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Chapter 2592: Powerful Reinforcements

With that, the light in the eyes of many protectors and Godkings who were either recruited or joined of their own volition flickered.

They either hesitated or were stuck in a great dilemma.

However, this hesitation only lasted for a few seconds before a few Godkings flew out from the crowd.

They clasped their fists at Jian Chen and left the Tian Yuan clan without hesitation.

More and more people left the Tian Yuan clan.

Aside from Godkings, there were many Overgods, Gods, and even Deities.

As these people discussed among themselves secretly, they learnt of the young star lords identity and background.

After some consideration, they did not believe the Tian Yuan clan could survive the young star lords wrath, so they chose to leave.

“Guang Yun, are you leaving as well” A stern voice rang out from behind Jian Chen.

It came from an old man, one of the Primordial realm protectors of the Tian Yuan clan.

People called him protector Xing.

Jian Chen was familiar with protector Xing.

As a matter of fact, he had a rather deep impression of him because he was one of the four protectors who stopped him when he returned with Shangguan Muer.

The four protectors were protector Xing, protector Bai, protector Mei, and protector Xue.

The four of them always attended to the Tian Yuan clan.

Out of all the protectors recruited by the clan, they were the Primordial realm experts who had truly devoted their service to the clan and worked hard.

The Guang Yun mentioned by protector Xing was also a protector of the Tian Yuan clan.

He was leaving.

Guang Yun was a sturdy, middle-aged man.

He looked back at protector Xing and shook his head with a gentle sigh as he said, “Thats the young star lord, the child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

How can I dare to oppose him Patriarch, apologies.” Guang Yun clasped his fist towards Jian Chen apologetically before leaving without looking back again.

In the blink of an eye, two of the eight protectors of the Tian Yuan clan left, causing quite a lot of the upper echelon to feel dejected.

Everyone did not mind Guang Yuns departure too much.

After all, even though he was a Primordial realm expert, he was only a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

What truly disappointed everyone was protector Qis departure.

Protector Qi was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, the same as protector Xue.

Only Xu Ran and Jian Chen were more powerful than him in the Tian Yuan clan.

However, before the pressure from the young star lord, the protectors who chose to leave were not just Qi Hui and Guang Yun.

Two more protectors announced that they would be leaving the Tian Yuan clan soon after Guang Yun.

With that, the protectors of the Tian Yuan clan were directly reduced to four.

They were protector Xue, protector Xing, protector Bai, and protector Mei.

“The four of you arent leaving” Jian Chen looked back at the four of them and asked calmly.

“I owe the Tian Yuan clan.

I will stay behind to fight, but i- if I do end up dying, please look after the young master, patriarch,” protector Xue said fearlessly.

He was not afraid of death.

As he said that, he passed his divine hall to Jian Chen.

He said sternly, “My clans young master is in there.”

Jian Chen stared at protector Xue for a while.

He did not reply.

Instead, he looked at protector Xing, protector Bai and protector Mei.

Protector Mei giggled.

She yawned and stretched rather casually, giving off quite the charm.

She looked at Jian Chen flirtatiously and giggled, “Im confident in the patriarch.

I believe the patriarch has the ability to lead us through this crisis.

The Tian Yuan clan will definitely rise up.

If I become a protector that has gone through thick and thin with the clan, the patriarch definitely wont forget about us once the Tian Yuan clan reigns over the plane.”

“We believe in the patriarch as well!” Protector Xing and protector Bai said enthusiastically as well.

However, they were unsettled inside.

They were unable to achieve protector Meis composure.

“Protector Mei, will the Tian Yuan clan really be able to survive this crisis Were staying behind because of what you said, but we wont be reduced to corpses in the end, right” Protector Xing and protector Bai asked carefully.

“I have no confidence in whether we can survive or not.

We do face the young star lord this time after all.

However, I dont sense any fear from the patriarch.

Instead, I can feel that an extremely heavy killing intent is building up.

I believe the patriarch has cards he has yet to play,” protector Mei replied.

