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Jian Chen and Kai Ya were already standing within the teleportation in the bustling city.

The teleportation formation was slowly activated and bright, white light appeared.

They were about to be transported to the Five Point sect.

However, at this moment, Jian Chens heart shivered.

The intense sense of danger appeared once again.

“He has already located us.

Before long, the mysterious expert will arrive on the Star Brilliance Plane.

We have to be fast.

We need to reach the teleportation formation before he makes it to the Star Brilliance Plane,” Jian Chen said sternly.

With that, the teleportation formation exploded with light, and they vanished under its great power.

The Five Point sect was one of the several dozen peak organisations on the Star Brilliance Plane.

They were extremely powerful, ranking ninth on the entire Star Brilliance Plane.

Even though they were only ninth, the Star Brilliance Plane was a place only second to the seven sacred planes after all.

There was a myriad of sects and clans, and the plane was covered with experts.

It was evident just how powerful the Five Point sect was to be able to stand out among them and reach such a high rank.

The ancestor of the Five Point sect, the Point Cloud Venerable, was a dazzling figure renowned throughout the Saints World.

This was because the Point Cloud Venerable grasped both the Laws of Time and Space.

The two laws complemented each other, unleashing astonishing power.

This gave the Point Cloud Venerable supreme battle prowess, enough for him to claim to be invincible among his level of cultivation.

The Five Point sect controlled three interplanar teleportation formations.

One of them was located in the Five Point sect and was specifically for disciples, while the other two were located in two super-sized cities that the Five Point sect administered.

Firelight City was one of the two super-sized cities out of all the cities the Five Point sect administered.

The central square of Firelight City was busy.

Cultivators constantly moved about, and the several dozen teleportation formations established there constantly flickered, transporting people between regions.

At this moment, one of the teleportation formations flashed, and Jian Chen and Kai Ya appeared in Firelight City.

As soon as they arrived, Jian Chen and Kai Ya approached the interplanar teleportation formation nearby.

The teleportation formation was unusually quiet.

It would go without use for ten days or more each time, which was a stark contrast to the several dozen teleportation formations around it.

The person who watched over the teleportation formation was a middle-aged man in the Five Point sects uniform.

He was a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Interplanar teleportation formations were an unignorable piece of property to all organisations.

As a result, not only would each teleportation formation be protected by powerful formations, but the people who watched over them would usually be Primordial realm experts as well.

Jian Chen let out his presence slightly and disguised himself as a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

He negotiated with the Infinite Prime who watched over the formation.

“I want to go to the Prosper Plane.”

“The Prosper Plane is extremely far away from the Star Brilliance Plane.

I cant transport you there directly.

I can only send you to the Hematophagis Plane,” replied the Infinite Prime.

“Then Ill go to the Hematophagis Plane,” Jian Chen said calmly.

However, he was slightly frantic on the inside.

The sense of danger was becoming greater and greater.

The mysterious expert pursuing him was rapidly closing the distance.

He needed to leave as quickly as possible.

The Infinite Prime from the Five Point sect looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

He said indifferently, “Its fifty five-colored divine crystals each to go to the Hematophagis Planes, so one hundred for two.

Moreover, you cant carry any living organisms in your spatial treasures, or therell be consequences once the formation detects it.”

Jian Chen nodded.

Fifty five-colored divine crystals per person was a fair price.

It was much cheaper than when he left the Desolate Plane.

He immediately handed over a hundred five-colored divine crystals.

He passed through the testing formations with Kai Ya and entered the teleportation formation.

Although he carried spatial treasures on him, and Hei Ya and Qing Yixuan were within them, they were inside the Anatta Tower.

As such, it was naturally impossible for the formations to find anything with the Anatta Towers quality.

At the same time, the Elder of Mountains and Seas approached the Star Brilliance Plane with terrifying speed.

The plane of land rapidly expanded in his eyes.

He was hundreds of times faster than Jian Chen.

As he drew closer, he became able to sense Jian Chen with greater and greater precision.

“Jian Chen is actually in the boundary of the Five Point sect.

The Five Point sect has three teleportation formations that can take people between planes.

