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Chapter 2671: The Group of Four

After dealing with that, Jian Chen smiled indifferently and glanced at the frightened, surprised, and wronged red-robed old man in the distance.

Afterwards, he entered the tunnel leading to the Starsource Continent.

“Just keep the divine crystals as a gift from me.” Jian Chens voice drifted out from the tunnel.

The supreme grade divine crystals were worth nothing in his eyes.

He could not be bothered with taking them back.

He did not kill the red-robed old man either.

Although he could kill a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime effortlessly even without the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, it was not like they had any irreconcilable grudges.

An appropriate punishment was enough.

Of course, there was another important reason.

He was in a hurry to go to the World of the Fallen Beast.

He did not want to make things complicated here.

If he became delayed, he would probably be filled with regret for the rest of his life.

“T- turns out he doesnt know the rules here at all…” The red-robed old man understood everything after Jian Chen left.

He looked at the bleeding wound on his chest.

His face was filled with bitterness, as well as a hint of gladness.

“Fortunately, that senior wasnt a bloodthirsty person, or my life would be…” The old man produced a long sigh.

He did not plan on entering the Starsource Continent immediately.

Instead, he just sat down on the spot and fished out some healing pills to recover.

He secretly warned himself to hold back with his actions in the future.

Nearby, the cultivators who stood in the long lines obviously witnessed the conflict between Jian Chen and the red-robed old man.

Many of them were stunned by the great strength Jian Chen had displayed.

Then they gulped and broke out into discussions.

“Heavens, that is the famed Yan Mo of the Spirits World.

Yan Mo has actually been defeated.

Who is that young man in white How is he so strong…”

“It was one strike, just one strike to defeat Yan Mo.

Yan Mo is a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Surely that young man is a Chaotic Prime, right…”


Yan Mo has committed evil all these years in the Spirits World.

If he remains alive, who knows how many more people will die.

Why didnt that mysterious expert finish him off…”

“What a pity.

Yan Mo almost died.

Grandfather, dont worry.

I will definitely work hard on cultivating and break through to the Primordial realm as soon as possible so that I can personally kill Yan Mo and avenge you…”


Around half of the cultivators there secretly cursed Yan Mo.

As they stood in the line, it was clear that they were not Primordial realm experts or anyone with particularly powerful backgrounds.

And it was exactly people like them that Yan Mo would never show any mercy towards.

He would directly kill them if they did even the slightest thing that displeased him.

Grand Primes were basically unwilling to come to this ruined world, so the strongest experts that could be found here were Chaotic Primes.

However, basically all of them had only come to escort their juniors.

They would not stay for long.

As a result, with Yan Mos cultivation as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he could indeed act without consequences here.

At this moment, a medium-sized spaceship slowly glid over from afar, stopping nearby.

All the cultivators looked over reflexively and discovered that the spaceship was a commercial one; it was the type that could be hired for a certain amount of divine crystals.

It did not belong to a large organisation.

The spaceship stopped, and many cultivators immediately flew out.

They were packed like locusts, where several hundred thousand would be a low estimate.

The spaceship was bigger on the inside.

One of them was equivalent to a miniature world; it could hold a million people with ease.

Basically all of the cultivators from the spaceship lined up at the very end.

Clearly, they wanted to enter the Starsource Continent as well.

An extremely few number of Primordial realm experts skipped the line and directly entered the continent through the special tunnel.

“Its Yan Mo.

Yan Mo is actually injured…” When the Primordial realm experts saw the old man healing, they became stern.

All of them made their way around him.

Most of the Primordial realm experts were early Infinite Primes.

There was a single Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime among them.

They were still quite far off from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like Yan Mo in terms of strength.

At this moment, four old men in simple robes flew out from the spaceship.

They all gave off the presences of late Godkings.

Late Godkings were very common here, so they did not raise any particular attention.

However, what really drew the gazes of people were the swords on their backs.

Each sword was wrapped in beast hide, only leaving a hilt poking out.

Their appearance managed to attract much attention, as it was far too rare for people to carry swords on their backs like that in both the Spirits World and the Saints World.

The four old men did not mind the strange gazes.

They flew through the crowd like it was no big deal, about to line up to enter the Starsource Continent.

However, at this moment, they suddenly saw Yan Mo, who was healing there.

Their eyes all sharpened, and a powerful sword intent radiated from them.

“Its Yan Mo.

Hes actually here…”

“Fall into formation and kill him…”

The four old men bellowed out together, and their cultivation as late Godkings completely erupted.

With the guidance of their fingers, clear thrums rang out, and four metal swords shot into the air.

They shone resplendently, giving off a powerful sword intent.

The four of them immediately stood in a formation.

Their hands moved about in front of their chests, creating seals.

They bellowed out, “Of the vast world, all is one.

With the Nirvanic Sword Formation, only we are supreme.

With the four swords as one, worlds shall be annihilated!”

With their voices, the four swords in the air shone brightly, becoming four huge pillars of light that pierced the surroundings.

Each pillar of light enveloped a single person, and when they chanted “four swords as one”, the four pillars suddenly fused together, shining blindingly.

The four of them vanished into the pillars, as if they had fused into the pillar with the swords.

The sudden disturbance alarmed all the cultivators there.

At that moment, whether it be the Primordial realm experts who had just disembarked from the spaceship or the Godhood cultivators waiting in line, they all looked over.

“Its the four strange people.

What are they doing”

“Hmm It looks like theyre attacking Yan Mo Four late Godkings are actually challenging a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Is there something wrong with them…”


Discovering their intentions, everyone became stunned, including the Primordial realm experts.

Yan Mo also discovered the situation behind him.

He immediately stopped healing and stood up.

He glared at the fused pillar of light, and his face sank.

“Its you lot! I looked for you for so long, but I never thought you would come to me today.

Since youre here already, you might as well stay and hand over the secret technique obediently.” Yan Mo sneered.

Excitement flickered in his eyes secretly as flames erupted from his body.

“There are Chaotic Primes on the Starsource Continent, so I have to take the four of them away before they arrive,” thought Yan Mo.

The four people before him grasped an extremely powerful secret technique, so powerful that it even tempted him, someone who comprehended the Laws of Fire.

He had personally witnessed the four old men kill a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime as early Godkings when they used the sword technique.


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