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Chapter 2448: Ant-like Infinite Prime

This was all the help that Jian Chen gave Fang Jinger.

Jian Chen did not understand why his threads of karma with Fang Jinger would be so thick.

Before he understood the secrets hidden within the threads of karma, Jian Chen obviously would not nurture Fang Jinger with everything that he had.

Threads of karma could be good and bad.

Unfortunately, his comprehension of the Way of Karma was just too shallow.

He did not have a deep understanding, so he was unable to tell if his karma with her was good or bad.

As a matter of fact, he could only see Fang Jingers threads of karma because her level of cultivation was far too low.

If he encountered a cultivator at a higher level, he would not be able to see their threads of karma.

“The Way of Karma…” Jian Chen muttered inside as he secretly shook his head.

Currently, he focused on the Way of the Sword.

He did not have the spare time or effort to devote to the Way of Karma.

He had no idea when he could comprehend the Way of Karma to a great level.

He had comprehended far too many laws right now.

Aside from the strongest Laws of the Sword, there were the Laws of Creation, Laws of Destruction, Laws of Fire, Laws of Corrosion, Laws of Curses, Laws of Strength, and Laws of Space.

He had obtained these seven laws from the golden core of laws he inherited underground in the Desolate Plane.

Some of them were only at the level of early Godking right now, so they were not particularly useful in battle.

Moreover, there were the Laws of the Hallowed and Martial Soul Force.

As a result, he did not have sufficient time or energy to increase his other laws right now.

After all, the comprehension of every single law required an extremely long amount of time.

He had to advance step-by-step, as there were no shortcuts.

“An Infinite Prime is heading over,” Xu Rans voice rang out in Jian Chens head.

Jian Chen nodded.

He knew that the city lord had crushed a jade talisman before he passed away, so he was already expecting a Primordial realm expert to hurry over.

This was exactly what he wanted.

If he could kill some Primordial realm experts here, the resistance he encountered when he went to destroy the Gloomwater sect would lessen.

Jian Chen and Xu Ran departed silently.

They left Scarlet Water City and flew in the direction of the Gloomwater sect.

In the end, they stopped ten million kilometres away from Scarlet Water City.

The teleportation formations of Scarlet Water City had been closed down, so people had to pass by this area if they wanted to reach Scarlet Water City from the Gloomwater sect.

Around five minutes later, an old man shot over from the distance as a blur, heading in the direction of Scarlet Water City.

He gave off a tremendous presence.

From its strength, he was clearly an Infinite Prime.

Jian Chen hovered in the air with his arms crossed at the same altitude as the old man.

He just happened to block the old mans path.

“Who are you” The old man stopped a thousand metres from Jian Chen.

His eyes shone as he stared at Jian Chen with a piercing gaze.

“Are you from the Gloomwater sect” Jian Chen replied emotionlessly with a question.

The old man snorted and barked, “Im Guan Wan, an elder of the Gloomwater sect.

Sir, what are your intentions in blocking my path”

As he said that, Guan Wans senses of the soul flooded out.

It instantly reached a range of ten million kilometres, enveloping the entire Scarlet Water City.

Immediately, his face changed drastically.

Killing intent surged from him, as he was furious.

He called out, “Who is it Who was the one who destroyed the city lords estate Ill crush you to pieces.” Suddenly, Guan Wan looked at Jian Chen.

His gaze was terrifying as he bellowed, “Its you! It must have been you! Youve actually destroyed my Guan family…”

“Thats right.

It was me.

However, with your strength as a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, you will probably come nowhere close to crushing me to pieces.

Moreover, I haven\'t come to destroy your Guan family, only the Gloomwater sect,” Jian Chen said coldly.

He did not take the Guan family seriously at all.

With that, Jian Chen struck out decisively.

Sword Qi radiated from him, and countless strands of them suddenly appeared.

They gathered together, immediately enveloping Guan Wan as a blinding cluster of light.

Jian Chen comprehended the Ultimate Way of the Sword, the king among the Way of the Sword.

His Laws of the Sword were so powerful that they had greatly surpassed experts at the same level.

He only needed a single thought to condense countless strands of sword Qi that would change according to his thoughts.

Even though Guan Wan defended as quickly as he could, he was unable to fend off the sword Qi that came in from all directions.

The barrier he had created with his powers shattered under the sword Qi.

Even the armor on his body only lasted for a few seconds before becoming riddled with holes.

Although Guan Wan was a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he did not possess a god artifact.

His strongest armor was only a supreme quality saint artifact.

Jian Chen could easily destroy saint artifacts at such a level with his current strength.

“Argh!” Guan Wan roared out furiously.

He used a secret technique and energy surged from his body.

The power of laws enveloped him as well, and he struck out as hard as he could.

After dispersing some sword Qi, he charged away as quickly as he could.

When he emerged from Jian Chens domain of sword Qi, he was in extremely horrible shape.

He was covered in various cuts, causing him to bleed everywhere.

“Who are you exactly” Guan Wans face changed.

He became extremely stern as he cried out in fright.

In just a single clash, he had been reduced to such horrible shape.

The young mans strength was beyond what he could handle.

In the next moment, a simple jade talisman appeared in Wan Guans hand.

He wanted to seek help from the sect as quickly as he could.

“An Infinite Prime requesting help will probably alarm the Chaotic Primes.

I cant let you do that.” Jian Chens gaze turned cold.

An extremely thin streak of white light flickered on his fingertip.

It was a strand of sword Qi, an extremely powerful strand of sword Qi, condensed from Jian Chens Ultimate Way of the Sword.

Even though it seemed nothing special, it was powerful enough to surprise mid Infinite Primes.

The strand of sword Qi flashed, and in the next moment, Guan Wan grunted painfully.

Wan Guans wrist, connected to the hand that held the jade talisman, spurted with blood.

His hand had been cut off.

Before he could crush the jade talisman, it fell towards the ground.

“Die!” Jian Chens eyes were cold.

He suddenly extended a finger towards Wan Guan, and the space there trembled slightly.

A finger-sized hole silently appeared between Wan Guans eyes.

His head had been pierced, and his soul had shattered.

He was dead!

A Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had died to Jian Chens hands just like that, slain effortlessly.

Jian Chen did not feel any particular emotion.

With a flash, he arrived beside Guan Wan and removed his Space Ring before stowing away his corpse as well.

The corpses of Primordial realm experts were extremely precious to Jian Chen right now.

They were the best nourishment for the Immortal Devouring Orchid.


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