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“May I ask what the grandmaster requires” Jian Chen asked.

Sacredfeather’s current situation was not optimistic.

He was in urgent need of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways to heal Sacredeather, so he was mentally prepared to pay a great cost.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster considered it seriously for a while before saying slowly, “Leader of the Tian Yuan clan, I know your Tian Yuan clan is extremely wealthy, but once your cultivation reaches my level, the treasures that can truly interest me become extremely rare.

Moreover, the information I possess regarding the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways definitely isn’t something you can exchange for with some regular treasures.”

“As a result, I thought around and discovered that only the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng standing behind you is worth it for me to provide you with the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

Jian Chen, when you returned the Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in the past, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng must have owed you a colossal favour.

My request is very simple.

I want this favour.”

Jian Chen demonstrated a hint of hesitancy when he heard that.

When he returned the Anatta Tower, he had indeed made a huge contribution.

Although he had exchanged for a few items from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he had not used up this favour yet.

Instead, he kept it around as the final shield to protect the Tian Yuan clan.

Even if he did not use this shield, just keeping it around was a form of deterrence.

But if he actually used this favour to make a deal with the Azure Ink Grandmaster, the Tian Yuan clan would lose this shield.

However, after a series of considerations, Jian Chen still ended up agreeing to it reluctantly.

The Tian Yuan clan might not necessarily face any dangers, but Sacredfeather’s situation was constantly worsening.

He could not waste any more time.

“Hahaha, alright.

The leader of the Tian Yuan clan truly is a straightforward and easygoing man.

Although I’ve lost the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, you really can’t say I’ve made a loss, as I’ve established a tie with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in exchange.” The Azure Ink Grandmaster laughed in great satisfaction.

As if a boulder had finally been lifted from his chest, he completely eased up.

“Grandmaster, does the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways happen to be on you Otherwise, why else would you say you lost it” Jian Chen noticed something and managed to tell from the Azure Ink Grandmaster’s words that he did not seem to only know a few clues.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster shook his head.

“The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways is not on me, but even if you describe the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways I know about as my private possession, it would not be an exaggeration.”

“The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways grows on a nameless planet, and a powerful, natural formation envelops the nameless planet.

The formation opens once every millennium, and it only remains open for less than fifteen minutes each time.

Once the formation closes, the nameless planet will disappear for good.

You won’t be able to find it no matter what you do.”

“And, after discovering the nameless planet, I immediately set up a series of simple arrangements on there.

As such, even if the nameless planet opens up, it will remain hidden in space, making it very difficult to discover.”

“As a result, over the many years, only I know about the nameless planet’s existence, and I’ve set up a teleportation formation beside the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways a long time ago.

Whenever I require the fruit of ways, I can directly use the teleportation formation and collect it when the natural formation is open.”

“However, the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways is rather special.

Once it has been collected, it cannot be kept around for a very long time.

I can’t create an environment to nurture the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways either.

I don’t need the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways right now, so I left it there so it could continue growing.

At the very least, the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways can be maintained over long periods of time like this…”

The Azure Ink Grandmaster explained in great detail, such that Jian Chen immediately dismissed all of his worries despite originally holding some doubts.

Perhaps the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways was an item within arm’s reach to the Azure Ink Grandmaster, as not everyone required the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

He was clearly one of them.

In Jian Chen’s eyes, it made perfect sense for him to exchange the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways for Jian Chen’s contribution to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways was without a doubt an innate item and extremely precious, but if something like that could be exchanged for a shield from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, many people would be willing to make that deal.

However, when he heard how the formation only opened once every one thousand years, Jian Chen could not help but frown.

Sacredfeather could not wait a millennium with his current situation.

“Grandmaster, do you know when the next opening will occur” Jian Chen immediately asked.

“Hold on, let me calculate it!” The Azure Ink Grandmaster immediately got around to calculating, but a smear of surprise filled his face soon afterwards.

He smiled at Jian Chen.

“It really is a coincidence now that I mention it.

Right now, a thousand years just happens to have passed since the last opening.

The formation is already open, and it’ll close again in less than eight minutes.

It’ll be a thousand years until it opens again.

Jian Chen, if you’re in urgent need of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, then you better hurry.

If you’re not in a rush, you’re more than welcome to wait a millennium before you collect it.”

Jian Chen did not doubt him.

He immediately said, “Please send me over there immediately.

I need the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways right now.”

The Azure Ink Grandmaster nodded.

With a wave of his hand, a teleportation formation disc immediately hovered into the air.

The teleportation formation disc was extremely large, several hundred meters across.

It gave off pulses of energy even more powerful than interplanar teleportation formations.

As he gazed at the huge teleportation formation disc, Jian Chen was astounded.

The diagrams on the teleportation formation disc were extraordinarily complicated.

Countless inscriptions weaved together, possessing extremely profound truths of space.

The level it touched on was extremely high.

He could tell with a single glance that the teleportation formation disc was actually even more complicated than the interplanar teleportation formations he had seen in the past.

If teleportation formations could be divided into levels, then out of all the teleportation formations Jian Chen had seen, probably only the teleportation formations established in the five sacred lands of the Spirits’ World surpassed this formation.

“Just this formation alone isn’t something that a regular Grand Prime can forge.

Although the value of this teleportation formation pales in comparison to an innate item, it shouldn’t be too far off.

Yet, the Azure Ink Grandmaster has used it on a Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.

Isn’t that a little too wasteful” Jian Chen’s gaze deepened.

Perhaps because he noticed Jian Chen’s thoughts, the Azure Ink Grandmaster explained, “The planet is rather special.

Regular teleportation formations are completely useless.

As a result, I was forced to use a high level teleportation formation like this.

Only then can you be transported there successfully.”

“Jian Chen, there’s something else I must warn you about.

An extremely powerful ancient beast dwells on the planet.

Even I am nowhere close to being its opponent.

Moreover, your method of concealing your presence is ineffective on the planet, so as soon as you are teleported, you must collect the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways immediately.

The moment you succeed, you have to flee from the planet, as the ancient beast won’t leave the vicinity of the planet.

As long as you leave the planet, you’ll be safe.”

“Apart from that, the teleportation formation can only teleport you in.

It can’t teleport you out.”

“Thank you for your warning, grandmaster!” After a moment of hesitation, he walked into the teleportation formation disc resolutely.

Time was tight right now.

This was the only hope to save Sacredfeather.

No matter how dangerous this would be, even if he knew there was impending doom waiting for him, he had to try his luck.

After all, he was no longer the Godking of the past.

If he really ran into an existence he was unable to defeat, he could summon the Martial Soul Mountain no matter where he was as long as he remained in the Saints’ World.

His seniors from the Martial Soul Mountain could arrive in any region of space in the Saints’ World within half a minute through the power of the mountain soul.

This was the source of Jian Chen’s confidence!

“I also have the sword spirits.

If worst comes to worst, I’ll just make the sword spirits fuse again and create true chaotic force, which can tear through anything and everything…”Jian Chen’s gaze became firm.

So many years had passed.

He had become much stronger.

The sword spirits had not stagnated either, having completely recovered from the fusion of the twin swords a long time ago.


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