusion of the swords to attack the formation,” Jian Chen said coldly.

He had already run out of options.

All he could do was cast aside everything and put up one last stand.

At this moment, laws terrifying enough for Jian Chen to pale suddenly appeared.

The nameless star immediately began to shake violently.

Spears appeared in outer space.

Every single spear was condensed from extremely great power of laws, shining brightly with devastating might.


In the next moment, the spears all rained down, shooting straight towards Jian Chen.

These powerful formations that protected the heavenly resources could not stop the spears at all.

As if they did not exist, the spears pierced right through the formations.

Locked onto by the spears of laws, Jian Chen was completely immobilised.

The terrifying pressure from the spears crushed his body to the point of shattering.

“Is this the strength of a half-step Grand Exalt” Jian Chen felt bitter inside.

Originally, he wanted to use the fusion of the twin swords to break through the formation, but only now did he realise that with his strength on par with Chaotic Primes, he did not even have the opportunity to fuse the swords in front of a half-step Grand Exalt.

“Jian Chen, dont resist!”

But at this moment, an extremely familiar voice suddenly rang out.

The middle-aged man outside the formation had already walked in, waving his tablet at Jian Chen from afar.

With that, a wave of violet light immediately emerged and enveloped Jian Chen.

Bathing in the violet light, Jian Chen felt like he had entered a different world.

All of the pressure he faced earlier vanished instantly.

He could not sense even a hint of the terrifying killing intent from the spears either.

Although Jian Chen could not sense the pressure anymore, the spears did not vanish.

They continued to radiate with a devastating presence and shot forth with the same amount of force, stabbing into the violet light around Jian Chen.

The great explosion he was expecting did not occur.

There was not even a ripple of energy.

When the terrifying spears plunged into the violet light, they simply vanished into thin air, without causing a single disturbance at all.

Jian Chen watched this unfold with his eyes widened.

Every single spear had been condensed from laws of an extremely high level.

Sny one of them could easily kill a weaker Grand Prime, yet when the spears came into contact with the violet light, they just vanished like that.

Everything that happened before his eyes had clearly exceeded the limits of his understanding a little.

But afterwards, his gaze landed on the middle-aged man nearby, and his eyes suddenly narrowed.

Disbelief filled his face.

“Shen Jian, what are you doing here”

The middle-aged man was Shen Jian, as well as Dugu Qiubai from his past life, the great Spiritking of the lower world, the World of the Forsaken Saints!


At this moment, another furious roar boomed out from the other side of the nameless planet.

This time, as Jian Chen was in the violet light, he was not under attack.

However, he did see the entire planet shake violently from the roar.

He also saw countless mountains collapse and large swathes of land sink down in the barren land outside the region of greenery.

Even the fire-red magma hidden deep beneath the ground had been forced into the sky.

With the roar, a tall, straight figure immediately rushed over from the other side of the planet, radiating with a great presence that seemed to be enough to crush entire galaxies.

Gazing at the figure that radiated with an imposing presence, mixed emotions flashed through Shen Jians eyes.

He wielded the tablet, and violet light rose up around him as if he had entered a different world.

As a result, no matter how terrifying this great existence whose cultivation had reached half-step Grand Exalt was, Shen Jian was completely unaffected.

In the next moment, Shen Jian formed a seal with his hands.

The seal seemed to draw in power from the empty space, and immediately, countless chains of order condensed.

They danced about through the air, outlining the traces of ways as it immediately wrapped around the terrifying expert.

The half-step Grand Exalt began to struggle wildly in the air.

The chains of order around him shook violently.

The terrifying power made large swathes of the surrounding space collapse.

However, as the chains of order constantly grew in strength, his struggle finally became more and more powerless.

Almost a minute later, he finally stopped struggling, chained in the air and heaving away heavily.

In the next moment, the chains of order that reached out from empty space began to extend.

The supreme expert that was restrained in the air was gradually lowered to the ground with the extension of the chains.

Afterwards, with the chains dragging behind him, he trudged towards the location of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways step by step.

Jian Chens eyes had been fixed on the supreme expert the entire time.

The supreme expert was tall and large and seemed to be radiating with power.

He wore a set of ragged robes, and his messy hair completely obscured his face, making it impossible to make out his appearance.

“Senior Wind!” Shen Jian knew that the most dangerous period had already passed.

He brought Jian Chen out of the formation before stowing the tablet away, arriving beside the supreme expert with a few flashes.

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