Hes currently at…” The Elder of Mountains and Seas flew quickly as he used his ability again.

Suddenly, his face changed, and he cried out, “Oh no, he seems to be in Firelight City right now.

Firelight City just happens to have one of those teleportation formations.”

The Elder of Mountains and Seas face became extremely ugly.

There was still some time before he could set foot on the Star Brilliance Plane.

If Jian Chen was near a teleportation formation right now, he probably would have left before the Elder of Mountains and Seas had even set foot on the Star Brilliance Plane.

If he was really teleported away from the Star Brilliance Plane, there really might be no more hopes of him catching up to Jian Chen and taking the Anatta Tower away from him.

This was because he could guess that Jian Chen would undergo consecutive teleportations and reach the Proper Plane before him.

It would be difficult for him to stop Jian Chen.

If Jian Chen returned the Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng before he could catch up, there would be no more point in hunting him down.

“I have to stop him.” The Elder of Mountains and Seas gritted his teeth.

The light in his eyes flickered as he thought, “I do have some ties with the Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point sect.

It looks like I can only send a message to him.”

Making up his mind, the Elder of Mountains and Seas immediately took out a jade talisman for messaging.

A white-robed old man sat in the air among a mist-covered mountain range within the forbidden grounds of the Five Point sect.

He did not give off any presence at all, making him seem just like an ordinary person.

However, the space around the old man seemed to beat like a living heart.

It throbbed rhythmically.

As the space beat, the time there seemed to be affected as well, forcing it to become extremely unnatural.

It would be slow at times and fast at other times.

Unbelievably, time would even reverse.

The Laws of Space and the Laws of Time were present on a single person.

This old man was the supreme existence of the Five Point sect, the Point Cloud Venerable!

At this moment, a jade talisman appeared in the Point Cloud Venerables hand.

He looked at it and murmured, “Its from the Elder of Mountains and Seas from the Gloomwater sect of the Aqua Plane.

Why is he suddenly looking for me”

The senses of the Point Cloud Venerables soul immediately entered the talisman.

He received a message from the Elder of Mountains and Seas from so far away.

“Point Cloud Venerable, seal up the three interplanar teleportation formations within your Five Point sect.

Im about to set foot on the Star Brilliance Plane.

Im willing to give you two droplets of hell water in exchange.” The Elder of Mountains and Seas voice rang out.

“Two droplets of hell water!” The Point Cloud Venerable cried out as his eyes immediately became extremely bright.

Hell water was a speciality of the Aqua Plane.

It came from the few hell springs on the Aqua Plane.

They were divine liquids that could consolidate the soul and cleanse impurities.

Even to Grand Primes, they were extremely useful, which made them very precious.

A single droplet of hell water would only condense after a million years.

They were extremely precious, making them a treasure that had all demand and no supply in the Saints World.

However, the Elder of Mountains and Seas had offered two droplets of them all of a sudden, and it was just to make the Five Point sect close their interplanar teleportation formations.

This made the Point Cloud Venerable believe the Elder of Mountains and Seas had lost his mind.

“Alright, two droplets of hell water.

Thats what you promised.” The Point Cloud Venerable agreed without thinking too much about it as if he feared the Elder of Mountains and Seas would rescind the deal.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya stood in the centre of the teleportation formation in Firelight City.

It had already been activated, causing white light to rise up and shine brighter and brighter.

Gradually, it enveloped Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

The teleportation formation was charging up.

Very soon, Jian Chen and Kai Ya would be transported off the Star Brilliance Plane and to the Hematophagis Plane.

However, at this moment, the mind of the Infinite Prime who watched over the teleportation formation shuddered.

The powerful senses of the soul surged over.

The arrival of the senses of the soul immediately made the middle-aged man show great respect.

In just five seconds, a gleam of light shone through the eyes of the middle-aged man.

He suddenly looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya, who stood within the activated teleportation formation.

He immediately formed seals with both hands, sending a power into the teleportation formation.

Immediately, the teleportation formation stopped gathering power.

The shining light from the teleportation formation that was just about to be fully activated gradually dimmed, returning to normal very soon due to its energy source being cut off.

The teleportation was halted.


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