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Chapter 2782: Releasing the Seal

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked He Qianqian about a little more, primarily regarding the situation of the Moon God Hall and the Ice Goddess Hall.

Unfortunately, he only learnt a limited amount.

After all, almost all information regarding the Ice Goddess Hall and the Moon God Hall was a secret.

Perhaps Primordial realm experts might have known a little more, but it would be very difficult for He Qianqian to come into contact with something like this with her strength.

“Yang Yutian, have you become interested in joining our Heavenly Crane clan seeing how interested you are in the Ice Pole Plane With your talent, youll definitely receive great support if you join our Heavenly Crane clan.

Even reaching Chaotic Prime wont be an issue for you in the future.” He Qianqian stared at Jian Chen as her eyes flickered.

She was no fool.

She had already realised Jian Chens potential back then in the Two World Mountains.

With his talent, many peak clans and organizations in the Saints World would obviously try to rope him in.

That was because a figure like him could potentially become a pillar of support for the clan at a certain point in the future if he was nurtured properly.

He could even grow into a towering existence that supported the entire clan.

Jian Chen smiled and said, “I dont have any plans on joining an organisation right now.

Though, I do look forward to seeing the Ice Pole Plane.

I really do want to see it with my own eyes.

After all, not only is the Ice Pole Plane one of the seven sacred planes, but Ive also heard that its riddled with ice and snow, snowing all year round.

Cultivating in such a cold climate can heavily suppress the growth of inner demons, preventing the risk of suffering from cultivation deviation.”

Jian Chen and He Qianqian spoke fervently.

At this moment, an old, Overgod servant of the Heavenly Crane clan rushed in from outside.

His face was filled with joy.

“Young miss, young miss.

Theres good news.

Theres fantastic news.

The seventh divine hall has already removed the seal over the teleportation formations.

All of us can freely use the teleportation formations now.” The old servant had begun speaking excitedly from a very long way away.

His face had already reddened completely, clearly extremely excited.

Hearing the news, He Qianqian was left at a loss at first, as if she had yet to react to it.

However, she stood up excitedly in the next moment and questioned in a hurry, “What did you say The seal over the teleportation formations has been released Are you certain about this”

“Im completely certain, young miss, completely certain.

It cant be wrong.

It definitely cant be wrong.

There have already been people who have left the Darkstar World through the teleportation formations,” the old servant said with absolute certainty.

He Qianqian immediately became overjoyed.

The teleportation formation in their Hundred Saint City was close to being repaired.

As such, even if the Darkstar race had not removed the seal over the teleportation formations, the Hundred Saint City would not be particularly affected.

When they needed to, they could still use the teleportation formation in the Hundred Saint City to directly transport themselves to the entrance of the world.

However, this was not the true meaning behind releasing the seal over the teleportation formations.

Most importantly, it was a gesture from the seventh divine hall.

Since the seventh divine hall was willing to open the teleportation formations for them to come and go freely, it meant the seventh divine hall would not be targeting their Hundred Saint City for now.

They would be safe for some time at the very least.

At the same time, it also demonstrated the fifth divine halls determination to protect them.

It gave them an understanding of the fifth divine halls power from the sidelines.

“The fifth divine hall really has done it.

I never thought the fifth divine hall could get the seventh divine hall to reopen the teleportation formations so quickly,” He Qianqian murmured, but as if she had remembered something, her joy vanished rapidly.

She became stern.

“Though, as for the fifth divine halls demands, all I can do is pass the message on and get the clan to decide on the matter.”

At that moment, He Qianqian could no longer care about Jian Chen.

She immediately took out a feather from her Space Ring before cutting her finger and dripping a droplet of blood on there.

This was a special method of communication from the Heavenly Crane clan, merging the message to be passed on into the droplet of blood and using a feather as a carrier.

It was a method no one could replicate.

“Send someone out immediately and take this message out to the clan,” He Qianqian passed the feather to the old servant and ordered.

The old servant replied politely before going off to carry out the orders.

At the same time, the many peak organisations in the city also received the news of the unsealed teleportation formations.

After a moment of joy, they immediately began to pen messages for their people to deliver.

Just in case, there were even a few organisations who wrote multiple secret messages and sent many cultivators to carry them out.

Immediately, over a thousand cultivators rushed out of the Hundred Saint City.

Every single one of them carried a secret message.

They rushed to Darknight City as quickly as they could before leaving through the teleportation formations there.

In the depths of the Two World Mountains, a huge swirl of energy hung in the sky.

This swirl of energy was the only passageway connecting the two worlds.

The passageway was located in the only safe region within the Two World Mountains.

It was enveloped by a powerful energy, completely blocking out the thick mist and all Life-devouring Beasts.

This place was the personal handiwork of Grand Exalts.

It possessed the laws set down by Grand Exalts, which was why the peace here had never been broken across the countless years.

At this moment, an ancient teleportation formation that had remained silent for a very long time suddenly lit up with dazzling light near the passageway.

Cultivators emerged one after another.

They observed the surroundings first.

When they spotted the huge passageway in the sky, they could not help but cheer out loud.

“Weve crossed through the mountains successfully.

This is fantastic.

We can finally leave.”

“The people of the Darkstar race cant come here.

Theyll be slain by the power in the space the moment they appear here, which means were safe now.

This isnt a scheme of the Darkstar race.

Theyre really letting us return.”

Among the cultivators, a portion had been sent over from the Hundred Saint City, while the others did not come from the Hundred Saint City.

They were people teleported over from other cities of the Darkstar race.

After all, the several dozen peak organisations of the Hundred Saint City only formed a small fraction of the outsiders active among the Darkstar race.

Most of them came from other organisations of the Saints World; they included people from weaker organisations and independent cultivators.

After cheering, they rushed into the sky without the slightest hesitation, vanishing into the passageway in the end.

On the other side of the passageway was one of the five remaining sacred lands of the Spirits World, the Starsource Continent.

At this moment, in Starsource City on the Starsource Continent, a series of figures floated in the air, either standing or sitting with their legs crossed.

They were around a similar vortex of energy that hung in the sky.

They gathered around the passageway, radiating with tremendous presences.

These people were all experts who had reached Chaotic Prime, and they had made quite the progress already as Chaotic Primes.

Most of them were above the Fourth Heavenly Layer, with very few below.

If any single one of them had entered the Darkstar World, they would be invincible existences who could run amok freely.

Even someone as powerful as the Darkstar Emperor would not be their opponent.

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