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Chapter 2851: The Virtuous Sages Scheme

The spear collided with the Darkstar Emperors triangular shield and erupted with a great boom.

A violent storm of energy was created, sweeping through the surroundings madly and destroying everything in its path.

The triangular shield shook violently.

Even though it was a medium quality god artifact, it had clearly been damaged before, so all aspects of the shield were slightly weaker than other medium quality god artifacts.

As a result, after receiving the Chaotic Primes strike, the entire shield almost ran out of energy.

A tiny crack had even begun to spread on the edge of the shield.

Behind the shield, the barrier cast down with the power of the Darkstar Emperors very cultivation served as the final line of defence against the storm of energy.

The barrier shook violently and rapidly dimmed.


At this moment, another deafening boom rang out.

The energy that the Darkstar Emperor had gathered on his hand was enough to twist the space of the Darkstar World and constantly create tiny, black cracks.

In the end, it slammed against the spear viciously.

The power in this strike of his was anything but small.

It had already surpassed the limits of the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, no weaker than an attack from a First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

The spear was sent flying by the Darkstar Emperors palm strike.

It rapidly dimmed and shrunk at the same time, going from three hundred meters long to ten.

Inside the spear, the illusionary figure of the artifact spirit had already faded to the point where he had basically vanished.

Only his eyes could still be barely made out.

At that moment, his eyes were fixed on the Darkstar Emperor; they were filled with undisguised hatred.

The hatred was not directed towards the Darkstar Emperor alone, but at the Darkstar race, every single member of the Darkstar race.

“Darkstar race, even if I have to die, Ill take you all down with me.” Resolve appeared in the artifact spirits hateful gaze.

When the spear that had shrunken to ten meters long approached the Darkstar Emperor, it exploded loudly.

The energy of the spear was not all that exploded.

The artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City exploded too.

The entire artifact spirit, as well as the remaining energy in the spear, all leaked out in that moment.

It had no other choice.

Although the spear condensed from all the power of the hundred Saint City possessed the might of Chaotic Primes, it was not truly a Chaotic Prime after all.

The energy would diminish with each sliver used.

It would lose the might of a Chaotic Prime after an attack or two.

As a result, faced with the powerful Darkstar Emperor, all it could do was blow up itself as well as all the residual energy in the spear.

Immediately, the entire Darkstar World shook.

The self-destruction of the artifact spirit could be described as devastating.

Not only did space shatter from the explosion, becoming riddled with spatial cracks, but even the ground below had been reduced to a bottomless abyss.

The destructive storm of energy ran amok in the surroundings, and the barrier the Darkstar Emperor cast down shattered.

The storm of energy did not weaken at all, sweeping towards the capital city like it was unstoppable.

In the capital city, the expressions of all the cultivators of the Darkstar race changed drastically.

Even the expressions of the various hall masters and vice hall masters completely changed.

The storm of energy was equivalent to the self-destruction of a Chaotic Prime.

The power it contained was far too terrifying, making all of them pale in fright.

Before this power that had already exceeded Infinite Prime, even the hall masters felt extremely helpless.

Even the first hall master who possessed the highest cultivation among them at the Seventh Heavenly Layer was as insignificant as a lone skiff in the raging seas when he faced the power of the explosion.

He was unable to stop it at all.

All he could do was barely protect himself.

This was power on the level of Chaotic Primes.

It had completely reached a whole different realm.

“Its all over…” In that moment, all the hall masters and vice hall masters experienced the same thought of despair.

They understood that once the storm of energy swallowed the capital city, the great ceremony would definitely be disrupted.

However, right when the storm of energy was about to reach the capital city, the Darkstar Emperors figure suddenly appeared.

Even though he had endured the damage from the artifact spirits self-destruction, he had clearly paid a certain price.

He was disheveled and his clothes were in tatters, while his face had a smear of pale-white.

Most importantly, there was actually a trace of blood near the corner of the Darkstar Emperors lips.

This only proved that even the Darkstar Emperor had sustained some injuries from the self-destruction of the artifact spirit.

Suddenly, the Darkstar Emperor took action.

His presence erupted, and the energy in his body poured out like tidal waves.

He struck out again and again with his palms, sending imprints forward.

Each palm imprint was composed of heavy energy, woven with laws and ways.

Each palm imprint was three hundred meters high and radiating with tremendous pressure.

When it made contact with the incoming storm of energy, it constantly whittled it down.

At the same time, the triangular shield suddenly expanded, reaching high into the sky, becoming even larger than the capital city.

It landed outside the capital city like a shield that touched the sky.

The seal that the spear had knocked away flew back as a streak of light, becoming as large as a mountain in a single instant and crushing down towards the ground with a tremendous pressure, also standing between the storm of energy and the capital city.

Inside the Darkstar Divine Hall, a set of damaged armour flew out, radiating with a gentle light that enveloped the entire city.

The light also possessed an extremely great power of defence.

In order to ensure the safety of the capital city and to prevent the great ceremony from being affected, the Darkstar Emperor used everything available to him, unleashing his full strength.

On the altar, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven gazed in the direction of the Darkstar Emperor and murmured with a voice that only he could hear, “With the Darkstar Emperors abilities, he is more than capable enough to protect the capital city and prevent the great ceremony from being affected, but this has created a great opportunity for Jian Chen.”

“However, I cant place all my hopes on Jian Chen either.

Its about time for me to make my final preparations.” With that, the illusionary figure of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven actually shed a part of his power, which then vanished into thin air.

No one among the entire Darkstar race noticed his actions.

The power that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had shed appeared above the Hundred Saint City in a single breath, condensing into the same illusionary figure again.

“The Hundred Saint City has been assembled from countless supreme quality saint artifacts.

Through a combination of formations, these saint artifacts have merged together a long time ago, forcefully pushing the quality of the Hundred Saint City to the level of medium quality god artifacts.”

“If I move the entire Hundred Saint City to the capital city and blow it up, even with the Darkstar Emperors Chaotic Prime battle prowess, therell be nothing he can do.

By then, not only will the entire capital city be annihilated, but the great ceremony will be completely disrupted too.”

“However, the price for this is far too great.

After all, its different from the artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City.

Although I was the one who created the artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City, its actions have nothing to do with me.”

“But if I were to move the Hundred Saint City into the capital city and blow it up, Ill be taking personal action.

By then, the power of the blood oath will definitely descend upon me.

Not only will this soul clone completely disperse, but even my original body in the Saints World will receive unimaginable damage…”

“Jian Chen, you mustnt let down the expectations Ive placed on you.

You must succeed.

Dont force me into using this final move…”

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