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Chapter 2855: Fighting the Emperor

Faced with an attack on the level of Chaotic Primes from the Darkstar Emperor, Jian Chen dared not be careless at all.

He completely unleashed his strength without holding back.

Within his dantian, the chaotic neidan that seemed to have reached the limit of its current realm revolved rapidly, spitting out strands of Chaotic Force.

Around Jian Chen, endless light from the Way of the Sword condensed before all gathering in the god artifact sword in his hand.

He thrusted the sword as hard as he could.


The sword surging with light collided with the Darkstar Emperors punch, producing a great rumble.

Destructive storms of energy swept out, tearing wildly through the surroundings.

Before Feng Xue, who had just charged over from the tenth divine hall, could even get close to Jian Chen, this ripple of energy struck her.

Immediately, she let out a grunt and was forced back.

Pushed by the energy ripple, she fell towards the ground uncontrollably.

In particular, a few scattered strands of sword Qi were mixed into the ripple of energy.

Even though they had already been reduced to pieces, they were still extremely sharp, piercing through Feng Xues protective energy with ease and leaving behind bloody marks on her body.

“Feng Xue, back away right now.

This battle has already reached a level beyond what we can interfere with.

Dont worry, the emperor will definitely capture this person and force out Kun Tians whereabouts from him.” A vice hall master comforted below, but even he sighed again and again inside.

The god artifact armour and sword that belonged to Kun Tian had already ended up in this persons hands, so could Kun Tian still be fine

In the air, the Darkstar Emperors punch was heavy and forceful, actually causing Jian Chen pressure he struggled to resist.

When the fist and sword collided, the surging glow on the sword immediately shattered, and a crack immediately appeared in Kun Tians god artifact sword, perhaps from damage taken beforehand.

And, the crack spread quickly, covering the entire sword very soon.

In the end, it completely shattered into countless fragments with a bang.

Just a single punch had destroyed a god artifact!

After destroying the god artifact sword, the Darkstar Emperors punch still showed no signs of running out of strength.

It plunged right towards Jian Chen like it was unstoppable, piercing Jian Chens protective light and landing on Jian Chens chest in the end with tremendous force.

A heavy thud of flesh striking flesh rang through the surroundings.

Jian Chens entire chest seemed to cave in as his body plummeted uncontrollably.

However, the seal was falling down over him.

The tremendous pressure from the seal seemed to form some kind of restraining force.

As such, Jian Chen, who was supposed to be launched very far away, only backed away three meters in the end.

The seals restraining force had anchored him to where he stood.

Jian Chen let out a furious roar at the sky.

Chaotic Force flowed turbulently through his body, and his chest that had caved in from the Darkstar Emperors punch immediately turned back to normal.

His wounds had also recovered completely in a single moment.

He punched out again and again, directing his fist at the sky and engaging in the most violent clash with the descending seal.

Immediately, claps of thunder seemed to ring out in the sky.

Jian Chen combined his Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force and borrowed the might of the Laws of the Sword to launch the most powerful of attacks.

Every single punch could shatter space and every single collision was like thunder that could shake the heavens.

The terrifying soundwaves alone had fragmented the ground below and destroyed the walls of the capital city.

Countless members of the Darkstar race went both blind and deaf, having been shaken to a point where they bled from their eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears.

The clash between Jian Chen and the Darkstar Emperor had been far too intense.

Even the vice hall masters of the ten divine halls were unable to withstand it.

They retreated again and again.

However, even with his full-strength attacks, Jian Chen was unable to stop the seal, as the power that the seal currency possessed had also surpassed the Ninth Heavenly layer of Infinite Prime and reached Chaotic Prime.

Jian Chens constant attacks only managed to weaken the force behind the seal.


In the end, the seal smashed into Jian Chen with a tremendous weight well beyond what he could resist.

Jian Chen let out a grunt.

His organs were shaken up violently, and his body was in turmoil.

A little bit of blood trickled out of his mouth.

Afterwards, the seal continued all the way down with Jian Chen, falling out of the sky and mashing into the ground heavily like a mountain.

It vanished from the surface of the earth instantly, becoming buried deep underground.

Even with Jian Chens extraordinary battle prowess that even the first hall master admitted he paled in comparison to, a tremendous distance that could not be made up for clearly still existed between him and the Darkstar Emperor.

Originally, he had the Profound Sword Qi.

As soon as he unleashed the Profound Sword Qi, he could even put up a fight if he actually confronted a First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, but the Darkstar Emperor happened to have the soul-protecting bronze lamp.

As soon as the lamp was unleashed, Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi became useless.

In the air, the Darkstar Emperors face was frosty.

He said nothing at all as he took a step, also venturing deep underground.

He wanted to retrieve the divine beast and continue with the great ceremony.

Now that the great ceremony had been severely disrupted, the chances of failure had already increased drastically, but as long as he could retrieve the divine beast to be sacrificed, then there was still some hope of success.

This also had to do with his opportunity to reach Chaotic Prime, and it also affected the fate of the entire Darkstar race.

Even if there was only the slightest hope, the great ceremony had to continue.

However, when the Darkstar Emperor entered the pit created by the seal, his face stiffened, as he was unable to sense Jian Chens presence at all.

Jian Chen was no longer in the pit anymore!

Virtually at the same time, there was an explosion in the Darkstar Divine Hall.

The teleportation formation established on the square outside the Darkstar Divine Hall was suddenly torn to pieces.

A powerful strand of sword Qi forcefully cut it to pieces.

Jian Chens figure had already appeared above the Darkstar Divine Hall before anyone had realised.

The Darkstar Emperor let out a cold snort underground.

He rushed out in a single instant and pressed towards Jian Chen with the might of a Chaotic Prime, arriving instantly.

But at this moment, the Laws of Space rippled in Jian Chens surroundings, and he suddenly vanished, appearing above the first divine hall like he had teleported.

Before the first hall master could even respond, he stomped down heavily on the first divine hall.

The entire first divine hall shook violently.

A huge crack spread from Jian Chens foot, rapidly expanding in all directions like a web, and the first divine halls teleportation formation received a powerful attack and shattered loudly.

After the teleportation formation shattered, the first divine hall that hovered in the air was unable to maintain its integrity either due to too many cracks.

Soon afterwards, the entire first divine hall collapsed like that.

The ten divine halls, as well as the Darkstar Divine Hall, were god artifacts, but they were all damaged.

Although they had been repaired later, they could not compare to when they were in perfect shape.

With Jian Chens current strength, apart from the Darkstar Divine Hall that was a high quality god artifact, destroying the ten divine halls that were all low quality god artifacts was nothing difficult.

After destroying the first divine hall, Jian Chen did not halt for even a moment, rushing towards the second divine hall.

And, as he lifted his hand, he shot out huge strands of sword Qi.

Each strand of sword Qi was completely white, radiating with blinding light as they shot towards the other divine halls at the same time.

“How dare you!” On top of the Darkstar Divine Hall, the Darkstar Emperors face was as cold as frost and killing intent surged through his eyes.

He charged towards Jian Chen immediately.

Near the second divine hall, the hall master Arna was also furious.

He let out an explosive bellow and took action decisively to stop Jian Chen without any regard for the difference in strength that existed.

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