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Chapter 2593: The Battle Erupts

The appearance of the figures immediately caused Wu Lu and Gong Jis expressions change.

Even as experts who stood at the apex of the plane, they became extremely stern at that moment.

Jian Chen, who was just about to call for the Martial Soul Mountain, was surprised by their sudden arrival as well.

The light in his eyes flickered as he looked at the people who stood with their backs towards him.

He was slightly surprised, and after a moment of hesitation, he was no longer in such a hurry to call for the Martial Soul Mountain.

“Y- youve crossed the boundary, Righteous Alliance.

T- this is the territory of our Four Symbols Alliance.” Gong Ji took a step forward from behind the young star lord.

She gave off a surging presence as she bellowed furiously with her raspy voice.

“Righteous Alliance, do you plan on going back on your word about the ceasefire we agreed on” Wu Lu and Gong Ji stood together as they faced the group with sunken faces.

Wu Lu and Gong Ji faced a total of seven figures.

They varied in age and appearance.

They were the lord of the Heavens Link Peak.

The ancestor of the Cosmic sect, Zhou Zhidao.

The ancestor of the Godsfallen clan, Luo Mantian.

The ancestor of the Firegod clan, Lieyan Wuji.

The ancestor of the Tong family, Tong Wuming.

Aside from the five of them, the two others were the ancestors of the Righteous Alliance who rarely showed themselves.

They were the ancestor of the Daoist Sect of Emergence, He Yidao, and the ancestor of the Heavenquaking sect, Gu Li.

He Yidao was a scholarly, middle-aged man.

He seemed rather refined, just like a well-educated man of talent.

As for Gu Li, he was an extremely burly man.

He was bare-chested and covered with distinct, large, bronze muscles that were filled with explosive power.

It was quite a sight.

This time, the seven peak experts of the Righteous Alliance had gathered here.

All of them had come.

They placed a very great pressure on the Four Symbols Alliance.

After all, the Four Symbols Alliance was nowhere near as powerful as the Righteous Alliance.

They still existed because the peak experts of the Righteous Alliance had never managed to reach a complete agreement.

None of them wanted to pay the heavy price required to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance.

They all wanted to keep themselves safe, which was why the Four Symbols Alliance could still exist.

“People from the Righteous Alliance, why have all of you come Do you plan to engage in a bloody battle with our Four Symbols Alliance” A voice rang out.

Three figures appeared behind Wu Lu and Gong Ji.

The three other peak experts of the Four Symbols Alliance, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor, Changfeng Yun, and Zheng Hu, had arrived together.

Although the Gentle Breeze Ancestor did not really agree with Wu Lu and Gong Jis actions, they needed to remain united now that all the experts of the Righteous Alliance had come, or their defeat would be inevitable.

As for the Tian Yuan clan, everyone was startled.

They showed excitement.

The Righteous Alliance was clearly standing on their side.

At an urgent moment like this, they saw hope once again now that they had gained the support of the Righteous Alliance.

Their eyes immediately lit back up.


I never thought the Righteous Alliance would stand with the Tian Yuan clan.” Protector Mei, protector Xing, and protector Bai celebrated inside as well.

Even though the Righteous Alliance was still not enough to overcome the young star lord, they were more than enough to deal with the Four Symbols Alliance.

The lord of the Heavens Link Peak stood in the air with his hands behind his back.

He glanced past the young star lord before looking at the five ancestors.

He said slowly, “The Tian Yuan clan is a friend of our Righteous Alliance.

If you plan on laying your hands on them, our Righteous Alliance will never just stand by and watch.”

“Hmph, in other words, your Righteous Alliance is going to help the Tian Yuan clan” The young star lord snorted coldly.

Although he was just a Godking, he felt no fear as he faced the seven peak experts of the Righteous Alliance.

Instead, he was condescending.

He glared at the seven peak experts and said arrogantly, “If you oppose me, there will only be one fate awaiting you—death!”

