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Chapter 2559: The Grand Exalts Depart

Jian Chen sat three inches above the ground within a secret room in the Tian Yuan clan.

He inspected his soul and his sea of consciousness.

A white mist hovered within a region of his sea of consciousness.

This mist came from the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor.

Right now, it was more like pure laws of the world than the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor.

This was because all that remained was soul energy that contained the comprehension of the Laws of Space after the Scarlet Emperors refinement.

Jian Chen treated the beast soul with great value, as he had only consumed less than a tenth, or an even smaller fraction, of the beast soul to reach a comprehension at the Second Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

If he could completely absorb the laws within the beast soul, his comprehension of the Laws of Space would reach Chaotic Prime at the very least.

There might even be the slightest possibility of him directly reaching Grand Prime.

Jian Chen did not dare to consider Grand Prime right now.

He would be satisfied even if he could only reach Chaotic Prime.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, help me check if there are any issues with the Spatial Insect Emperors soul.

Has its consciousness been completely destroyed” Jian Chen called for the sword spirits.

Jian Chen did not dare to treat the remaining soul energy from the Spatial Insect Emperor carelessly.

The Spatial Insect Emperor was a Grand Prime after all.

It was extremely terrifying.

If its consciousness had not completely vanished, if even a tiny sliver of it remained, that would be a devastating problem for Jian Chen.

It would be able to maneuver all the soul energy lingering in his sea of consciousness easily with any remaining consciousness.

While Jian Chen remained in seclusion, an unwelcomed guest appeared in the Tian Yuan clan.

She was a young woman who seemed to be in her twenties.

Even though she seemed just like a mortal, without giving off any indication of cultivation, her bearing was otherworldly, and she was pretty enough to outshine the moon.

She had come alone, appearing in the Tian Yuan clan silently.

The powerful formations personally cast down by Ming Xie in the surroundings of the Tian Yuan clan did not seem to be able to stop her.

It was as if she could move through the impenetrable Tian Yuan clan as she wished.

No one discovered her.

This woman was the eighth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Bai Rong.

“Junior brother” Bai Rong appeared outside a hall in the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan and called out gently.

Her voice directly penetrated the many formations around the hall, ringing out inside.

Very soon, the entrance to the hall opened up.

Ming Dong emerged with the princess of the Thousand Lotus Empire, Yun Xiaoyan.

He was both surprised and in joy.

At the same time, the divine general of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Ming Xie, also appeared to another side.

He bowed towards Bai Rong and said, “Greetings to the eighth majesty!”

“Eighth senior sister, why have you come” Ming Dong arrived before Bai Rong in a hurry and invited her in warmly.

Bai Rong was the person Ming Dong was closest with in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

As a result, Ming Dong held much respect towards this senior sister of his.

“Junior brother, Ive come this time under masters orders to fetch you,” said Bai Rong.

“To fetch me Why Eighth senior sister, I like this place very much.

I dont want to return right now.” Ming Dong refused without any hesitation.

Bai Rong was not angered.

“Master is about to go on a distant journey, so she wont be able to protect you at all times.

Moreover, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor has tried attacking you in the past, so its very dangerous for you to remain outside.”

“Then thats even more reason why I cant leave.

What if the Heaven-splitting Ancestor turns his attention towards the Tian Yuan clan Senior sister, just go back.

Ill watch over the Tian Yuan clan,” Ming Dong replied without a second thought.

Seeing how Ming Dong had made up his mind, Bai Rong knew that she could not persuade him.

She could only take him back forcefully.

After careful consideration, Bai Rong did not end up doing that.

She sighed gently before she turned around and left.

A day later, the Anatta Grand Exalt stood up in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

The light of ways permeated his surroundings as they resonated, making him seem like he had fused with the ways.

He represented the will of the world just by standing there.

His figure was hazy, filled with a sense of mysteriousness.

Afterwards, he took a step.

Immediately, the stars revolved, and the world receded.

He seemed to cross the entire Saints World with that step, crossing an unbelievable distance.

It was as if he had reached the boundary of the universe.

The space before him was chaotic.

The laws were a mess, and the five elements were completely reversed.

There was no order at all.

This was the boundary of the Saints World.

The chaotic space was filled with various violently energies that could seemingly obliterate anything.

This was not a true chaotic space but the boundary of a world.

The Anatta Grand Exalt stood before the boundary.

Afterwards, he gently swept across it with his finger, directly ripping it open and leaving the Saints World.

On the Devour Plane, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt stood in a blood-red divine hall.

He was surrounded by a dense layer of blood-like mist.

He warned the Nine Brilliance Star Lord sternly.

“The chaotic space has opened.

Im going there in search of Ancient Chaos Qi.

I dont know when Ill return, but while Im gone, you must be careful with your actions.

Do not infuriate Anatta.”

“Yes, master!” replied the Nine Brilliance Star Lord politely from below.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt left the Devour Plane.

He chose to go to the world boundary elsewhere, ripping it open and leaving the Saints World.

A graceful, handsome young man strolled through the gardens on the sacred mountain where the Nine Brilliance Star Lord cultivated on the Star Brilliance Plane.

A group of people followed him closely.

Most of them were great beauties.

Their eyes were filled with infatuation as they giggled and cast flirtatious glances towards the young man.

It seemed like as soon as the young man gave them a signal, these young ladies from large clans would throw themselves at him without any hesitation, offering up their bodies and souls.

The young man seemed to enjoy this very much.

At this moment, two beautiful women clung to his left and right arms.

He smiled evilly, burying his face in the chests of the two women from time to time.

He was enchanted by it.

Everyone knew about this young man.

He was the young star lord.

It just happened to be a thousand years since the young star lord had started cultivating.

He had reached late Godking.

However, he was definitely someone who could act as he wished, and the large organisations would never dare to offend him on the Star Brilliance Plane.

Instead, these organisations would do everything that they could to establish good terms with him or rope him in.

He possessed an extremely great status.

This was all because his foster father was the supreme existence of the Star Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

“Young star lord, theres no need for you to submerge yourself in these common appearances.

Even if you combine all the women behind you, theyre going to be nowhere near as great as the prodigy of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Shangguan Muer…”

“This Shangguan Muer is the only successor of the Third Ancestor.

Whether it be her beauty, strength, or potential, shes far greater than these common people…”

Dao Gongming followed closely behind the young star lord.

He did his best to speak of all the positive features that Shangguan Muer possessed, doing his best to make the young star lord take notice of her.

He knew the young star lord was lustful.

As long as he saw Shangguan Muers beauty, he believed that the young star lord would become enchanted.

“Hmph, stop exaggerating things to get attention, young master Gongming.

Ive heard of this Shangguan Muer as well.

Shes only a regular woman.

Shes nowhere near as impressive as you are describing her to be…” The women around the young star lord rolled their eyes at Dao Gongming and retorted.

The young star lord was their target.

How could they let someone else steal the young star lords attention

“Tian Yao, come meet me immediately.” At this moment, a voice that only the young star lord could hear rang out in his head.

This voice came from the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.


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