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Chapter 2672: A Terrifying Sword Formation

Four early Godkings had actually killed a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime so many cultivation levels higher through a sword formation alone.

If news of this made it out, everyone would think it was a make-believe story.

No one would believe it.

This was because let alone four early Godkings, even four peak Godkings or even four supreme Godkings from the Godkings Throne could not kill a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime through a formation alone.

Yet, Yan Mo just happened to have witnessed something so preposterous from the four old men.

He had seen it with his naked eyes, so it was impossible for him to refute it.

It had to be mentioned that the four old men were early Godkings back then.

That was more than enough to demonstrate the shockingness of the sword formation.

It was enough to drive everyone crazy over it.

Yan Mo was one of the people who had been driven crazy by the sword formation.

Even though he had no inkling about the Way of the Sword, he would benefit as long as he could get his hands on the sword formation and study it.

As a result, when he saw the four old men, his heart began to thump with excitement.

He was tempted to howl out in joy.

However, he knew that there were many onlookers in the surroundings.

There were even Chaotic Primes in some of the spaceships, so he dared not show any of his joy, just in case he raised any suspicion.

“I need to end the battle fast and capture them as quickly as I can.

Then I can then take them away and slowly get them to spill their secrets.

As long as the four of them end up in my hands, Im sure I can get what I want from them.” Yan Mo made up his mind.

He used his full strength right from the start.

His cultivation surged forth violently, and the Laws of Fire descended.

The scorching flames distorted the space there as terrifying heat pervaded the surroundings, forcing back the closer cultivators.

Under Yan Mos control, the terrifying flames formed a ball.

Like a cage, it enveloped the four old men, obscuring what was happening there.

He tried to hide everything.

He did not want even more people to see what happened next.

Afterwards, he used the power of his cultivation to create a huge hand.

It passed through the cage made from the Laws of Fire and fell towards the four old men.

Even though he was injured by Jian Chen, he was still a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime after all.

He was still extremely powerful despite his wounds.

Many of the cultivators standing in line secretly shook their heads at this.

They sighed for the four old men.

Even though the four old men comprehended one of the laws with the greatest offensive power, and their sword formation seemed extraordinary, there was still no one who thought highly of them.

All of them believed the four old men would be facing death.

The difference was just far too great.

How could four late Godkings face off against a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime

In their opinion, they might have been able to put up a fight with their Laws of the Sword along with the support of a sword formation if it were a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

However, it was utterly hopeless against a Fifth Heavenly Layer.

At this moment, an alarming streak of light suddenly appeared.

The cage of Yan Mos Laws of the Fire seemed as fragile as paper before the light.

The light ripped open a hole silently before continuing onwards and piercing through Yan Mos huge hand with a blinding glow.

It directly continued towards Yan Mo.

Yan Mo immediately felt like it had locked onto his presence firmly.

He stared at the incoming light, and his eyes suddenly narrowed.

His face changed drastically, now filled with shock and disbelief.

He could sense a threat from the sword Qi.

The sword formation from four mere late Godkings was actually enough to threaten him, a Fifth Heavenly Infinite Prime.

Such a matter was astounding.

That was not it.

With his powerful soul and instincts, he could sense a sliver of obscure power that made him shiver in fright.

It was impossible for this power to come from a Godking.

Let alone Godkings, even Infinite Primes could not come close to it.

“H- h- how is this possible… Theyre clearly just late Godkings…” Yan Mos heart churned.

In the next moment, a low quality god artifact appeared and enveloped him completely.

This was the armor he wanted to wear when he faced Jian Chen, but he just did not have the time to do so before Jian Chens Laws of Space.

Now that he faced the attack from the four old men, he finally had the opportunity to use it.

At the same time, he extended a figure, and he immediately conjured the Laws of Fire, turning into a red pillar and darting towards the sword Qi.

He attempted to weaken the sword Qis power.

The sword Qi tore through everything with astonishing might, crushing everything Yan Mo had set up to block its way.

In the end, it struck Yan Mos waist.

Blood splattered immediately.

Yan Mos waist was severed, cut into two.

The low quality god artifact on him was basically useless, unable to stop anything.

Yan Mo paled in fright.

He lowered his head to look at the other half of his body before glancing at the sword Qi again.

He showed horror for the first time.

To the other side, the sword Qi stopped nearby after cutting Yan Mo in half.

It rapidly dimmed, vanishing as if it had lost all power.

It revealed the four old men.

“Hes actually still alive! Fall into formation!”

“Alright! Wipe out his soul and kill him for good…”

The four old men bellowed out when they saw how Yan Mo was still alive.

They stood in a sword formation once again with great understanding.

Yan Mo had already learnt the power of the sword formation.

Even the god artifact he believed to be extremely tough was basically useless before it.

There was no way he was bold enough to take on a second attack like that.

He knew that he managed to survive this time due to luck.

The attack did not touch his soul.

Otherwise, he would be dead already.

As a result, when he heard the calls from the four old men, Yan Mo was scared stiff.

He dared not linger a moment longer, shooting off into the tunnel nearby with a flash.

He entered the Starsource Continent.

“Get him!” The four old men called out together and killing intent shone in their eyes.

As if they had some irreconcilable grievance with Yan Mo, they immediately pursued him.

The entrance they took was specially prepared for Primordial realm experts.

Primordial realm experts could use it for free, but those below the Primordial realm had to pay a fee of ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals.

However, none of the guards stationed there dared to stop them as they chased Yan Mo.

As a result, they passed through smoothly.

As soon as they vanished, a few figures immediately flickered out from some spaceships nearby.

They moved extremely quickly, entering the Starsource Continent through the same tunnel.

They were all Chaotic Primes.

The sword formation that the four old men had used managed to force the Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, Yan Mo, into fleeing, despite them only being late Godkings.

It was clearly powerful and mystical enough to catch the attention of many Chaotic Primes.


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