“Hmph, what impudence!” Luo Mantians eyes turned cold.

He gave off a terrifying presence, shaking up the surroundings.

It caused the thick layer of clouds in the sky to scatter.

He extended a finger, and a beam of pure energy immediately shot out.

It headed directly towards the young star lord.

The beam of energy was not powerful.

It could only heavily injure Godkings.

It could not kill them.

Clearly, Luo Mantian only wanted to punish the young star lord with this strike, causing him to suffer a little.

“Luo Mantian!” The lord of the Heavens Link Peak and the ancestors of the Firegod clan, Tong family, and Cosmic sect called out.

They all thought that Luo Mantian was acting far too reckless.

It was not like he did not know who the young star lord was.

How could he just attack him

Seeing how Luo Mantian launched an attack from just the slightest disagreement, and he even targeted the young star lord, Jian Chen frowned as well.

He felt like Luo Mantians actions did not make much sense.

After all, the young star lord was the Nine Brilliance Star Lords son.

Attacking the young star lord, regardless of whether there was any intention to kill, would mean offending the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

“From the moment we chose to assist the Tian Yuan clan, weve already offended the young star lord.

Since that has already happened, why must we act so cowardly Why dont we act more straightforwardly and completely stand with the Tian Yuan clan, and then we find a way to ally ourselves with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng through the Tian Yuan clan Otherwise, our Righteous Alliance will be destroyed sooner or later,” Luo Mantian said to the others secretly.

“How dare you! Luo Mantian, do you know who the young star lord is Youre actually attacking him,” Gong Ji yelled out furiously from beside the young star lord.

She waved her hand and dispersed Luo Mantians weak attack.

“Gong Ji, go kill Luo Mantian for me.

Take this jade talisman.

Theres a secret technique from our Star Brilliance Mountain within it.” The young star lords face sank, and he passed a jade talisman to Gong Ji.

Gong Ji was originally hesitant because if they really started fighting, they would not have any advantages over the Righteous Alliance at all.

Not only did the Righteous Alliance possess seven peak experts, but they also had the greatest expert of the Cloud Plane, the lord of the Heavens Link Peak.

However, when she accepted the jade talisman from the young star lord, a strange light immediately flickered through her eyes.

“A secret technique from the Star Brilliance Mountain really is extraordinary.

Luo Mantian, die!” With that, Gong Ji directly charged at Luo Mantian.

“Hmph, lets fight in outer space!” Luo Mantian snorted coldly and charged towards outer space.

Gong Ji followed him without saying anything more.

The presences of Grand Primes radiated outwards, causing the stars to surge.

The terrifying pulses of energy caused even space to collapse.

Luo Mantian and Gong Ji engaged in an earth-shaking battle in outer space.

Terrifying pulses of energy and devastating presences swept out, making the expressions of the members of the Tian Yuan clan change despite the distance.

Even if just a tiny sliver of the energy struck the plane, it would be enough to annihilate an entire region.

“Luo Mantian and Gong Ji have already begun fighting.

Why dont we use this opportunity to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance in a single stroke so that they wont pose any potential future problems to us anymore” Gu Li said suddenly.

Killing intent shone brightly in his eyes as he called out, “Wu Lu, our battle last time still hasnt ended!” With that.

Gu Li directly threw a punch at Wu Lu.

The punch contained extremely great force.

It was capable of destroying everything.

It reduced the origin energy in the surroundings to its most basic form as the air produced deep rumbles.

Gu Li was an expert who had grasped the Laws of Strength.

The Laws of Strength were similar to the Laws of the Sword.

They were both laws that possessed the greatest offensive power.

Wu Lu did not take the attack on forcefully.

He vanished with a flash, charging towards outer space.

He engaged in an intense battle with Gu Li beyond the plane.

“Ill go assist Luo Mantian in killing Gong Ji.

Lets eliminate the Four Symbols Alliance for good this time!” He Yidao said before charging into outer space as well.


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