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The sudden occurence immediately made Jian Chens heart sink.

Even though the bone tower prevented him from expanding his soul sense and he was unable to observe the situation outside either, he immediately realised they had run into a powerful enemy.

“Even Sheng Yi with his cultivation at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime has been ambushed, so probably the assailant is already a Grand Prime.

I didnt think the precious resources I obtained from the Darkstar World would actually lead to an attack from a Grand Prime.” Jian Chen could no longer bother with recovering the power of his soul anymore.

He sprung up to his feet with an extremely stern expression.

At this moment, the bone tower shook violently again, producing a deafening boom.

The attack it had received this time was several times or even several dozen times more severe than before.

Moreover, as the bone tower shook violently, the bone tower hit Jian Chen with a shockwave that was enough for him to change in expression.

Jian Chen shivered inside.

Chaotic Force surged through his body and resplendent light enveloped him.

In that moment, he had assumed his most defensive posture.

But even with that being the case, when the shockwave reached him, the protective light around him shattered, before being completely blown away by the great force.

He slammed heavily against the wall behind him.

His blood and flesh surged through his body and even his organs had been violently shaken up.

If it were not for the toughness of his Chaotic Body, just this shockwave was enough to heavily injure any early Chaotic Prime.

Even experts who had reached mid Chaotic Prime would struggle to remain unscathed before this shockwave.

At this moment, origin energy unique to the Spirits World appeared in Jian Chens senses.

Only then did Jian Chen discover the medium quality god artifact bone tower had already cracked open.

A huge fissure, over thirty meters across, stretched through the entire tower.

Standing on the bottom floor of the bone tower, Jian Chen could even see the very top of the tower through the crack.

Its pressure as a medium quality god artifact had already vanished.

“A medium quality god artifact has actually been destroyed so easily.

The assailant strength is far too terrifying…” Jian Chen was shocked.

Although Grand Primes could destroy medium quality god artifacts, it was not that easy to achieve.

To be able to destroy a medium quality god artifact in such a straightforward manner, it only indicated that the assailant was well beyond a regular Grand Prime.

With a flash, Jian Chen immediately appeared outside the bone tower.

Although his strength had increased drastically, he knew just how wide of a gap still existed between him and Grand Primes.

As a result, he did not even consider fighting when he came across a Grand Prime.

The only thing he thought about was using the advantage of his Laws of Space to flee far away.

However, just when he was about to escape with the Laws of Space, he distinctly noticed something to be amiss.

At this very moment, he could no longer sense any pressure.

Not only had the pressure been fleeting, already completely gone now, he was unable to see anyone around him either when he gazed out.

It was terrifyingly quiet.

There was only space shaking violently because a Grand Prime had launched an attack.

Apart from that, Sheng Yi had vanished too.

“Sheng Yis gone.

Dont tell me the Grand Prime was specially targeting Sheng Yi” Jian Chens expression changed rapidly.

Sheng Yi was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime after all, yet he actually just vanished silently like this.

Had he fled alone, or had he already met a terrible fate

However, Jian Chen could not care so much.

He understood he could not stay here, so after gaining his bearings, he immediately departed with the Laws of Space.

At the same time, a large number of spaceships gathered around the passageway to the Spirits World in the Saints World.

They were affixed with special symbols that represented various great organisations, lining up there in an orderly manner.

After being inspected by the soldiers that guarded the passageway, they made their way through the spatial tunnel leading to the remains of the Spirits World in proper order.

To another direction of the tunnel, a medium-sized meteor hovered quietly in the dark space.

On the meteor, the Heartless Child and the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy were currently playing chess with one another.

“Im very curious.

Is this junior really that important With your identity as the second boss of the Myriad Bone Guild, not only have you personally escorted him to the Spirits World, youre even waiting here in person for his return.

Theres only a handful of people that possess the right to make you, the Heartless Child, wait for them throughout the entire Saints World,” said the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy.

“Hes done our Myriad Bone Guild a huge favour, so we obviously have to make sure hes safe.

Originally, sending Sheng Yi to fetch him was already enough to ensure his safety, but who would have thought this kid is just far too good at making trouble.

Hes offended many peak organisations, and the resources he carries on him are enough to make all the peak organisations tempted.

Just in case, all I could do was pay a visit in person,” said the Heartless Child.

He smiled bitterly inside as soon as he thought of the trouble Jian Chen had made in the Darkstar World.

“Since hes offended so many organisations, why wont you go to the Spirits World in person” The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy glanced at the Heartless Child.

“That worlds heavily damaged and the ways are incomplete.

I really dont like spending time there.

Sheng Yis enough to handle anything that happens there.

Im standing guard here primarily to watch out if any Grand Primes from those peak organisations take action,” the Heartless Child said flatly.

He was extremely confident in Sheng Yi.

He was not worried at all that Sheng Yi would fail the mission.

However, as soon as he finished talking, the Heartless Childs face suddenly changed.

The chess piece he was about to move silently turned to dust.

Afterwards, a terrifying pressure radiated from the Heartless Child.

The surrounding space collapsed in large swathes from the pressure, while the nearby rocks and planets all shattered too.

“Sheng Yis died.

Sheng Yis actually died.

Who is it Just who is it…” At that moment, the Heartless Childs gaze became extremely frightening.

Under his wrath, the world seemed to approach its end.

Countless planets shook and the entire region turned into a spatial storm.

In the next moment, his figure suddenly vanished.

He had already entered the passageway with surging might, causing the place to shake.

“Recently, Lei Ruhuo of the Heavenly Lightning clan also entered the Spirits World.

He has yet to return…”

When the Heartless Child entered the passageway, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys obscure voice rang out in the Heartless Childs mind.

It was the same meteor.

Due to the protection from the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys power, the meteor remained untouched under the Heartless Childs presence.

The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy sat in the same way as before, right in front of the chessboard, except he cast his gaze towards the passageway and murmured, “I havent seen the Heartless Child so frantic before.

If its just Sheng Yis death, thats nowhere near enough for the Heartless Child to become so panic-stricken.

Looks like the junior the Heartless Child is waiting for is extremely important to him…”

“Then just whats so special about this junior” The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy showed deep curiosity.

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