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Chapter 2897: The Leader of the Myriad Bone Guild

The Darkstar Emperor did not say much to Jian Chen.

He left behind the Space Ring and took his leave immediately.

After all, Jian Chen had delivered such a heavy blow to the Darkstar race, so it was impossible for him to not have any negative feelings.

However, Jian Chens strength was so great now that he had already reached a level where he could threaten the survival of the Darkstar race, forcing the Darkstar Emperor to change how he cooperated with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen grabbed the Space Ring and immediately sent the senses of his soul inside.

Soon afterwards, he could not help but smile slightly in satisfaction.

There were indeed large quantities of Godking grass within the Space Ring.

Not only was there high grade Godking grass, but there were even some mid grade and low grade Godking grass.

Jian Chen had specially requested the low grade and mid grade Godking grass.

He planned on bringing them back to the Saints World for practise.

He wanted to personally try refining pills, but as someone who had absolutely no experience with alchemy, he would need large quantities of materials he could waste to refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills within a short period of time.

Apart from the Godking grass, there was quite a lot of Ancestral Sacred Earth.

Together with the portion from the Darkstar Emperor, the total amount of Ancestral Sacred Earth on Jian Chen was approaching twenty catties.

Twenty catties was clearly rather terrifying for Ancestral Sacred Earth that was calculated in taels.

“Ancestral Sacred Earth is a fantastic material for refining pills related to vital energy.” Jian Chen was rather excited.

He was basically itching to refine God Tier pills right now.

Apart from the Godking grass and Ancestral Sacred Earth, there was plenty of special produce from the Darkstar World.

Every single one of them was extraordinary, all items that were difficult to find in the Saints World.

They were scarce resources that the various peak organisations went to great lengths to gather.

Of course, there was not a single heavenly resource that originated from the Two World Mountains like the Water of Life.

Stowing away the Space Ring, Jian Chen left through the Laws of Space.

Only after travelling a million kilometers away from the capital city did he come to a stop.

He declared loudly to the empty space, “Senior Virtuous Sage of Heaven, please show yourself…”

Jian Chens voice was loud and resonant.

It was not enough to reach the capital city, but it did echo through the space around him.

However, he did not receive a single response.

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven did not appear.

Jian Chen was not disappointed.

Instead, he called out again.

Only after receiving no response after calling several times did he finally sigh gently.

“The Virtuous Sage of Heaven is elusive.

Sure enough, seeing senior virtuous sage is anything but easy.

Looks like all I can do is find the Darkstar Emperor to help me look for senior virtuous sage.”

After saying that, Jian Chen was about to leave.

“Outsider, you sure are bold.

After disrupting our great ceremony, you actually have the courage to ask to see me.” At this moment, the Virtuous Sage of Heavens illusionary figure appeared silently before Jian Chen.

His facial features were obscured, and it was impossible to make out any emotions from his voice either.

Jian Chen stared at the Virtuous Sage of Heaven with shining eyes as he smiled faintly.

He said, “With everything thats happened so far, theres no need for us to be secretive anymore.

Why dont we both just come clean Leader of the Myriad Bone Guild.”

“I dont know what youre talking about,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said flatly, without a hint of emotion.

“Leader of the Myriad Bone Guild, youre a renowned supreme expert of the Saints World after all, revered by all.

Are you telling me that you dont even have the courage to admit to your identity right now Or do you really take me for a fool” Before the Virtuous Sage of Heaven could respond, Jian Chen continued, “Leader of the Myriad Bone Guild, Ill be honest with you.

I need your help right now, so lets both be a little more straightforward.

That way, we can discuss what comes next with greater ease, right”

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven said nothing.

He seemed to be staring straight at Jian Chen with his obscured eyes.

Only a while later did he let out a burst of clear laughter.

At the same time, his presence suddenly changed, and an invisible pressure flowed out.

Jian Chen immediately felt his heart tighten.

He could closely feel that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had suddenly become extremely terrifying.

If the Virtuous Sage of Heaven from before was a treasured sword hidden in its sheath, then he had already become a divine sword shining radiantly right now, completely drawn from its sheath.

