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Chapter 2507: Together

“Jian Chen, dont go overboard.

Even if Jun Kong was in the wrong, he does not deserve death.

Moreover, he has already been tortured like this by you.

You should know when to stop.

If you insist on pushing your luck, it wont benefit you at all.

Only when you know when to stop will you be able to survive in the Saints World,” Lian Qi said in hopes of persuading Jian Chen.

After all, Jian Chens identity was different from before.

He had the backing of the Martial Soul lineage, so Lian Qi really did not want to clash with Jian Chen unless he had to.

“Are you threatening me” Jian Chens presence suddenly changed.

Powerful sword Qi radiated from him.

With a flip of his hand, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways appeared in his hand, shining with enchanting starlight.

“If you insist on protecting Jun Kong, do not blame me for being rude,” Jian Chen said coldly, directly using his actions to express his intentions.

“Lian Qi…” Gu Na called out gently from one side.

She was worried that once the matter got out of hand, the members of the Martial Soul lineage would be forced to come.

If it were only Jian Chen, he would not be able to create that great of a ruckus in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound no matter how he tried.

The important members of the sect did not have to get involved.

However, once the Martial Soul lineage descended, the matter would really get out of hand.

“I raised Jun Kong all by himself.

Ive poured my heart out for him, so how can I just watch him get killed by a ruffian” Lian Qi snorted coldly.

He was determined.

“Muer…” Gu Na then looked at Shangguan Muer.

She hoped that Shangguan Muer could stop all of this and prevent it from developing any further.

Shangguan Muer refuse to do anything.

She stood on Jian Chens side.

No matter what Jian Chen did, she would always be with him.

She would not plead for mercy.

Suddenly, a powerful sword intent erupted, and it permeated the entire region.

It was boundless, seemingly turning the space there into a domain of sword Qi.

Jian Chen had taken action.

He did not dare to hold back now that he faced a Chaotic Prime, so he unleashed his full strength right from the start.

He directly used the Ultimate Way of the Sword, controlling the region with his will, making him the supreme ruler there.

“What powerful sword intent! What kind of Way of the Sword has he comprehended Why is it so powerful” Lian Qi, Gu Na, and Deng Wenxin shivered inside.

They were amazed by Jian Chens Way of the Sword once again.

They could clearly sense that the power of the Way of the Sword Jian Chen was currently using was even more powerful than what he had displayed during his battle against Ba Bu and Ge Tong.

Indeed, Jian Chen had not used his full strength during his battle against the two Infinite Primes before.

He had only used part of his strength, but the situation now was different.

Against a Chaotic Prime, he needed to use everything he had.

His eyes shone with bright white light, just like two stars.

With a thought, space immediately rippled, and a terrifying pulse expanded towards Jun Kong.

This was one of the abilities he gained from the Ultimate Way of the Sword he had comprehended.

As long as he enveloped a region with his sword intent, he could kill those below the Primordial realm with just a thought.

Of course, he knew that Lian Qi would protect Jun Kong, so he would take action personally while targeting Jun Kong.

The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways conjured up dazzling star after dazzling star.

With the appearance of each star, the swords power grew.

In an instant, nine illusionary stars appeared.

They fused with the sword, seemingly becoming part of the god artifact, causing it to shine with a hazy starlight as it suddenly stabbed towards Lian Qi.

Jian Chen had already unleashed the limits of the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, so he became drowned out by starlight when he stabbed out.

From afar, it seemed like a line of nine stars had turned into astonishing sword Qi that ripped through space.

Lian Qis face was sunken.

He grabbed Jun Kong with his left hand as his surging energy erupted, containing Jun Kong in an extremely tough barrier of energy.

At the same time, the great power of laws appeared in the form of beating notes.

He formed two lines of defence.

The power of Jian Chens Ultimate Way of the Sword was immediately cut off.

Under the protection of a Chaotic Prime, he was unable to kill Jun Kong with a single thought.

“Jian Chen, I must admit that you are extraordinary, but you are only an Infinite Prime in the end.

The difference between Infinite Prime and Chaotic Prime is a major realm of cultivation.

If I want to protect Jun Kong, you wont be able to touch him,” Lian Qi said coldly.

Dense energy surged in his right hand, which condensed into a hand of energy that grabbed the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways.


Having been restrained, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways immediately produced a clear thrum as if the sword spirit was bellowing out furiously.

Afterwards, the sword exploded with light as the nine illusionary stars consolidated.

It resisted with its full power.

At the same time, the Chaotic Force in Jian Chen surged.

It flooded out from his neidan and filled every single inch of his body.

He completely unleashed the power of the Chaotic Body.

He also used the Laws of Strength, so his sword-wielding hand suddenly swelled.

He clutched the sword with explosive power and swung it suddenly.


A gash appeared in Lian Qis hand of energy from Jian Chens sword strike.

The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways broke free with endless starlight and Jian Chen swung it, attacking Lian Qi from below.

The powerful sword Qi seemed to form a silver river, engulfing Lian Qi with a brilliant glow.

“So powerful! His strike is completely on the level of Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes! It can even match Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes!” Deng Wenxin and Gu Na were in emotional turmoil.

They had already established a very high opinion of Jian Chen, but only now did they realise that their understanding of Jian Chen was nowhere near enough.

He was actually so powerful.

How many years had he spent cultivating so far

“Jian Chen, this is futile effort.

The disparity between Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes is just too great.

Even with how extraordinary you are, its a waste of effort.” Lian Qi remained calm.

A jade flute appeared in his right hand, and he swung it gently, producing a sharp whistle.

It was a soundwave attack, forming a faint ripple that nullified Jian Chens river of sword Qi.

Afterwards, he placed the jade flute by his mouth and played it gently.

As one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Lian Qi was not skilled in open attacks.

His strongest aspect was music.

The flute rang out.

Nothing could block its path, allowing it to pierce right towards its target.

Jian Chen immediately felt his head grow heavy when he heard the sound of the flute.

At that moment, he felt like all his energy was being sapped.

He became sleepy, and his body gradually became powerless.

Lian Qis Way of Music was on a much higher level than Jun Kongs.

Even though he had not comprehended the Heart of Life and Death, attacks from him were like the sounds of death to all Infinite Primes.

However, at this moment, the faint tune of a zither rang out.

Shangguan Muer had sat down in the air and taken out the Zither of the Demonic Cry.

She had begun to play it.

She used her music to specially target Lian Qis flute.

As the two forms of sounds constantly collided, the sounds of her zither collapsed, and the sounds of the flute weakened drastically.

Shangguan Muer should not have been able to weaken Lian Qis flute with her cultivation as a Godking, but she had comprehended the Heart of the Demonic and Divine and possessed the Zither of the Demonic Cry.

As a result, she could interfere with Lian Qis music to a certain extent.

“Muer!” Lian Qi became filled with hatred when he witnessed her actions.

He had once treated Shangguan Muer as the future of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, nurturing and guiding her without holding back at all.

However,  now that she had turned against him, Lian Qi experienced a multitude of feelings.    


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