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Chapter 2665: A Ruined World

The spatial tunnel appeared to be a huge, colorful gate from the outside, but it seemed like a long corridor inside.

However, there was no peace inside the corridor.

Time distorted as space collided and folded.

Violent energy ran amuck as well.

The entire spatial tunnel seemed like the surging seas, without a single inch of peace.

Moreover, the energy there was so chaotic that it could not be absorbed.

Apart from the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time, there were no other laws present.

Hence, regardless of how powerful a cultivator was, only those who had comprehended the Laws of Space or the Laws of Time would be able to use their power of laws in the tunnel.

Even Grand Primes were not an exception.

Anyone within the tunnel could only use the power of their cultivation.

After the Heartless Child entered the tunnel, he did not use even a single sliver of his power of laws anymore.

The power of his supreme cultivation erupted from his body, forming a powerful barrier of light around him.

Jian Chen was naturally protected as well.

As a result, the spatial tunnel that should have been perilous to various Primordial realm experts and spaceships, requiring the utmost caution, was suppressed by the Heartless Childs cultivation.

It became as simple as a stroll for them to move through it.

They moved extremely quickly as well, basically rushing through the entire place like a comet.

They overtook the spaceships that moved carefully through the tunnel as they smashed through all the streams of energy there.

“What a powerful cultivation and what great speed.

Who is this person…”

“Even mid Grand Primes would never dare to move through here like that.

Who in the world is he How is his cultivation so terrifying…”

Gasps and sighs rang out from the spaceships that the Heartless Child overtook.

The experts who witnessed this all were shocked.

It was impossible to sense the flow of time inside the spatial tunnel, so after who knows how long, Jian Chen and the Heartless Child finally emerged, arriving in a region of pitch-black space.

The space was barren.

There was no starlight at all.

Only a colorful spatial tunnel hung there quietly, as well as many spaceships parked nearby.

It seemed exactly the same as the Saints World.

There was nothing different as far as the eye could see.

However, Jian Chen could clearly sense the difference.

The most obvious differences were the energy of the world and the laws of the world.

The energy of the world in the space here clearly differed from the Saints World.

A person from the Saints World probably could not absorb the energy of the world here to cultivate.

Even if they could, it would definitely be an arduous task.

As for the laws of the world, they felt like they were in ruins.

The three thousand laws were incomplete.

Even the laws that did exist felt like someone had severed them with a knife.

They were not whole.

In short, it was basically impossible to achieve much at all when cultivating under such conditions.

The incomplete laws made it dozens of times or even over a hundred times more difficult for cultivators of this world to comprehend.

There were even some laws that could not be comprehended!

“Is this the Spirits World” Jian Chen studied the surroundings as he thought to himself.

The Heartless Child studied the world with a frown before handing a jade slip to Jian Chen.

He said, “Ill just leave you here.

The entrance to the World of the Fallen Beast isnt far.

It wont take long for you to get there with your speed.

This is the precise location of the World of the Fallen Beast.”

The Heartless Child seemed to dislike this place very much.

After handing over that, he turned around and left, returning to the spatial tunnel to go back to the Saints World.

Jian Chen was in no hurry to leave after the Heartless Childs departure.

Instead, he picked up the jade slip from the Heartless Child and studied it carefully.

At this moment, a spaceship shot out from the spatial tunnel behind him.

Just when the spaceship was about to accelerate, it suddenly stopped.

An old man with gray hair flew out from the spaceship and arrived before Jian Chen with a smile.

“I am Anlu Dafu from the Anlu clan of the Westlan Plane.

Greetings,” the old man clasped his fist at Jian Chen and said extremely politely.

Jian Chen stowed away the jade slip from the Heartless Child.

He looked at the old man.

The old man did not hide his presence, so Jian Chen immediately sensed his cultivation.

He was a Chaotic Prime and not much weaker than Xu Ran.

He was at the Third Heavenly Layer.

“I am… Changyang Xiangtian.

Greetings, senior.” Jian Chen clearly returned his politeness, responding with a clasped fist as well.

“So its Changyang Xiangtian.

Its a pleasure to meet you.

I was wondering if you have time to spare I would like to invite you to our spaceship,” said Anlu Dafu.

Jian Chen immediately understood.

Anlu Dafu clearly saw the Heartless Child move through the spatial tunnel with him, so he misunderstood him as someone with the backing of an extremely powerful expert.

As such, he wanted to rope him in.

Due to the special circumstances of the spatial tunnel, the Heartless Child was unable to cross through it in an instant.

He had overtaken many spaceships along the way, so he obviously attracted all of their attention.

Jian Chen was worried about Sacredfeathers safety, so he only wanted to arrive at the World of the Fallen Beast sooner.

He obviously was in no mood to waste time here, so he declined politely.

At the same time, a few more spaceships emerged from the spatial tunnel.

When the experts on them discovered Jian Chen, they all flew out from their spaceships like Anlu Dafu to greet Jian Chen.

They were all extremely friendly and were ready to curry up to Jian Chen.

Even if they could not rope him in, they wanted to get to know him.

After all, they had all witnessed the Heartless Childs strength.

Even though they were nowhere close to seeing through the Heartless Childs cultivation, just the tremendous pressure from him and how he moved through the spatial tunnel fearlessly was enough to let them understand that he had surpassed their ancestors.

They obviously did not want to give up on even the slightest chance to befriend someone like that.

If they managed to establish something between them, they would have achieved something major.

It would hold great significance for their clans.

Jian Chen understood that the more time he wasted, the more trouble he would be in when the spaceships behind emerged.

As a result, he turned them all down and left without any hesitation.

The jade slip from the Heartless Child clearly depicted the direction and path.

It went into great detail, describing the most effortless way to travel and the safest path to take.

As a result, it was quite difficult for Jian Chen to get lost here.


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