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Chapter 2895: Lightning Zone of Annihilation

“I cant let anyone know about Lei Ruhuos death for now, so I have to return to the Lightning God clan secretly this time.

Otherwise, once the other Grand Primes of the Westlan Plane find out Ive left the Heavenly Lightning clan, theyll definitely be able to deduce a few clues with their ability and intelligence…” Lei Conglong thought.

He gave up on travelling through outer space.

Instead, he erased his aura and silently entered an interplanar teleportation formation within the Heavenly Lightning clan.

As the powers of teleportation surged, his figure vanished from the teleportation formation.

After appearing on another major plane, Lei Conglong disguised himself as an Infinite Prime and directly entered the vast outer space.

After travelling far away from the plane, he immediately erupted with his full speed, turning into a bolt of lightning and shooting through outer space.

The Lightning Zone of Annihilation was a renowned zone of danger in the endless outer space of the Saints World.

It was a sea of lighting in outer space.

The area it covered was even several times larger than the entire surface of the Westlan Plane.

People normally never set foot in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation.

Even when spaceships passed by unwittingly, they would choose to avoid it from afar immediately.

Not only was the raging lighting in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation extremely powerful, but it was extremely hostile too.

It could attack everything nearby.

All spaceships were no tougher than paper before the lightning from the Lightning Zone of Annihilation.

Even some weaker Grand Primes would actively avoid the powers of the Lightning Zone of Annihilation.

Apart from that, due to the extreme environment and the influence from supreme Laws of Lightning, the region of lightning had already birthed many lightning spirits over numerous years of evolution.

In particular, the strongest lightning spirits even possessed terrifying strength that could strike fear into the hearts of Grand Primes.

It was exactly because of the terrors of the Lightning Zone of Annihilation that turned this region of space into a forbidden zone of death that no one set foot in.

But on a certain day, a figure suddenly appeared in this terrifyingly-quiet forbidden zone that only the special glow of lightning illuminated.

This figure was wrapped in the great power of lightning.

As if it resonated with the power of lightning in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation, the lightning did not attack him when he approached the place.

As a matter of fact, pairs of eyes that glowed with violet light even suddenly appeared in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation.

These were the lightning spirits that hid in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation.

These eyes all gathered on this figure.

This person was the ancestor of the Heavenly Lightning clan, Lei Conglong.

Under the attention of so many lightning spirits, even with his cultivation at the Second Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, Lei Conglong could not help but feel his scalp tingle.

He knew very well that a large fraction of these lightning spirits had already existed for an extremely terrifying length of time.

In terms of their age, these lightning spirits were even more ancient than any expert of the current Saints World.

As a matter of fact, some extraordinarily powerful lightning spirits were already in existence before the Spirits World had even been destroyed.

Lei Conglong took in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down.

Afterwards, he formed seals with his hands, and a gate suddenly appeared in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation before him.

On the surface, the Lightning Zone of Annihilation was a zone of danger in the Saints World, a forbidden zone in the eyes of countless experts, but in reality, it was where one of the archean clans, the Lightning God clan, stood.

At the same time, very few people understood that this Lightning Zone of Annihilation actually only existed because of the Lightning God clan.

Lei Conglong passed through the gate and directly entered the Lightning God clan.

With his identity as a Grand Prime, he obviously held significant status in the Lightning God clan.

He reached the depths of the clan smoothly and with great familiarity, directly visiting an ancestor of the Lightning God clan, Lei Yun.

Lei Yun was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, as well as one of the past ancestors of the Heavenly Lightning clan on the Westlan Plane.

However, he left the Heavenly Lightning clan afterwards and entered the Lightning God clan for cultivation.

As a result, he had once been on very close terms with Lei Conglong and Lei Ruhuo.

“What did you say Lei Ruhuo is dead” As soon as he heard about Lei Ruhuos death, Lei Yuns expression changed drastically.

He suddenly sprang to his feat, radiating with great anger.

“Lei Ruhuo had the supreme treasure the Saint Monarch bestowed to us in the past, the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner.

With his cultivation at the Third Heavenly Layer, he can escape even if he comes across a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, yet he still ended up dead.

And, if you look at the time, Lei Ruhuo did not even manage to put up a battle for long, which only demonstrates the enemys terrifying strength.” Lei Conglong was extremely stern.

“Lei Yun, this person must be targeting the Lightning God clan.

As a result, I need to see the Saint Monarch immediately and report this to the Saint Monarch in person.”

“How dare they target our Lightning God clan.” Lei Yun became extremely stern as well.

The death of a Grand Prime was an alarming matter.

He also understood the severity of the situation, so he immediately waved his hand and said, “Come with me.

Ill take you to see the Saint Monarch!”

Lei Conglong followed behind Lei Yun and flew through the Lightning God clan.

Along the way, they passed through many halls before finally arriving before a majestic divine hall.

The presence that the divine hall gave off was extremely terrifying.

It was as if it could crush the sea of stars and suppress the very laws.

Its grade had completely exceeded the range of high grade god artifacts, reaching a level on par with god artifacts that belonged to Grand Exalts.

The past Grand Exalt of the Lightning God clan had left this divine hall behind; it served as one of their pieces of heritage as an archaean clan.

Two grey-haired old men sat in front of the divine hall with their legs crossed like statues, never moving and giving off no presence at all.

“Greetings, seniors.

We wish to see the Saint Monarch!” Before the two old men, even Lei Yun and Lei Conglong, two Grand Primes, could not help but show respect and bow obediently.

The two seniors slowly opened their eyes, glancing past Lei Yun and Lei Conglong in an extremely indifferent manner.

One of them said flatly, “From the moment Lei Conglong entered the Lightning God clan, we had already predicted the reason for your visit.

We already know about Lei Ruhuos death.

Our Lightning God clan will obviously investigate this matter.”

“Lei Conglong, you can return.

Stay on the Westlan Plane without worrying.

Dont leave the clan without good reason,” the other senior said.

He spoke flatly, but his tone left no room for question.

“Seniors, the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner the Saint Monarch originally bestowed to us was stolen.

The Saint Monarch left an imprint on it, so if the Saint Monarch takes action, he can definitely find the suspect with great ease,” Lei Conglong said rather reluctantly.

“The Saint Monarch is currently in secluded cultivation.

He cannot be disturbed.

Please leave.

You dont have to worry about what comes next,” said a senior.

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