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Chapter 2783: Inside Starsource City

The Chaotic Primes gathered around the passageway amounted to several dozen.

They did not talk with each other, either resting with their eyes closed or staring straight at the passageway, as if they wanted to peer through the vortex of energy and directly see what was inside.

Of course, there were far more Chaotic Primes gathered in the surroundings than these people on the surface.

Divine halls hovered behind them.

Every single divine hall flowed with energy and shone with dazzling light, radiating with the might of a powerful god artifact.

There were several dozen divine halls, almost all at mid grade.

There were even two divine halls that had reached high grade among them.

High grade god artifacts were normally in the possession of Grand Primes.

As a matter of fact, even some low level Grand Primes did not possess such god artifacts.

They could already be considered as great treasures in the Saints World.

Some peak clans even used a high grade god artifact as their clan treasure.

That only demonstrated the value and power of high grade god artifacts.

The Chaotic Primes gathered around the passageway would glance past the two high grade god artifacts from time to time.

Apart from the reverence and fear in their eyes, there would also be a hint of obscurity too as they tried their best to disguise their coveting, greedy emotions.

Clearly, the two divine halls had interested many people, but no one tried to steal them.

That was because the two high grade god artifacts belonged to the Dire Wolf clan and the Hao family.

To ensure the safety of their young master, Jin Hong, the Dire Wolf clan had even sent one of their ancestors to escort him.

He resided in the divine hall right now.

As for the divine hall of the Hao family, it did not contain an ancestor like the Dire Wolf clan, but there was not a single expert in the Saints World who would ever consider taking something from the Hao family.

If all the organisations scattered around the passageway right now were summoned up, there would be several hundreds of them.

There were peak organizations with Grand Primes, as well as first-rate organisations that completely depended on their Chaotic Primes.

They gathered there waiting for news to emerge from the Darkstar World.

Some of the experts had already become worried or anxious.

They had no idea what had happened in the Darkstar World, nor did they have any idea about the situation, as their connection with the Darkstar World had been completely severed already.

Even when they sent more people in later, they would be trapped at the entrance due to the disabled teleportation formation, forced to return powerlessly.

Many Chaotic Primes could sense that something was off from all this.

The World of the Fallen Beast had a direct connection to their interests, so if anything happened in there, it would be a catastrophic loss to them and the clans and sects they represented.

At this moment, the huge swirl of energy in the sky suddenly surged by a miniscule amount.

It was very easy to miss.

However, everyone gathered in the surroundings were Chaotic Primes at the very least.

Their senses were so powerful that even the subtlest incident around them could not escape their senses.

In that instant, the Chaotic Primes gathered in the surroundings all snapped their eyes open.

Their gazes all gathered on the swirl of energy.

Behind them, many figures of all ages and genders emerged from the levitating divine halls.

Their presences were as tremendous as the ocean, extremely powerful.

In the next moment, a cultivator suddenly fell out from the passageway.

The eyes of the Chaotic Primes immediately lit up with his return, as he was not a member of the group they had sent in for investigation afterwards.

This meant he had returned from among the Darkstar race, so he must have been carrying the most recent news about the Darkstar race.

Behind, the powerful figures who had emerged from the divine halls all arrived near the passageway in a single step.

However, just when they were about to question the cultivator who had just emerged, even more people suddenly fell out of the passageway.

In that instant, an endless amount of people returned from the World of the Fallen Beast, falling out of the swirl like an avalanche.

Very soon, the number exceeded ten thousand, but there were still no signs of stopping.

This sight astounded the Chaotic Primes, who had spent several months here waiting arduously.

Just a moment ago, they were still praying that someone could return from the World of the Fallen Beast so that they could learn about the exact situation among the Darkstar race.

Even a single person would have sufficed.

But never did they think that so many people would return all of a sudden, which made them rather flustered.

However, they found their own people within the group very soon, so with a sweep of their arms, the power of their terrifying cultivation swept away their people, and they vanished from their previous locations.

The return of these people came with the latest news.

The organisations who had not contributed to the construction of the Hundred Saint City or were unrelated to it were mostly unaffected, but the people from the peak organisations of the Hundred Saint City all frowned the moment they received the news.

Some of the short-tempered Chaotic Primes even erupted with curses.

“Hmph, theyre from a measly, thumb-sized place, and theyre still so arrogant.

If it werent for the fact that I cant enter, I would definitely flatten the entire Darkstar race…”

“What The Darkstar race has actually killed so many descendants of our clan How dare they! How dare they! Theyre a tiny race, yet they actually want to offend our Star clan…”

“The Darkstar race has gone too far.

That so-called seventh divine hall deserves to die.

And that fifth divine hall, theyve actually put forward such a rude request.

Do they really think theyre a big deal Arent they afraid Ill kill them all the moment they come out in the future…”

“The items that the Darkstar race require have reached the God Tier.

We have plenty of pills and heavenly resources at that level in our clan, and we can even offer quite a lot to them.

Its just that none of these items can be brought in…”

“The passageway is limited by the laws of the Grand Exalts.

Not a single item that exceeds the limit can be brought in.

The fifth divine hall really has given us quite the problem to solve…”

“My clan cannot afford to lose our foundation in the Darkstar race, or itll be a great loss for us.

This clearly isnt something we can resolve.

Its best if we report this to our ancestors…”

The Chaotic Primes spoke one after another.

Apart from their fury, they felt extremely powerless too.

In the end, they all transmitted the news back to their clans for their ancestors to decide on the matter.

Even the Grand Prime ancestor of the Dire Wolf clan present expressed, “My Dire Wolf clan does possess what the fifth divine hall requires, but we cant bring it in either.

Its fine if my clan gives up on our business in the Darkstar race as long as our young master can return safely.”

On the Ice Pole Plane within the Heavenly Crane clan, their ancestors bathed in a pure-white light, obscuring their appearance.

They answered, “Contact the clansmen among the Darkstar race and let them know that the clan cannot fulfill the fifth divine halls request.

At the same time, have them do whatever they can to gather the required items during this period of time…”

After saying that, the ancestor let out a deep sigh.

“The Source Water of Ways only forms where Grand Exalts have fallen after a series of natural reactions.

Without the Source Water of Ways, we wont be able to use some of the functions among the holy grounds of our Heavenly Crane clan to nurture our juniors.

Thatll be quite the loss to the clan…”

“And the Soil of Divine Blood too.

So far, weve only discovered it in the Darkstar World.

Its an important material for refining the Ancestral Blood Pill.

Without it, the effects of the Ancestral Blood Pill will decrease by as much as thirty percent…”

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