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Chapter 2743: Internal Conflict

Chu Jie and the others all came from peak clans of the Saints World.

Even though they would not always be particularly important in the clan, such that some of them were not even direct descendents, they still possessed a natural sense of superiority.

As a result, they just found an independent cultivator like Yang Yutian unpleasant to the eye.

Yet in the end, the independent cultivator that they all looked down on had actually heavily injured them before so many people.

This was obviously a huge insult to them and with how arrogant they were and in their minds, this kind of humiliation had already transformed into utter hatred.

This hatred had become on par to grievances of life and death.

Now that they heard Yang Yutians name again, killing intent was immediately set alight in the five of them.

However, none of them said anything.

They only gazed at He Qianqian, or more accurately, at the divine hall in He Qianqians hands.

He Qianqian frequently checked on the sliver of the power of Jian Chens soul in the divine hall with the senses of her soul.

She noticed their gazes and knew about their grievances with Jian Chen, so she immediately raised her guard.

Only afterwards did she say to the people around her, “The sliver of power of Yang Yutians soul is still intact in the divine hall.

Hes still alive.”

He Qianqian spoke very gently, but everyone could still hear the worry and anticipation in her voice.

Of course, everyone understood that it was not because He Qianqian was particularly concerned for Yang Yutian.

This was only due to the strength that he had demonstrated.

He had already reached a level that He Qianqian could no longer afford to ignore.

If he returned, it would mean that the group from the Heavenly Crane clan would become a powerful existence only second to Jin Hong.

No one would be able to ignore this.

The World of the Fallen Beast possessed many things that were in the interests of the clans behind them, so obviously the stronger their groups were, the more they could claim for their clans.

“Yang Yutians still alive Thats fantastic.

Looks like hes much stronger than I imagined him to be.

Not only has he successfully escaped from a late Godking Life-devouring Beast, hes even managed to survive in the dangerous depths of the Two World Mountains all alone until now.”

“Theres probably still a great battle to come within the Darkstar race.

If we have an expert like Yang Yutian assisting us, the pressure we face will lessen.”

As soon as they heard Yang Yutian was still alive, Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect, Sun Zhi of the Sun family, Baizhan Xiong of the Hundred Battle clan and the other prodigies who had a good impression of Jian Chen all beamed with joy.

They were extremely delighted by the news.

As for Chu Jies group, their expressions all became ugly.

Afterwards, Kong Feiying and Gong Ruize glanced at each other and Kong Feiying said nonchalantly, “He Qianqian, the divine halls with you, so its not like we can check on the situation in the divine hall.

Whether Yang Yutians still alive or not depends entirely on what you say.

Why dont you give the divine hall to us so we can properly verify whether the sliver of the soul Yang Yutian left behind is actually still there or not” Although he spoke with a peaceful tone, Kong Feiying and Gong Ruize immediately took action before He Qianqian could even answer.

The two of them charged forward, one of them going straight for He Qianqian, while the other targeting the divine hall in He Qianqians hand.

“Gong Ruize, grab the divine hall and immediately destroy the sliver of Yang Yutians soul.

Without it pinpointing our location, Yang Yutianll basically be blind in the depths of the Two World Mountains.

Hell never be able to leave there.

All that will be waiting for him is death.” In that moment he moved, Kong Feiying said to Gong Ruize secretly.

“Hehe, dont worry.

I know what to do.

And it doesnt matter if I cant grab the divine hall either.

As long as I can get close, Ill use my full strength to destroy the sliver of Yang Yutians soul that he left there,” Gong Ruize sniggered.

“What are you doing!” He Qianqian had constantly remained wary of them.

As soon as Gong Ruize and Kong Feiying moved, she reacted by immediately retreating.

She was about to stow away the divine hall in her hands into her Space Ring as well.

But at this moment, a speck of cold light suddenly appeared, arriving before He Qianqian in a single instant.

From the corner of her eye, He Qianqian caught a glimpse of Chu Jie smirking strangely.

Surprisingly, he held a black tube, as thick as a finger, in his hand, which surged with powerful ripples of energy.

The speck of cold light had been launched by the finger-sized tube.

At a closer glance, the speck of cold light was actually a needle condensed from concentrated energy.

With lightning speed, the speck of cold light directly landed on the divine hall that He Qianqian had yet to stow away, immediately producing a violent explosion.

The divine hall was blown out of He Qianqians hand by the great force, flying off into the distance.

“Chu Jie, I wont forget about this!” He Qianqian cried out.

She was extremely furious.

Just when she wanted to grab the divine hall again, she became entangled with Kong Feiying who had just arrived.

As for Gong Ruize, he moved like a bolt of lightning, directly charging towards the divine hall in the air.

He pulsed with energy, about to pierce the divine hall with tremendous energy and disperse the sliver of the power of the soul that Yang Yutian left in there.

“Dont you dare!”

However, Jin Hong took action.

With a flash, he arrived in front of Gong Ruize like he had teleported.

He caught the flying divine hall with one hand easily as he directly threw a punch with the other towards Gong Ruizes hand which reached towards the divine hall.


The fist and palm collided, producing a heavy sound.

Gong Ruizes expression changed drastically as he grunted and was launched away by Jin Hongs punch.

He smashed through several trees along the way, before landing on the ground in a stagger.

His face was bright red as he held down a mouthful of blood that had almost spurted out.

“Jin Hong, youve gotten in our way time and time again.

Arent you afraid of affecting our unity as a group”

The divine hall fell into Jin Hongs hands and Kong Feiying also stopped attacking He Qianqian.

He growled angrily as he looked at Jin Hong with a sunken face.

Although Jin Hong was the leader of this group and their seniors had all told them to follow Jin Hong, the seniors only implied to follow Jin Hongs orders for anything related to the Darkstar race.

Their objective was for everyone to remain unified, so they could face the threat of the Darkstar race together.

Right now, they were just targeting Jian Chen alone to settle a personal grievance.

Jin Hong had no right to interfere with this.

They were not ignoring their seniors advice either.

“If it werent for Yang Yutian who stepped forward and led the late Godking Life-devouring Beast away, not all of you might have been able to make it out of the Two World Mountains.

Just based on that, Yang Yutian has shown great kindness whether its to you or to us.

Now youve made it out of the depths, you immediately want to destroy the marker for Yang Yutians path out.

Wont you even think about how youll tarnish your clans reputations by doing something so ungrateful” Jin Hong held the divine hall and stood proudly, with a rather indomitable bearing as he said righteously.


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