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Chapter 2896: The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy

Lei Conglong and Lei Yun exchanged glances.

Clearly, they were rather disappointed about failing to see the Saint Monarch, but the two seniors had already told them to leave, so all Lei Conglong and Lei Yun could do was leave in dejection.

After the two of them had left, the two seniors gazed at the divine hall behind them at the same time.

They were both slightly worried.

One of them let out a long sigh.

“Lei Ruhuo of the Heavenly Lightning clan has actually died.

Hes a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime after all, and he was carrying the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner, so it only demonstrates the strength of the person who killed him.

Looks like the news of the Saint Monarch being injured has already been leaked.

Some organisations are already becoming restless to target our Lightning God clan.”

“It has already been ten thousand years since the Saint Monarch was injured, and the Dao Heaven Saint Monarch, the East Origination Saint Monarch, and the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild all know about it.

It has never been an absolute secret.

For these organisations to wait ten thousand years before choosing to take action, it has already demonstrated how much they fear the Saint Monarch,” said the other senior.

“Which organisation do you think is most likely to take action against our Lightning God clan”

“Thats difficult to say.

Among the eight archaean clans, two have a conflict of interest with our Lightning God clan.

Weve developed some grievances with them a long time ago.

Moreover, there are also a few peak organisations that can no longer exist as archaean clans that have some grievances with our Lightning God clan.

Some of them are all too keen to drag our Lightning God clan off our throne as an archaean clan…”

“Last of all, theres the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy…”

“This Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy is a peak expert who cannot be underestimated.

Hes the descendant of a Grand Exalt after all, so the blood of a Grand Exalt flows through him.

Most importantly, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy is in possession of the central legacies of an archaean clan.

Once he reaches the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, hell immediately become a figure on par with the eight Saint Monarchs…”

“Yeah, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy is an outstanding figure.

In the past, he slew a Ninth Heavenly Layer expert from the Immortals World as an Eighth Heavenly Layer, but it ended up bringing the World Guarding clan to their demise.

The Ninth Heavenly Layer expert of the Immortals World offered up his life to cast a powerful curse right when he was about to die, annihilating the entire World Guarding clan that the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy belonged to.

Only his daughter managed to survive to the very end…”

“The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy brought his daughter to our Lightning God clan, even going as far as to do something as alarming as casting aside his dignity and lowering his head to request for the Saint Monarchs help.

However, if the Saint Monarch saved his daughter, he would lose large quantities of lightning origin.

Moreover, the war between the two worlds was still ongoing back then, so the Saint Monarch turned him down.

In the end, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys last relative left him, leaving him all alone in this world…”

As soon as they mentioned the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy, the two seniors of the Lightning God clan both experienced rather mixed emotions.

After all, this was a supreme expert who had once knelt down in front of the Lightning Saint Monarch.

Across the entire Saints World, just which supreme figures with the same cultivation as the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy could do something like that

The two seniors could never forget the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys face full of despair, helplessness, and gloominess after the Lightning Saint Monarch turned him down.

“Will it be the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy…”

“In my understanding of the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy, he would never stoop to such a low level, and this does not match how he does things at all… But… who knows.

After all, the destruction of the World Guarding clan and his daughters death had an extremely large impact on the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy…”

“If it really is the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy, then we can only hope the Saint Monarch recovers soon…”

The two seniors both became a little more stern.

Soon afterwards, they passed an order together and sealed up the entire Lightning God clan to prevent any clansmen from venturing outside.

Lei Ruhuos death made the Lightning God clan catch a peculiar scent.

The entire Lightning God clan secretly raised their guard.


With the ceasefire between Jian Chen and the Darkstar race, the entire Darkstar World recovered their peace once more.

However, the scars left behind in this world from the intense battle had become the greatest source of pain throughout the countless years of the Darkstar races history.

The ten divine halls had already returned to their positions, hovering above the capital city like before.

The reconstruction also began again in the ruins of the capital city left behind by the battle.

The Darkstar Emperor passed an order, and from the nearby towns and villages, large numbers of people began migrating to the capital city, taking part in the reconstruction of the capital city.

It was not just the capital city.

Even the twenty-odd major cities that Jian Chen destroyed carried out their repair work in an orderly manner.

The towns and villages all began mobilising people to move into the empty cities.

Although there were many clansmen of the Darkstar race that died to Jian Chens ultimate will, that was not enough to shake the foundations of the Darkstar race, as the population of the Darkstar race was tremendous.

Even the people from all thirty-six major cities combined only occupied a small fraction.

Most of them were scattered among the various villages and towns outside the major cities.

Jian Chen did not leave the Darkstar World.

Instead, he waited quietly on a mountain ten thousand kilometers away from the capital city, waiting for the Darkstar Emperor to deliver the last bit of materials to him, as well as to consider the path of retreat he had to take next.

“Recently, definitely no outsiders have left the Darkstar World, while the many peak organisations waiting in the Spirits World must have lost contact with the Darkstar World.

Under these circumstances, Ill definitely attract everyones attention once I go out…”

“The situation outside is complicated.

If I go out at a time like this, itll be very hard to guarantee I wont run into any conflict with the peak organisations.

However, once I do run into conflict with them, my strength will definitely be exposed.

For someone on par with Chaotic Primes to suddenly emerge from the Darkstar World, itll become a huge problem even if it wasnt originally a problem…”

Jian Chen began thinking carefully on the top of the mountain.

In the end, he reached a conclusion.

If nothing went wrong, he would definitely be facing huge problems once he emerged.

It was even possible for his disguise as the fifth hall master in the Darkstar race to be seen through.

If that really happened, then he would be in danger.

After all, he had offended fifty-two organisations.

That was an extremely terrifying force.

It was not just the fifty-two peak organisations either.

There were also other organisations of various sizes that were not a part of the Hundred Saint City.

After all, he could be described as directly responsible for the deaths of the disciples and descendants they had sent into the Darstar World.

Only when he thought about it closely did Jian Chen discover he had already gotten in the way of countless organizations interests with what he did in the Darkstar World.

“Looks like the Darkstar World is easy to enter but difficult to leave…” Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile.

The Darkstar Emperors figure suddenly appeared before Jian Chen.

He stared at Jian Chen with rather mixed emotions before tossing out a Space Ring.

“Inside is almost all the resources my race can gather so far.

Now, Im giving it all to you, without holding back on anything.

Remember your promise with my race.”

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