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Chapter 2663: The Jiang Family and Fang Jing

As they spoke, who knows how far the Heartless Child had crossed near the boundary of the Saints World.

In the end, he and Jian Chen appeared before a tunnel shining with multi-colored light.

Jian Chen subconsciously looked around as soon as he arrived.

He ignored the colorful tunnel.

Countless spaceships of various sizes and shapes were parked in the surrounding space.

All of them had deactivated their protective formations, remaining there quietly without any defences at all.

They were all like ghosts.

Groups of soldiers in uniform armor constantly moved from spaceship to spaceship.

It was as if they were holding some sort of inspection.

There were naturally many Primordial realm experts keeping guard, but when they faced these soldiers who were merely at Godhood, none of them dared to resist.

None of them dared to block the soldiers either.

Only the spaceships that had been inspected would activate their protective formations again and slowly pass through the tunnel up ahead.

“These should be the people waiting to enter the ruins of the Spirits World.

I never thought there would be so many of them,” Jian Chen was amazed as he looked at all the spaceships in the surroundings.

“This is the only tunnel to the Spirits World, well, the only tunnel for those below Grand Exalt,” explained the Heartless Child.

Jian Chen nodded understandingly.

Then he asked the Heartless Child a little more about the sea of chaos.

However, the Heartless Child clearly was unwilling to go into detail.

He just warned Jian Chen to not be tempted by it and that was all.

“Hmm Sister Xue Lian, the two people up ahead arent actually in spaceships.

They must be the backgroundless people that the elder spoke of.

Theyre so pitiful.

They dont even have a place to stop and rest.

They can only stay in the terrifying outer space without the protection of any formations, in constant danger…”

The crisp voice of a woman rang out from behind.

Several dozen kilometres behind Jian Chen, a few women stood on a spaceship several tens of thousand metres long.

The youngest only seemed to be seventeen or eighteen, while the oldest was an old woman who seemed like she was in her seventies.

The person who spoke was the youngest one.

It seemed like she rarely ever ventured outside, so she did not have much experience with the outside world.

She felt extremely curious about everything she came across and found them to be novel.

Her bright eyes were slightly naive.

“Jiang Rou, watch your mouth.

Those who dont ride spaceships arent necessarily weak, backgroundless cultivators.

Its possible for them to be extremely powerful experts who dont even need spaceships.

Be quiet here, just in case you cause any unnecessary trouble.

Our Jiang family is very powerful, but there are plenty of existences in the Saints World far greater than our Jiang family,” a young lady beside Jian Rou said carefully.

She seemed to be in her twenties, mature and prudent.

Her facial features were refined.

Cold light would flicker through her eyes from time to time as she occasionally gave off killing intent.

Of course, this killing intent was not directed towards any particular person.

Instead, it had naturally formed from what she had gone through in life.

It was evident that she was a vicious person.

“Alright, I understand, sister Xue Lian,” Jiang Rou said without caring too much.

She grew up within the Jiang family, which allowed her to understand just how powerful the clan was.

At the very least, all outsiders she saw in the past hundreds of years would show deep respect and fear towards the clan.

Although she knew that there were many existences far greater than the Jiang family in the Saints World, it would not be easy to come across them.

“Lower the spaceship and immediately back up a thousand kilometres.” It was also at this moment that an old woman on the deck spoke out.

She looked at the Heartless Child sternly.

“Granny, whats wrong Were all good and fine, so why do we have to back up If we back up a thousand kilometres, that will mean remaining in line for so many more days,” Jiang Rou asked in confusion.

The old woman was a Chaotic Prime, the person who held the most status on the spaceship.

After she spoke, the spaceship immediately began to move backwards.

“I actually failed to sense when those two people arrived here.

They appeared without any traces at all.

Anyone who can achieve that is not someone we can provoke,” the old woman dared not speak aloud.

Instead, she conveyed her message to the people around her secretly.

She even enveloped Jiang Rou in a barrier of energy, preventing her voice from being heard by others.

Clearly, she was extremely cautious.

Jiang Rou immediately shut up.

She blinked her rather naive eyes and curiously studied Jian Chan and the Heartless Child who grew further and further away.

At this moment, another woman in white emerged from the cabin on the Jiang familys spaceship.

She seemed to be in her twenties.

Even though she did not possess an alluring beauty, she was still rather flawless.

However, her face was rather cold.

She seemed aloof.

Her cold eyes would shine with a chilling light from time to time, making her unapproachable.

“Hmm Sister Fang Jing, why have you come out as well” Jiang Rou beamed when she saw the woman in white and immediately ran over.

At that moment, everyone on the deck looked towards the woman called Fang Jing, including the Chaotic Prime old woman.

Many of them showed respect.

Fang Jing did not belong to the Jiang family.

Instead, she was their saviour.

Their spaceship had encountered a large scale attack from space beasts.

Just when they were in the middle of danger, Fang Jing had suddenly saved them.

She even assisted the great elder of their Jiang family to kill the Chaotic Prime space beast.

That was how they managed to survive.

As a result, Fang Jing gained the respect of everyone on the spaceship.

At the same time, Fang Jing also happened to be making her way to the ruins of the Spirits World, so she joined the people of the Jiang family.

“Yeah, Ive come out to take a look,” Fang Jing said indifferently.

She was emotionless, without a single trace of a smile.

The only impression the people of the Jiang family received from her was her cold bearing.

However, the people of the clan did not care about that at all because they had all witnessed Fang Jings strength.

“Lady Fang,” the old woman on the deck, who was also the great elder of the Jiang family, greeted Fang Jing amicably.

Fang Jing only responded with a nod.

She remained cold and aloof, as if Chaotic Primes were nothing in her eyes.

She arrived at the bow of the spaceship and glanced ahead casually.

She saw Jian Chen and the Heartless Child.

However, when she saw Jian Chens back, his familiar figure was like a sharp blade that ripped a hole in the memories she had sealed up.

Fang Jings eyes immediately narrowed.

She instantly recalled Jian Chen.


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