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Chapter 2853: The Bronze Lamp

“Kun Tian!” The Darkstar Emperor bellowed furiously.

Flames of anger burned in his eyes as his presence surged into the clouds.

The tremendous pressure it gave off made all the Primordial realm experts in the Hundred Saint City shiver.

He moved extremely quickly.

The moment Jian Chen landed a strike on the spatial furnace, the Darkstar Emperor had already arrived at the other side of the spatial furnace.

He directly extended his hand and suddenly closed it towards Jian Chen from afar.

With that, he seemed to mobilise the power of the world.

Immediately, the laws of the world began to flow and origin energy began to surge.

Energy as turbulent as a river condensed in the surroundings in that moment, crushing towards Jian Chen.

Clearly, the Darkstar Emperor had already become overwhelmed with rage.

Although he did not use his full strength this time, he had no intentions of holding back.

As a result, the strike was well beyond what any Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime could block.

However, Jian Chen was unfazed.

Chaotic Force flowed circulated in his body, filling every inch in a single instant, pushing the defences of the Chaotic Body to the limit.

He used his sturdy body to forcefully endure the Darkstar Emperors restraint.

The Darkstar Emperors restraint was extremely powerful.

It squeezed space until it distorted.

Before this absolute power, Jian Chens entire skeleton creaked, and his entire body seemed to shrink slightly.

If he had been a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime from the Darkstar race, his body probably would have ruptured and been torn to pieces a long time ago under this great force, no longer whole.

Only Jian Chens Chaotic Body could endure it with its basically deviant defences and self-recovery.

The Darkstar Emperors eyes immediately narrowed with this sight.

A sliver of shock flashed through them.

He was extremely surprised by how Kun Tian who had reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer recently could actually withstand his power with so much ease.

At this moment, the god artifact sword in Jian Chens hand shone with dazzling light again.

With surging sword Qi, he slashed out three times in a single instant.

He struck out extremely quickly, completing the attacks in a flash.

The three streaks of light seemed to merge together.

Resplendent light illuminated the surroundings, riddling the surrounding space with cracks.

In particular, the three strands of light possessed slivers of might that belonged to a god artifact, as well as the destructive energy of Chaotic Force.

In the end, the three slashes completely surpassed the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, reaching the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

They were so powerful that even the first hall master who was publicly recognised as the greatest expert of the ten divine halls changed drastically in expression.

“How is Kun Tian so powerful…” The first hall master murmured in a daze, as to him, the power in Kun Tians strikes seemed like they were at the Seventh Heavenly Layer, but they had actually reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer already.

Meanwhile, the faces of the seventh hall master Getti and the fourth hall maser Irvin who had clashed with Jian Chen in the past became extremely fascinating.

There was stupefaction, shock, and confusion, but most of it was fear.

They could sense how shocking of a level Kun Tians three strikes had reached.

This was already a force well beyond what they could contend with.

“Oh no, the hall master is under the influence of the planetary beasts will again.

The planetary beasts power must have erupted on him.

Hall master, wake up, please! Come to your senses! Please dont make a huge mistake…” Bing Yuan, Tarot, and Dou Wujin hovered in the distant sky as they called out urgently.

Everything happened much faster than it could be described, happening in a split second.

Jian Chens three strikes collided against the Darkstar Emperors restraining force with enough power to shock all the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race.


A thunderous rumble immediately rang through the air.

The entire capital city shook, cracks spread across the ground, and the city walls began to collapse.

When the tremendous ripple of energy descended, all the hall masters and vice hall masters, apart from the first hall master, were pushed back into a constant retreat, struggling to stabilise themselves.

As for the weaker members of the Darkstar race on the ground, they suffered heavy casualties, all dying to this storm of energy.

The Darkstar Emperors restraining force had been split open by Jian Chens attacks.

Afterwards, Jian Chen did not stop at all, taking a step and immediately entering the spatial furnace with his sword.

He arrived beside the unconscious Sacredfeather.

