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Chapter 2661: The Planet Lords Death

“With this speed, it probably wont take long to cross the Saints World, and youll be able to go to the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one planets as you wish.

Theres no need to waste five-colored divine crystals on teleportation formations.”

Envy and anticipation appeared in Jian Chens eyes as he looked at the rapidly changing stars in the surroundings.

When he wanted to cross planes in the past, the great price took quite a toll on him, yet the Heartless Child was currently crossing planes like he was just playing around.

Moreover, he was not just crossing planes right now.

He was about to cross worlds!

“I wonder if I can ever attain something like this in my life,” thought Jian Chen before sighing.

He cultivated the Chaotic Body.

This extremely unpopular cultivation method had an issue ever since its creation.

No one had been able to overcome it.

No one had ever cultivated the Chaotic Body to Great Perfection.

According to the sword spirits, Great Perfection of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to the Immortal Exalts of the Immortals World, or the Grand Primes of the Saints World.

“Let alone that, even if I can actually reach Great Perfection, its still nowhere near seniors level of cultivation.” Jian Chen lowered his head and glanced at the short Heartless Child beside him.

Despite the child-like figure, Jian Chen found him insurmountable.

He was an existence that Jian Chen could only look up to.

As Jian Chen and the Heartless Child made their way to the ruins of the Spirits World, a tablet made from dark green jade sat quietly on an altar within the luxurious divine hall atop Venerable Mountain on planet Wandou.

Around the altar was a swathe of shrunken land.

Mountains and rivers intersected on the land.

The features were extremely detailed, just like a living world that had been placed there after being shrunken countless times.

If someone familiar with planet Wandou saw this land, they would definitely recognise it to be planet Wandou with a single glance.

All the mountains, rivers, and plains aligned with the ones on planet Wandou.

The land was basically a shrunken planet Wandou spread out into a small map.

Venerable Mountain stood at the centre of it all.

The jade tablet just happened to be placed above Venerable Mountain.

In such a position, the tablet seemed like it stood above the entire planet, like a supreme existence.


Suddenly, a strange sound rang out in the quiet room.

A tiny crack had suddenly appeared on the jade tablet.

Its appearance seemed to lead to a chain reaction, where the crack spread in all directions.

Within a few seconds, it had covered the entire tablet.

In the next moment, the damaged jade tablet finally crumbled completely, falling down as countless fragments.

The shattering of the jade tablet seemed to attract the attention of someone outside.

The door opened, and a Godking attendant walked in, looking around in suspicion.

However, when he saw the shattered jade tablet, he was completely stunned.

Afterwards, as if he refused to believe his eyes, he rubbed them as hard as he could and looked again.

He immediately became sheet-white with that.

He became incredulous.

However, as if he still refused to believe what he saw, he rubbed his eyes and looked again.

Now, he seemed to be forced to accept this frightening sight.

He immediately felt a chill run down his spine and spread through his body, causing him to feel cold all over.

His eyes were filled with fear as his legs trembled.

He struggled a little to remain on his feet.

Clearly, he was greatly frightened.

In the end, he let out a sorrowful wail before running outside like a madman.

He called out in a panic, “Oh no! Oh no! Something has happened! Something has happened! The planet lord is dead! He is dead…”

The five words,the planet lord is dead, seemed to possess infinite power.

Everyone in the divine hall heard it clearly, and they all stiffened.

Disbelief and shock filled their faces.

The news swept through the divine hall like a storm, reaching every corner very soon.

Afterwards, figures constantly flickered about in the room with the jade tablet.

Experts with powerful presences all gathered there.

They all stared at the shattered jade tablet as their faces became extremely ugly.

Their expressions were warped with deep fright and disbelief.

These experts all belonged to the lord of planet Wandou.

As the lord of a planet, the supreme ruler of a great planet, it was impossible for a planet lord to be alone.

“The soul tablet has shattered.

T- that means the planet lord is dead…”


The planet lord is the Blue Sky Venerable.

The Blue Sky Venerable is a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

How did he die…”

“Its impossible for the Blue Sky Venerable to die.

With the venerables strength, there arent many people who can kill him in the Saints World at all…”

“Something mustve happened to the soul tablet…”


The experts discussed with trembling voices.

They were filled with fear and a refusal to accept this.

The death of the Blue Sky Venerable spread across the entire planet very soon.

The various peak organisations and experts were all astounded by the news.

After all, as the lord of planet Wandou, the Blue Sky Venerable was obviously the strongest on the planet.

With his cultivation as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, he stood supreme.

Yet, even someone as powerful as him had died.

This immediately made many organisations on the planet become stricken with fear and filled with worry.

They had no idea why the planet lord had died and whether he had offended someone outstanding.

They were worried that they would be drawn into the matter.

Of course, many peak organisations rejoiced as well.

The death of the Blue Sky Venerable meant that the position of planet lord was now empty.

Was this not an opportunity for them

Many peak organisations secretly held emergency meetings on planet Wandou.

Their ancestors who spent most of their time cultivating all emerged from seclusion, and their impressive members all began to return from their journeys.

During this time, people began to move secretly on the planet Wandou that had enjoyed several years of peace.

The various cultivators on the planet had noticed the sensitivity of the situation as well.

They could feel a storm brewing.


On the Nine Brilliance Mountain on the Nine Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord sat within a secret room.

The room was extremely gloomy, but it was filled with specks of twinkling light, providing a tiny amount of radiance for the dark room.

There were many specks of light, innumerable and densely-packed.

They filled the entire secret room such that the secret room seemed like the shrunken cosmos.

This was the Nine Brilliance Star Lords way, the Way of Stars.

The starlight in the room had been condensed from his way.

It contained endless profound truths of the world.


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