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Chapter 2662: The Six Worlds

After the young star lord left the Star Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord announced that he would enter secluded cultivation to make a push towards Grand Exalt.

However, he was not actually cultivating.

Instead, he remained within a secret room and used his tremendous cultivation to observe everything that happened on the Cloud Plane through his exceptional abilities.

He saw how the young star lord used the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliances Lifebound Plume, how the Heartless Child interfered to save Jian Chens life, and how the young star lord died in the end.

He knew everything.

As a matter of fact, he even knew that the Heartless Child had taken Jian Chen from the Cloud Plane, and they were making their way towards the ruins of the Spirits World.

Although he knew all this, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord did nothing.

It was not that he did not want to do anything.

He dared not to.

He had announced that he would be cultivating in seclusion to avoid the entire matter, to distance himself from it and act like he knew nothing.

That way, even if his foster son killed Jian Chen, he would have more than enough reason to explain that he was uninvolved when the Anatta Grand Exalt returned.

He only needed to hand over his foster son to the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Coupled with his master, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt, he was completely confident about his own safety.

His foster son would just be a scapegoat.

Although his foster son had died to Jian Chens hands, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord still dared not do anything to Jian Chen or show himself.

He chose to remain in the secret room, following through with his announcement of secluded cultivation.

Even if he emerged right now, he really dared not do anything to Jian Chen.

However, Jian Chen had killed his foster son after all.

He could act completely clueless while in seclusion, but once he showed himself, what was he supposed to do after learning his foster son had been killed Was he supposed to avenge his foster son to regain his honour or turn a blind eye to the whole matter

He dared not kill Jian Chen even if he were much bolder, as even his master would not be able to protect him if he took such action.

However, if he did not kill Jian Chen, what would everyone think of him He was certain that his prestige would definitely take a hit.

He could easily leave behind holes in the entire plot as well.

Once the Anatta Grand Exalt returned and discovered that he was responsible for the scheme against Jian Chen through the traces left behind, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord would not be able to bear the consequences.

Jian Chen was the Anatta Grand Exalts fruit of ways after all.

The Anatta Grand Exalts way would be severed with Jian Chens death.

That would lead to an unforgivable grievance.

As a result, it would be inconvenient for the Nine Brilliance Star Lord to show himself for quite some time.

He even had to cut off his contact from the Star Brilliance Mountain, or it would be very difficult for him to deal with his foster sons murder.

“Heartless Child, how dare you get in my way.

I will never forgive you.” The Nine Brilliance Star Lord sat within the gloomy secret room.

His eyes were extremely cold, and his killing intent was very heavy.

He was furious right now, but he had nowhere to vent it.

It was a horrible feeling.

As a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord had never felt something so bad before.

“And the Myriad Bone Guild too.

Once I emerge from seclusion, I will definitely make you pay a heavy price.” The Nine Brilliance Star Lord ground his teeth as his killing intent surged.

He saw how Jian Chen was about to die, how his scheme was about to succeed, but the Heartless Childs interference rendered it all null.

As a result, he completely resented the Heartless Child and the Myriad Bone Guild.

Elsewhere, Jian Chen and the Heartless Child hurried through outer space.

Even though there were many dangers in outer space, none of them were enough to threaten Jian Chen, who had a peak expert like the Heartless Child by his side.

The Heartless Child simply moved too quickly.

In a little over half a day, they had basically crossed through the entire Saints World, arriving near the edge of the world.

This was the boundary of the Saints World.

There was nothing near the boundary.

There were no lights, no meteors, nothing as far as the eye could see.

It was truly empty.

“Up ahead is the boundary of the Saints World.

Past the boundary is the sea of chaos.

The sea of chaos separates the six worlds, keeping them apart.

Apart from Grand Exalts who have completely grasped a way, no one can move through the boundaries as they wish.

Even I cannot.

I can only move through the tunnel that connects the two worlds,” said the Heartless Child.

“The sea of chaos” Jian Chens eyes immediately lit up when he heard that.

He asked, “Senior, what kind of place is this sea of chaos you just mentioned Is there Chaotic Force there”

“And the six worlds as well.

What are the other worlds apart from the Spirits World and the Saints World” Jian Chen was extremely curious.

So far, the only major worlds he knew about were the Spirits World, Saints World, Immortals World, and Demons World.

He had no idea about the other two.

He only mentioned the Saints World and the Spiritss World to reduce suspicion.

The Heartless Child looked at Jian Chen deeply and said, “I know you cultivate the Chaotic Body.

Although I have no idea where you got this cultivation method from, its an extremely unpopular method in the Saints World.

There arent a lot of people who take that path in cultivation, as not only is it almost impossible to reach the highest level of cultivation, the resources required are extremely astounding as well.

Apart from a few archean clans in the Saints World, theres basically no large organisation that will expend so much resources to raise someone with the Chaotic Body.”

Jian Chen was not surprised at all.

He had heard a long time ago that the Immortals World was not the only place with the Chaotic Body.

There were also people in the Saints World who cultivated it, except they were extremely rare in both worlds.

It was very difficult to find someone who practiced it.

“Apart from the Spirits World and the Saints World, the four other worlds are the Gods World, Immortals World, Daemons World, and Demons World.

Although there are six worlds, only our Saints World and the Immortals World remain intact.”

“The Gods World crumbled before the Spirits World.

The God clan that currently inhabits the Godnigma Plane are actually descendants from that world.

The Spiritsages are the descendants from the Spirits World.

As a result, the Saints World basically has the forces of the Spirits World and Gods World gathered in it.

In other words, the three worlds stand on the same line.”

“As for the Daemons World and Demons World, they are with the Immortals World, opposing our Saints World.

However, the Daemons World suffered the same fate as the Spirits World and the Gods World.

It also crumbled.

All the members of the Daemons World migrated to the Saints World, forming the four peak races of the Immortals World.”

“As for the Demons World, its half-destroyed.

The ways of the world are damaged, and the laws are in decline.

It has become more and more difficult for people in the Demons World to cultivate, so their overall power is nowhere close to our Saints World or the Immortals World.

The Demons World will probably face the same fate as the Spirits World in the near future.

As a result, our Saints World and the Immortals World are the only major worlds still fully intact.”

Jian Chen felt an emotional upheaval, not because of the Gods World and Daemons World, but because he had never thought that the God clan where Tie Ta resided would come from the Gods World.

With Tie Tas bloodline as a warring god, he had become the supreme king of the God clan.

Jian Chen truly struggled to imagine just what kind of role Tie Tas bloodline of the warring gods played during an age when the Gods World was fully intact.

Jian Chen was unable to contain his curiosity, so he asked this exact question.

“Even the destruction of the Spirits World doesnt belong to this aeon, while the Gods World fell apart before it.

Its just far too distant in the past.

Even the ancient records dont go into much detail, so I cant answer your question.

Probably even the descendants of the Gods World, the God clan, cant answer this question for you,” said the Heartless Child.


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