Even though the Virtuous Sage of Heavens soul clone did not give off a particularly powerful feeling, Jian Chen felt like the fate of everything in the surroundings was under the Virtuous Sage of Heavens control.

However, Jian Chen was not surprised about that at all, as he knew exactly how lofty of an existence the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild was in the Saints World.

He was a supreme expert who stood on the same level as the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and the ancestor of the Heaven-splitting clan.

Even without a hint of their cultivation, supreme figures like them still possessed alarming might with their comprehensions of the laws of the world.

“Just as I had expected.

You really were able to guess my identity.

However, from beginning to end, I never planned on hiding it from you in the first place, or the existence of the Virtuous Sages of Heaven and Earth would not be known by the ten divine halls.

All they might know will be some other mysterious figure,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said.

With that, he had essentially admitted to his identity.

“I know what youre worrying about.

You can leave the Darkstar World without any worries in three days time.

There will be someone to receive you outside…” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven slowly vanished.

He did not ask about what had happened between Jian Chen and the Darsktar Emperor at all.

It was as if none of it could pique his interest.

Jian Chen opened his mouth.

He still wanted to ask why he went to such great lengths to obstruct the great ceremony of the Darkstar race, but as he watched the Virtuous Sage of Heaven vanish, Jian Chen could only keep this question inside his heart.

With everything that had happened so far, he was basically already certain that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had a hand in Sacredfeather entering the Darkstar World.

And with the leader of the Myriad Bone Guilds exceptional abilities, he was completely capable of covering up all traces, such that no matter how he investigated or looked into the matter, it seemed like Sacredfeather had made the decision himself.

Even if he asked Sacredfeather later on, he would not discover anything.

But right now, all Jian Chen could do was set aside his thoughts about the Myriad Bone Guilds scheme involving Sacredfeather.

Even if he ignored the fact that this was a blessing in disguise for Sacredfeather, the strength that the Myriad Bone Guild possessed was already well beyond what he could handle.


In a certain place within the vast outer space of the Saints World, a huge, bone tower stood silently.

On the very top of the bone tower, a young, bare-footed boy, only around eight or nine in age, sat with his legs crossed, dressed in red clothes.

The laws constantly flowed around him as if he were in a state of cultivation.

The boy was the number two of the Myriad Bone Guild, the Heartless Child!

“Jian Chen is about to leave the Darkstar World.

Make arrangements to receive him.

He cannot die in the Spirits World, or even if the two of us can keep the Darsktar Emperor at bay for a very long time, we definitely cant survive the disaster from the Wind Venerable.” An obscure voice suddenly rang out from there.

The Heartless Childs eyes snapped open with that.

Joy immediately flashed through them.

He asked, “Jian Chen succeeded in the Darkstar World”

“Yeah, he succeeded.

Everything is going to plan…”

“Hahaha, good.

Sure enough, he hasnt left me disappointed.

With their failure this time, the next time the Darkstar race holds the great ceremony will either have an extremely low success rate, or theyll have to remain in there for several tens of million or even hundreds of million more years.” The Heartless Child was delighted as if the heavy rock weighing on his heart had been shattered.

His entire body lightened up, clearly rather overjoyed by the news.

“Dont worry.

Ive already sent the number one assassin within the saint tier, Sheng Yi, to the Spirits World.

How can I not take some proper precautions for someone as important as Jian Chen After all, this has to do with the survival of our Myriad Bone Guild.

With Sheng Yi there, hell be safe no matter how great of a trouble he has caused,” said the Heartless Child.

“Youve still underestimated him.

If you knew what he did in the Darkstar World, you wouldnt think that anymore…” Afterwards, the obscure voice described everything that Jian Chen had done in the Darkstar World, without omitting a single detail.

In the end, he even added, “Moreover, he already knows about our identity.”

“This kid sure knows how to stir up trouble.

Hes actually offended so many organisations.” After learning about everything, even the Heartless Child could not help but be taken aback.

As for the issue of their identities, he was not particularly fazed by it.

“I better pay a visit in person then…” The Heartless Child suddenly vanished.

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