As soon as he entered the spatial furnace, Jian Chen sensed that the space in there was completely different.

Even though the spatial furnace had already stopped operating, the heavy might of the heavens still permeated the interior.

This was the power of the world, or in other words, the power of the ways, as well as the power of the Darkstar World.

Perhaps only power on such a level possessed the impossible ability to change and remake the very world around it, modifying Sacredfeathers bloodline.

However, as soon as Jian Chen entered the spatial furnace, the Darkstar Emperor entered it too.

His eyes were filled with anger he could not suppress, like a volcano that had already erupted.

His killing intent surged wildly.

That was because he had already noticed that Kun Tian was trying to steal the divine beast.

The divine beast was crucial to the great ceremony.

If they lost it, the great ceremony would definitely end in failure.

And, Kun Tians actions that had crossed the line would also cause an immeasurable impact to the great ceremony.

He had completely crossed the Darkstar Emperors bottom line, making the Darkstar Emperor direct his killing intent towards his own clansmen for the first time in countless years.

Moreover, it was an important member of the ten divine halls at that.

However, right when the Darkstar Emperor was about to unleash his full strength and execute Kun Tian on the spot, he suddenly noticed that Kun Tians eyes had become extremely piercing.

At the same time, sword Qi of absolute power that could severe the laws and ways and destroy the world and space-time suddenly descended.

The appearance of the sword Qi immediately alarmed the Darkstar Emperor.

His heart surged wildly, as he could sense a terrifying power that even made his soul tremble within the sword Qi.

Above Jian Chens head, two strands of tiny, finger-sized sword Qi appeared silently.

The terrifying power that made the Darkstar Emperors soul tremble came from these two strands of sword Qi.

However, these two strands of sword Qi had appeared quickly and vanished even more quickly.

It had truly been a flash.

They had vanished before a moment had even elapsed after they appeared.

What vanished with them was the startling sword intent that swept through the sky.

The Darkstar Emperors eyes narrowed violently.

At that moment, he was unable to remain composed anymore.

For once, shock filled his face, as he could already see the two strands of sword Qi hurtling towards his face with indescribably-terrifying speed.

The speed seemed to have surpassed the restraints of time and the concept of spatial distance.

Before the sword Qi, even supreme experts who had reached Grand Prime probably were unable to dodge it, let alone him who had never truly reached Chaotic Prime.

Silently, the two strands of sword Qi plunged into the Darkstar Emperors forehead.

All of the defensive measures the Darkstar Emperor had taken beforehand were basically non-existent before the two strands of sword Qi.

They achieved nothing.

As the two strands of sword Qi flew out, a hint of exhaustion quickly appeared on Jian Chens face.

The two strands of sword Qi had consumed half of the power of his soul in a single moment.

A wave of dizziness immediately hit him.

Jian Chen endured the dizziness and grabbed Sacredfeather, placing him in the divine hall he carried on him.

The entire process unfolded extremely smoothly.

There were no accidents at all.

Only when he personally saw Sacredfeather lying peacefully in the divine hall did Jian Chen finally let out a sigh of relief inside.

Sacredfeathers situation was unknown right now, and he had no idea how he was doing, but he had saved him at the very least.

Afterwards, he directed his gaze towards the Darkstar Emperor, immediately becoming filled with killing intent and horrifying malice.

However, after receiving the two strands of Profound Sword Qi, his wounds were not as severe as Jian Chen imagined them to be.

His body shuddered violently before stabilising very soon.

A small, detailed lamp made of bronze, only an inch high, hovered above the top of his head.

A single flame burned on top of the bronze lamp, sprinkling with a hazy light that enveloped the Darkstar Emperor, protecting the Darkstar Emperors soul at the same time.

Most of the power from the two strands of Profound Sword Qi had been blocked by this tiny lamp.

As a result, while the Darkstar Emperors soul sustained some injuries, they were not as heavy as Jian Chen imagined they would be.

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