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Chapter 2424: The Truth Revealed

“An extremely powerful opponent is about to arrive.

He killed Kai Ya.

I plan on throwing my life on the line to kill him so that I can avenge Kai Ya.

He’s a Grand Prime.

You won’t be able to help me,” Jian Chen said slowly.

His voice was very calm, but cold killing intent hid beneath the calmness.

“What! G- G- Grand Prime…” Xuan Ming, who originally wanted to share Jian Chen’s burden, immediately dropped his mouth in shock.

“Xuan Ming, people should be able to remain in the Tower of Radiance of your Radiant Saint Hall for long periods of time without worrying about the mist now.

You should return to the Radiant Saint Hall as soon as possible,” Jian Chen continued.

Xuan Ming sucked in a deep breath and gradually calmed himself.

Jian Chen’s enemy was a peak expert that could stifle him.

This troubled him.

He wanted to offer up his strength, but he discovered he was unable to help at all at his current level.

In the end, Xuan Ming clasped his fist towards Jian Chen sternly before leaving all by himself, returning to the Radiant Saint Hall.

He knew he would be useless if he stayed behind.

Once the Grand Prime arrived, he too would face death.

His ties with Jian Chen were not particularly deep, so he obviously would not doom himself for Jian Chen’s sake.

After Xuan Ming’s departure, there was another flash within the Anatta Tower.

Jian Chen had also let out Qing Yixuan, who was cultivating inside.

Qing Yixuan had been using the golden core of laws to cultivate on the fortune jade.

Hence, as soon as she left the Anatta Tower, she was torn away from the fortune jade.

Her comprehension rate immediately plummeted.

Perhaps she sensed what had happened around her, but Qing Yixuan’s eyelashes suddenly trembled, and she opened her eyes slowly.

When she opened her eyes, sharp, almost tangible sword Qi condensed in them like sparks.

Her gaze was piercing, but it also possessed a strange charm that was enough to enchant the souls of people.

During these years, Qing Yixuan had been cultivating on the fortune jade, increasing her comprehension of the Laws of the Sword through the golden core of laws she inherited from Swordmaster Yun Chi.

As a result, her cultivation had increased at a rapid rate, and she encountered no bottlenecks at all.

Now, she had reached the peak of mid Godking, only a step away from late Godking.

At this moment, Qing Yixan discovered Jian Chen, who was sitting on the ground.

This time, due to him removing his undisguise, she recognised him with a single glance, and her eyes immediately narrowed.

“Jian Chen, w- w- why would you be here” Qing Yixuan was stunned.

She stared straight at Jian Chen in disbelief.

When she was on planet Tianming, the first time she had learnt anything about Jian Chen’s situation was from a wanted poster.

It allowed her to understand just how bloody of a storm Jian Chen had created in the short time he had been in the Saints’ World.

He was actually responsible for the deaths of half the supreme Godkings on the Godking’s Throne.

Back then, even regular Godkings were indomitable in her eyes, let alone supreme Godkings.

She was deeply shocked about the fact that several hundred of these supreme Godkings who could even rival Primordial realm experts had died because of Jian Chen.

Afterwards, she believed that Jian Chen would struggle to survive after learning that two peak experts were hunting him down.

She had never expected to meet Jian Chen here in an extremely sudden fashion, which was quite a joyous matter.

“There are some five-colored divine crystals in there.

Qing Yixuan, take these five-colored divine crystals and take an interplanar teleportation formation nearby.

Return to the Tian Yuan clan on the Cloud Plane.

Be careful on your journey.

You’ll only be able to rely on yourself next.

I won’t be able to protect you anymore,” said Jian Chen as he passed a Space Ring to Qing Yixuan.

He did not smile at all.

Kai Ya’s death had left him grief-stricken.

Aside from hatred, there was only fury in his heart.

“You can’t protect me anymore” Qing Yixuan broke into laughter when she heard that.

She could not help but show some pride, and she said rather coldly, “Do I still need your protection right now But Jian Chen, aside from what happened in the lower world, I don’t think I’ve ever received any protection from you while I was in the Saints’ World.”

Jian Chen was not in the mood to explain things to Qing Yixuan.

He slowly closed his eyes and meditated to adjust his state.

He was preparing for the final battle.

Qing Yixuan seemed to connect a few matters together after saying that.

She became slightly surprised, and her gaze towards Jian Chen’s began to flicker.

She asked with uncertainty, “Jian Chen, were you that young master Chang Yang, who took me away from planet Tianming”

Jian Chen nodded and said nothing else.

After receiving his confirmation, Qing Yixuan was completely stunned.

She looked at Jian Chen blankly as she fell into emotional turmoil.

No wonder, no wonder Chang Yang had suddenly called her out when he was faced with the great fortuitous encounter from Swordmaster Yun Chi, making her accept his legacy.

No wonder Chang Yang provided her with all those resources in the past few years for free, without any conditions at all.

As it turned out, the mysterious young master Chang Yang who might have possessed a great background was Jian Chen.

“Since that was you, why did you hide it from me until now Why didn’t you tell me who you were earlier” Qing Yixuan’s tone gradually turned cold.

She looked at Jian Chen in displeasure as she gritted her teeth.

As soon as she thought of how powerless and helpless she behaved before this ‘young master Chang Yang’ in the past, she was furious.

She felt like Jian Chen had properly toyed with her.

“Oh, right.

I remember there was a woman beside you as well.

She’s definitely not the Heavenly Enchantress.

Who is she” Qing Yixuan continued her questions with gritted teeth.

This just happened to touch on Jian Chen’s sore spot, and his face immediately showed some pain.

Only now did Qing Yixuan discover Jian Chen’s abnormality, having settled down from her excitement of meeting him again.

She gradually became stern, and she stared at Jian Chen closely.

She asked, “Jian Chen, what’s wrong”

“That person was Kai Ya, but Kai Ya is dead,” Jian Chen said in low spirits.

“What Kai Ya is dead” Qing Yixuan was surprised.

Although she did not have any particular ties with Kai Ya, they did come from the same place after all.

“Qing Yixuan, you should go.

Don’t stay here.

Kai Ya’s murderer is a Grand Prime.

He will come here very soon.

If you don’t go, it’ll be too late.

I plan on battling it out with him to avenge Kai Ya,” said Jian Chen.


It’s impossible for you to be a Grand Prime’s opponent.

You have to leave with me.

You can’t do something stupid.” Qing Yixuan immediately became frantic when she saw how Jian Chen was ready to die.

She immediately went up to pull him.

She wanted to take him away forcefully.

However, sword intent radiated from Jian Chen, preventing her from approaching him.

“I might not necessarily die, but if you don’t leave, you might never be able to leave.

Don’t worry about me.

I know what I must do.

Go to the Tian Yuan clan.

There are even more people there that need your protection…”

After the persuasion, Qing Yixuan ended up leaving all by herself furiously.

She took the five-colored divine crystals from Jian Chen and began looking for the nearest interplanar teleportation formation to go to the Cloud Plane.


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