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Chapter 2491: Jun Kongs Thoughts

The soldier that Jian Chen asked was a late Overgod.

He should have been a small leader here, so he dared not waste any of Jian Chens time.

He immediately replied politely, “Who else could it be Its naturally the Daoist Sect of Divine Sounds prodigy, Shangguan Muer.”

Jian Chens face immediately changed slightly when he heard that.

It became rather sunken as a cold light flickered in his eyes.

Shangguan Muer was his wife.

Now that a few large organisations were brazenly proposing marriage to her, it was quite an insult to him.

However, the soldier failed to realise Jian Chens change in expression at all.

To him, Shangguan Muers name seemed to possess a mysterious charm.

As soon as he mentioned Shangguan Muer, undisguised infatuation appeared in the soldier\'s eyes.

He looked in the direction of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and said without stopping, “Its said that not only is Shangguan Muer of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound a great prodigy, making it into the top ten of the Godkings Throne three years ago, but shes also extremely beautiful, a great beauty who can steal the hearts of all men in the world.

Just a single glance is enough for a man to lay his life down for her and give her everything.”

“Of course, thats not all of Shangguan Muers excellence.

Its said that shes the successor of a peak expert who had once shaken up the Saints World, the Third Ancestor, so she has unlimited potential.

Its extremely likely for her to become a second Third Ancestor in the future.”

“And exactly because of that, Shangguan Muer has become a figure of desire for many peak sects on the Skyfire Plane.

Theyve tried all sorts of methods to establish ties and rope her in.

Marriage is the most common method.

I even heard that many peak sects on the Skyfire Plane have gone to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound to propose marriage.

There has even been organisations arriving on the Skyfire Plane constantly from other planes, all going to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound to propose marriage as well…”

“Then whats the Daoist Sect of Divine Sounds attitude towards all of this Wont they worry that Shangguan Muer already has someone now that so many peak organisations have come proposing marriage” Jian Chen asked with a rather ugly expression.

However, the soldier shot a glance at Jian Chen as soon as he heard that, and his face stiffened.

“Sir, there are some things you cant blabber about.

Who do you think Shangguan Muer is How is it possible for her to have someone With her beauty and bearing, I really cant imagine who is worthy of someone as impressive as Shangguan Muer apart from legendary disciples of Grand Exalts in the vast Saints World.”

“However, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound has been putting quite some thought into their responses.

I once heard the general mention that the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound seems to want Shangguan Muer to be with Jun Kong, and theyre unwilling to wed her away…”

“Hmph!” Jian Chens eyes turned cold as soon as he heard Jun Kongs name, and he immediately snorted icily.

He vanished with a flash, leaving with lightning speed.

However, his snort seemed to be like a thunderous boom to the soldier, immediately deafening him as his soul constantly shook.

“S- so powerful.

T- thats a Primordial realm expert at the very least…” When he recovered, the soldier stared in the direction that Jian Chen had flown off in.

He was shocked and could not help but gasp.


At the same time, Shangguan Muer sat within a cave, cultivating in the sacred grounds of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

The Zither of the Demonic Cry had shrunk to the size of a hand, hovering above her head.

Deep, ancient music seemed to fill the entire cave.

The music would specially target the soul.

If weaker cultivators set foot in the cave, the music would steal their souls in an instant.

This cave was called the Cave of the Demonic and Divine.

It was where the Third Ancestor of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound had cultivated in the past.

In the past, the Third Ancestor had a total of three places where she cultivated.

They were the Cave of the Demonic and Divine, the Cave of Life and Death, and the Cave of the Myriad.

It matched up to the three concepts that the Third Ancestor had created, the Heart of the Demonic and Divine, the Heart of Life and Death, and the Heart of the Myriad.

Out of the three concepts, the Heart of the Demonic and Divine stood as the highest.

It was the leading concept.

Shangguan Muer had spent most of her time in the Cave of the Demonic and Divine, comprehending the Concept of the Demonic and Divine.

She rarely ventured out.

