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Chapter 2793: New Hope

Perhaps because he could tell what everyone was thinking, Lei Yun could not help but sneer.

He said in a rather mocking manner, “Id advise you to give up on it, as today has probably been the first time this method has been used to nurture a God Tier heavenly resource.

A method as inconceivable as this is completely irreplicable.”

“And, even if supreme experts skilled with the Laws of Time manage to replicate it, the cost will completely outweigh the benefits, as the value of Soil of Divine Blood is probably enough to rival dozens or even more heavenly resources like these.

Moreover, the Soil of Divine Blood is something precious that has absolutely no supply in the Saints World.”

“Why dont you ask yourselves this Just which organisation would be willing to use Soil of Divine Blood thats worth several dozen God Tier heavenly resources to nurture a single God Tier heavenly resource when the losses clearly outweigh the gains”

Hearing Lei Yuns explanation, most of the light in the eyes of the prodigies there immediately subsided.

They understood the value and worth of Soil of Divine Blood extremely well.

This was an important material for refining high level God Tier pills.

If Soil of Divine Blood was included for some high level pills, not only would their quality increase, but they would even become several times more potent.

Its value had completely exceeded several dozen God Tier heavenly resources.

Using something so precious to nurture a single God Tier heavenly resource was truly a bad deal.

They would only use something as precious as Soil of Divine Blood on a heavenly resource that was only at the Truth Tier regardless of the costs with the predicament they currently faced in the Darkstar World.

“Although this is a completely unworthwhile method of nurturing heavenly resources, its the only way to fulfil the fifth divine halls request in the Darkstar World.” Many people thought.

They immediately began to record the entire metamorphosis process of the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood evolving to God Tier, planning to contact their clans outside and have them come up with ideas.

Lei Yun could obviously tell what they were thinking.

However, he was unfazed.

He did not worry at all that his method of nurturing the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood would be replicated.

If it were the Saints World, a few peak organisations could achieve this easily.

However, there were many limitations in the Darkstar World.

Only their Heavenly Lightning clan could achieve something like this.

Or more accurately, it was the organisation behind their Heavenly Lightning clan.

With a wave of his hand, the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood that had just evolved flew into Lei Yuns hand.

He held it in a single hand carelessly as undisguised pride and arrogance filled his face.

Afterwards, he smiled at Bing Yuan.

“Esteemed vice hall master, may I ask if this God Tier Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood satisfies the fifth divine hall”

Bing Yuan took in a deep breath.

Having personally witnessed the evolution of the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood, he felt like he had witnessed a miracle.

However, he also understood that such an unbelievable method would only appear in the Saints World that was filled with experts.

As for his Darkstar race, he did not even know if there was a chance for them to break out of the cage in his lifetime.


It has indeed reached God Tier, and its a heavenly resource that can heal the soul.

However, as for whether were actually satisfied or not, well still require our hall master to personally appraise it,” Bing Yuan said.

“If thats the case, then Lei Yun will hand this Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood to vice hall master Bing Yuan.

I hope the vice hall master can pass this item onto your esteemed hall master for appraisal.” Lei Yun was riding on the crest of success.

As he passed the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood to Bing Yuan, he continued, “Only our Heavenly Lightning clan can nurture a God Tier heavenly resource like this throughout the entire Saints World.

In order to provide a God Tier heavenly resource to the fifth divine hall, our clan has gone to extremely great lengths, as the value of those three pieces of jade that contain the Laws of Time are completely beyond imagination.”

“Ive taken note of its value.

You dont have to worry.

Before our hall master appraises the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood, our fifth divine hall will continue to protect you until our hall master orders us to stop,” Bing Yuan said sternly.

The hall master of the fifth divine hall had yet to return, so even when he accepted the God Tier heavenly resource from the Heavenly Lightning clan, he was afraid to make the decision himself.

After all, he had no idea whether the God Tier heavenly resource was effective on their hall masters soul at all.

“Our Jade Pill sect will definitely refine a pill that satisfies the fifth divine hall.

