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Chapter 2893: Supreme Laws

In the very depths of the Saints World, a multi-coloured spatial tunnel stood quietly in the dark outer space.

This tunnel was the only path leading to the Spirits World from the Saints World!

The spatial tunnel was heavily stationed with guards all year round.

All of the spaceships that wanted to enter the Spirits World had to undergo a strict search before lining up in the long queue and entering one after another.

At this moment, in the region of space near the spatial tunnel, several hundred spaceships were already parked around.

Every single spaceship radiated with the presence of the Primordial realm.

However, most of these presences belonged to Infinite Primes.

There were an extremely small number of spaceships with Chaotic Primes.

At this moment, a bolt of lightning shot over from the distance, moving at a speed so fast that it was shocking.

It approached the vicinity of the tunnel instantly and turned into a ball of lightning.

This was the ancestor of the Heavenly Lightning clan, Lei Ruhuo!

Lei Ruhuo did not expose himself.

Instead, the Laws of Lightning writhed around him, forming a miniature sea of lightning in outer space.

The electricity crackled and gave off a threatening pressure.

“A Grand Prime…”

“A Grand Prime has actually come.

Is he trying to enter the Spirits World…”

“Dont they all say that the laws of the Spirits World are incomplete and even Grand Primes arent too willing to set foot in there Due to the incomplete laws in some special regions of the Spirits World, even Grand Primes are drastically affected, preventing them from using their full strength…”

“Shh, be quiet.

Dont talk carelessly.

This senior is an ancestor of the Heavenly Lightning clan of the Westlan Plane.

Behind the Heavenly Lightning clan stands an extremely impressive and colossal organisation…”


A series of gasps immediately rang out from the spaceships parked nearby.

A Grand Primes appearance immediately led to quite an uproar near the tunnel.

Figures like that were already existences that stood at the apex.

No matter where they went, they were a shining sun.

“Greetings from junior Lei Ruhuo of the Heavenly Lightning clan, Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy!” In the sea of lightning, Lei Ruhuos voice rang out resonantly, shaking up the entire region and allowing all the cultivators nearby to hear him clearly.

However, the voice was filled with unveiled respect as if he wanted to declare his respect towards the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy publicly.

It would be no exaggeration at all to call this an attempt at flattery.

“Whats the matter” The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys obscure voice rang out with hints of coldness and indifference.

“I must attend to something urgent in the Spirits World, so if the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy could-”

Before Lei Ruhuo could even finish talking, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energys indifferent voice rang out, “Grand Primes have priority.


Having received permission, Lei Ruhuo seemed to let out a sigh of relief, clasping his fist at the empty space before diving into the tunnel.

He appeared in the Spirits World very soon.

The moment Lei Ruhuo stepped into the Saints World, the woman in white who was currently cultivating on a huge rock in the distant Burial Zone seemed to sense him.

She opened her eyes slowly and gazed in the direction of the tunnel.

Her eyes shone with a strange light.

“A Grand Prime of the Saints World is here…”

Lei Ruhuo did not linger around the tunnel.

Upon stepping into this world, he immediately concealed all of his presence before turning into a bolt of lightning and shooting off to the Burial Zone.

He moved with extreme speed, crossing through the distant space very soon and arriving where the five great elders had died in the Burial Zone.

However, all the traces in this place had been destroyed.

The corpses of the five great elders, the two regular elders, and the several hundred regular clansmen of the Heavenly Lightning clan had all vanished.

Lei Ruhuo hovered in the air with a sunken expression.

The senses of his soul blanketed the surroundings, carrying out a detailed search in the region in an attempt to find some leads that could point to who was targeting their Heavenly Lightning clan.

But little did he know that a woman in white had already appeared behind him, hovering there silently.

The woman stood behind Lei Ruhuo like a ghost.

Lei Ruhuos sweeping soul sense failed to notice her existence at all.

Even his powerful senses as a Grand prime failed to capture the womans existence.

“Are you looking for me” Suddenly, the woman in white spoke.

Her voice was rather cold, as well as rather condescending.

However, her voice was without a doubt like a clap of thunder to Lei Ruhuos ears, causing him to shudder violently in fright.

He turned around violently, and only then did he discover the woman in white.

He felt absolutely shocked.

At the same time, the woman in white stopped hiding.

She allowed the power of her cultivation to radiate out, immediately letting Lei Ruhuo sense the realm of her cultivation.

Fury and surprise overcame Lei Ruhuo.

His gaze was fixed on the woman in white as he barked, “Who are you Youre just an Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, yet you can avoid the senses of my soul perfectly, preventing me from discovering you.

Looks like you possess a treasure that can conceal your presence.”

The woman in whites eyes shone with a mocking light.

She said, “I dont have any treasures on me.

As for why you cant discover me, thats just because my cultivation method is special.

It would only be strange if you could discover me with your cultivation at just the Third Heavenly Layer.”

“As for my cultivation, Ill be a Grand Prime once I kill you…”

“Hmph, those are some big words!” Lei Ruhuo was frosty, but he secretly raised his guard.

He barked coldly, “Looks like the deaths of our five great elders are definitely connected to you.

Junior, you better call out your companion, or Ill wipe you off the face of the world instantly given your measly cultivation at the Eighth Heavenly Layer.”

“Wipe me off the face of the world instantly Are you certain” The sneer on the woman in whites face grew heavier, containing a deep sense of contempt.

With that, the woman in whites gaze suddenly became extremely deep.

It was like it hid an endless expanse of space inside.

Laws wove together.

A higher order was being born and created.

In the Burial Zone, the ways of the world suddenly fell into disorder.

Even the laws of the entire space were affected.

An extremely great power of laws suddenly descended, influencing the region and disrupting the three thousand ways.

Immediately, large swathes of space in the Burial Zone shattered.

Everything in the region of tens of million kilometers, whether they were ruined planets or continents, were immediately annihilated, reduced to the smallest specks of dust.

Even the tens of million cultivators from the Saints World who were searching for fortuitous encounters were not spared, dying on the spot.

Under the crushing of the supreme laws, they were reduced to dust.

Lei Ruhuos expression changed drastically.

He raised his head in fright.

For once, fear appeared in his eyes.

The fear was so deep that not only did it fill his eyes, but it also filled the entirety of his heart and mind.

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