At this moment, the Zither of the Demonic Cry turned into a streak of light and disappeared into Shangguan Muer.

Afterwards, she opened her eyes slowly.

“Junior sister, your senses are becoming more and more powerful.

You sensed me as soon as I came, ending your cultivation.” At this moment, a gentle voice rang out from outside.

Jun Kong held a folding fan as he smiled, walking in from outside gently.

In the past few years, Jun Kong had completely recovered from the setbacks he experienced in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

He had returned to being that handsome, elegant supreme Godking.

Confidence filled his face.

This was because in the years he spent cultivating in the Cave of Life and Death, he had truly comprehended the Heart of Life and Death.

He had gained a basic grasp over the Concept of Life and Death.

“Senior Jun Kong, why do you not cultivate properly and come disturb me time and time again” Shangguan Muer frowned.

She had become slightly impatient with Jun Kong now.

The Cave of the Demonic and Divine, the Cave of Life and Death, and the Cave of the Myriad were only separated by a single wall.

As a result, Jun Kong would often enter the Cave of the Demonic and Divine from the neighbouring Cave of Life and Death, interfering with her cultivation.

It displeased her greatly.

Jun Kong smiled radiantly.

He did not mind Shangguan Muers attitude at all.

“You cant say that, junior Muer.

Not only did master send the two of us to where the Third Ancestor once cultivated to comprehend the Heart of the Demonic and Divine and the Heart of Life and Death, but he also wanted us to share our thoughts and experiences.”

“After all, both the Heart of the Demonic and Divine and the Heart of Life and Death were created by the Third Ancestor.

If we share our experiences and discuss them, there might be effects that we could never imagine.”

Shangguan Muer was not interested at all.

She said coldly, “Senior, please return.

I want to keep cultivating.”

Jun Kong did not leave.

He just sat down before Shangguan Muer and stared right at her breaktaking face.

A sliver of extremely well-hidden desire and lust sprang up in the depths of his eyes.

He had no intentions of showing what he was feeling.

“Junior, aside from sharing my experiences with you, Ive come this time to tell you what my master wants to happen as well.” Jun Kong paused before continuing, “Junior, you must already know that many peak organisations from various places have come to our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound to propose marriage to you.

However, theyve all been blocked by my master and the Wind Ancestor.

However, these peak organisations have not given up.

As a matter of fact, there are many organisations that dont belong to our Skyfire Plane that have crossed through the vast cosmos just for you.”

“The organisations that have come are becoming more and more powerful as well.

Our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound cannot afford to offend any of them, and even the Wind Venerable who spends most of her time in seclusion was forced to emerge as well.

However, my master and the other ancestors all understand that this cannot continue in the long term.

Our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound wont be able to fend off the proposals from the large organisations for too long.

Once someone decides to use force, not only will our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound be unable to stop them, but we might even be doomed.” Jun Kong became grim towards the end, acting like he was completely thinking for the future of the sect.

“I am already married, and I have a son.

Those peak organisations wont be able to swallow their pride and continue insisting once you announce that,” said Shangguan Muer.

Jun Kong shook his head.

“Junior Muer, you underestimate yourself far too much.

In order to rope you in, those peak organisations really dont care about that.

As for your so-called husband, I think those peak organisations will probably send people to hunt him down once they learn about him.

After all, a backgroundless, nameless nobody, even if theyre a supreme Godking, wont be taken seriously by the peak organisations at all.

Its not like women remarrying hasnt happened before in the Saints World.

As soon as Jian Chen dies, your remarriage will be set in stone.”

Shangguan Muer remained cold.

Her expression did not change at all.

She stood up and said icily, “If thats the case, Ill leave the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and spare the sect trouble.” She made her way out after saying that.

“Junior Muer, hold on!” Jun Kong stood up in no hurry and said, “Junior Muer, once you leave the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, itll instead become even easier for you to fall into the hands of those large organisations.

However, master has come up with an idea that can make those peak organisations give up on their thoughts of marriage.”

“That is for us to be together!”    


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