She carefully looked around and continued, “Most importantly, not a single person closest to the patriarch has left.

Theyre all here.

With how much the patriarch values his friends and family, why would he let these people just wait here for their deaths” 

Protector Xing and protector Bai came to a realisation.

Their unsettled minds immediately calmed down.

“Good! Good! Good!” Jian Chen reiterated.

Even though he was uncertain why the four of them had remained behind—maybe they truly wanted to survive with the clan, or perhaps they were just putting on a show—it was already more than enough at a time like this.

Remaining behind meant offending the young star lord after all!

Afterwards, there was a mass migration of people from both the Tian Yuan clan and Pingtian Empire.

People as great as protectors and as ordinary as guards and servants left the clan.

In just a short half a day, the people in the Tian Yuan clan plummeted to less than a third of their original number.

Across the Pingtian Empire, all the provincial cities chose to leave as soon as possible.

The short range teleportation formations set up in the Pingtian Empire constantly flickered as cultivators flooded the skies as black clouds.

“Patriarch, are we really just going to let them leave If they stay, theyll be able to help out.” A woman stepped forwards from the crowd behind Jian Chen.

She wore comfortable clothes and held a whip in her hand.

She was Cheng Jingyun, an Origin realm expert from the World of Forsaken Saints.

In the past, she had come up to the Saints World with their Spiritking, Shen Jian, and Jian Chen.

She had witnessed the founding of the Tian Yuan clan, which also made her one of the oldest members of the upper echelon.

Now, Cheng Jingyun had become a God with the help of various heavenly resources.

Even though this strength was almost nothing in the current Tian Yuan clan, her speed of growth was among the best of the best.

After all, only a tiny fraction of people were true prodigies.

“Its not a problem.

Getting them to leave will reduce the unneeded casualties once we start fighting,” said Jian Chen.

To another side, the young star lord hovered in the sky with a sunken face.

He was in an extremely bad mood.

He discovered that even though he had succeeded in his goal and made the Tian Yuan clan lose over two-thirds of their members, he still did not see a satisfying expression from Jian Chens face.

This was because Jian Chen remained calm the entire time.

He did not become emotional at all.

He did not waver at all, remaining as steady as a mountain like all of this was nothing in his eyes.

As a result, the young star lord felt like everything he did was for nothing.

It was dissatisfying.

“Hmph, do it! Destroy the Tian Yuan clan.

I want Jian Chen and Shangguan Muer alive.” The young star lord snorted coldly.

He no longer had the patience to wait any longer.

He felt like everything he was doing was pointless from Jian Chens reaction.

“Arent we going to wait for three days O- only half a day has passed,” said Wu Lu.

“Were not waiting anymore,” the young star lord said coldly.

“Alright.” Wu Lu said nothing more.

He made his way over from behind the young star lord, and his presence skyrocketed.

His gaze became extremely cold.

This time, he planned on taking action personally to demonstrate his loyalty to the cause to the young star lord.

“Young star lord, didnt you say you would give everyone three days to leave It hasnt even been a single day.

Is the foster son of the mighty Nine Brilliance Star Lord someone who eats his words” Jian Chen.

Secretly, his Martial Soul Force had already begun surging.

He was about to contact the Martial Soul Mountain.

The young star lord did not reply.

Wu Lu was ready to fight.

With a single thought, the sky above the Dongan province surged.

A great gale appeared and devastating energy began charging up, causing space to distort and collapse.

With Wu Lus cultivation as a Grand Prime, he did not even have to move a single finger to destroy an empire.

He only needed to stand there and control the energy and laws in the surroundings with his terrifying will.

However, at this moment, an even more powerful will collided heavily against Wu Lus will from a great distance away in a vicious manner.

Wu Lu grunted and could not help but stagger back.

The energy above the Dongan province immediately fell into disorder before dispersing completely.

The devastating attack that Wu Lu was about to launch had been forcefully interrupted by another peak expert.

At the same time, a few figures appeared in the air.

They had come silently, standing in the sky as if they were part of the world.

They directly appeared between Jian Chen and the young star lord.


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