However, the pill is still being refined right now, and itll probably only be delivered later.

The moment it arrives, our Jade Pill sect will immediately contact the vice hall master.” At this moment, the person from the Jade Pill sect spoke too, also brimming with confidence.

He already knew that the ancestors of the Jade Pill sect were personally refining the pill.

Since even their ancestors had emerged, failure would be completely impossible.

“Good, good, good!” Bing Yuan was delighted and nodded constantly.

He had already been surprised over how he obtained a God Tier Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood.

If he could obtain a God Tier pill too, it would definitely be extremely beneficial to the recovery of his hall masters soul.

“Vice hall master, youve seen it already.

Only the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect can produce God Tier heavenly resources and God Tier pills.

As for us who cant produce what you require, we will definitely be chased out of the Darkstar World by the seventh divine hall once we lose your protection.

I hope the vice hall master can speak for us before the hall master and give us an opportunity to remain in the Darkstar World.

Were willing to make it up to the fifth divine hall through other means.” At this moment, He Qianqian suddenly stood up.

With a pleading gaze, she lowered her head slightly and clasped her fist at Bing Yuan, asking him submissively.

At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten she represented the Heavenly Crane clan.

She was willing to lower her noble head before an Infinite Prime that only seemed like a slightly larger ant in the eyes of the Heavenly Crane clan, just in hopes of being able to remain here.

This was because the resources from the Darkstar World had just too great of an impact on the Heavenly Crane clan.

Once they lost their foundation here, the entire clans strength would plummet.

Standing behind her, Jian Chens emotions immediately became rather mixed when he saw how close He Qianqian was to bowing and scraping.

In the end, all he could do was sigh inside.

He said nothing at all.

This was because he had been in contact with Bing Yuan.

Even with his flawless disguise, he did not want to attract too much of Bing Yuans attention.

As a result, Jian Chen had only become even more discreet after Bing Yuan entered the Pantheon Divine Hall.

“Miss Qian is correct.

We may not be able to produce God Tier heavenly resources and pills, but we can do a few things for the fifth divine hall in other aspects, such as hunting down some Life-devouring Beasts.

Im aware that there are many Saints World organisations that work for the fifth divine hall in the Darkstar World, but in terms of strength, these organisations dont even have the right to lick our boots…”

“Ive heard that the Darkstar race is purchasing the remains of Life-devouring Beasts en masse lately, even offering a price several times greater than normal and placing great rewards for Godking Life-devouring Beasts.

If you were to ask who possesses the greatest ability to kill Godking Life-devouring Beasts within the Darkstar World race right now, it would definitely be our Hundred Saint City if we ignore that Gu Qi who made a mess in Darknight City before going missing…”

After what He Qianqian said, a few prodigies immediately spoke up too.

They thought of the same thing as He Qianqian.

They were reluctant to yield to the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan, yet they refused to give up on the abundant resources in the Darkstar World.

As a result, all they could do was take a step back and find another method, just so they could obtain the fifth divine halls protection.

Listening to these people, Bing Yuan began to hesitate.

The day of the great ceremony was growing closer and closer.

The ceremony required large numbers of Life-devouring Beasts.

High level Life-devouring Beasts like those at Godking were crucial, but their race only received a pitiful number of their corpses, just a handful.

Instead, they had purchased a huge pile of low level Life-devouring Beast corpses.

The situation right now really was like what these people described it to be.

The outsiders who worked for the various divine halls were much weaker than the Hundred Saint City.

They were more than enough for hunting down Overgod Life-devouring Beasts, but obtaining Godking Life-devouring Beasts was extremely difficult.

If they could get the people of the Hundred Saint City to hunt down Godking Life-devouring Beasts, it would be quite a good idea.

Thinking up to there, Bing Yuan seemed to make up his mind.

Determination appeared in his eyes as he said, “Since youre pleading with me, then our divine hall will give you a chance.

If you can provide large quantities of Godking Life-devouring Beast corpses to our fifth divine hall, I can ask our hall master to show some mercy to you.”

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