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“Kai Ya, youve known me for quite some time.

You should understand me,” said Jian Chen slowly after a while of thought.

His voice contained deep powerlessness.

Some matters could not be prevented, such as Kai Ya falling in love with him.

It was impossible for him to prevent that.

As a matter of fact, it would have been better if he did not know this.

He had always treated Kai Ya as his best friend.

He did that since the Tian Yuan Continent.

Especially when the two of them had fled the Cloud Plane due to Huai Ans pursuit, the hardships and difficulties they experienced along the way had deepened their friendship.

Of course, it was only friendship.

It was exactly because of this friendship that he was unwilling to harm Kai Ya at all.

Hence, he felt powerless about Kai Yas love towards him.

Kai Ya was in low spirits.

She did not look at Jian Chen and looked at the pitch-black space gloomily instead.

“Jian Chen, do you feel that Im not pretty enough” Kai Ya asked gently.

She revealed her true feelings.

She had said something she had kept buried in her heart for many years, causing all the feelings she had repressed during those years to suddenly erupt like a volcano.

It was extremely intense.

At that moment, she seemed to have become fearless.

She felt no shyness about being a woman.

She had gained courage.

Jian Chen sighed gently.

The suddenness of the matter had caught him off-guard.

Unprepared, he was immediately left at a loss about how to handle this situation.

Even though Kai Yas appearance was not alluring, she was still rather pretty.

She was not as ugly as she believed herself to be.

Of course, Jian Chen had already seen through materialistic concepts at his level of cultivation.

Appearances were nothing to him.

No matter how beautiful someone was on the outside, that was only surface level.

Once the surface was removed, they were just a combination of flesh and bone.

As a result, Jian Chen had already broken free from the outlook of mortals with his current level of cultivation.

He found no difference in beauty and ugliness.

However, Kai Ya was a Godking, yet she still cared about her appearance; this made Jian Chen realise just how deeply in love she was with him.

The love had obscured her.

It had disorientated her, preventing her from seeing the essence of things.

“Jian Chen, when I was heavily injured on the Tian Yuan Continent and entered a long period of slumber, you might have thought that I had lost contact with the outside world completely and had no idea what was happening around me.” Kai Ya turned around and looked at Jian Chen.

Her face was mixed, and she continued, “But in reality, it was the exact opposite.

I knew exactly what you did during the time I was unconscious.

I even knew you went to the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair and encountered nine Godkings there.

Only by risking your life did you find the heavenly resource that could heal souls, the Albumstone Heart Flower.

It was exactly because of the Albumstone Heart Flower that I awakened from my slumber.”

Kai Ya spoke very softly.

Her eyes that looked towards Jian Chen were filled with a tenderness she had never displayed before.

Now that the final barrier in her heart had been pierced, she revealed her true feelings.

She no longer hid the feelings in the depths of her heart.

Jian Chen was shocked when Kai Ya mentioned the events that happened in the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair.

After all, not only was Kai Yas cultivation puny back then, not even at the Origin realm, but she was unconscious as well.

Despite all that, she was still able to sense what happened in the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair; this was unsettling for him.

Kai Ya had displayed extraordinary abilities in many aspects in the past.

They could even be called utterly shocking, making Jian Chen guess that it was extremely likely for her to be the reincarnation of a certain expert.

However, it was impossible for her to know so much as just a Saint Emperor.

Fairy Hao Yue was a reincarnated Primordial realm expert from the Saints World, but let lone Saint Emperor, it was impossible for her to possess Kai Yas heaven-defying ability even when she was at the Origin realm.

“Is Kai Ya a reincarnation of a Grand Prime” Jian Chen thought.

At the same time, he felt puzzled.

If she was a reincarnation, why did Kai Ya still not show any signs of awakening her memories now that she was already a Godking

This was clearly different from fairy Hao Yue and the founders of the ten great protector clans on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Fairy Hao Yue had reincarnated with all her past memories, while the founders had also gone through samsara.

Out of the ten of them, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, and Yang Lie all recovered their memories when they were Saint Kings.

While Jian Chen was pondering about all this, Kai Ya thought back to the past.

She was gloomy and dispirited.

She said softly, “It was also from then on that your shadow gradually appeared in my heart, and it grew deeper and deeper.

Actually, I can sense that you only treat me as a friend and not a partner at all, so I always buried my feelings for you such that it was a secret that only I knew.”

“I planned on hiding this secret for the rest of my life, where I would never tell you.

As long as I could remain by your side and see you often, it would have been enough.

However, I suddenly dont feel like hiding it anymore.

I want you to know because I have a strong feeling that I probably wont get the chance to say it in the future if I dont say it now…”

Kai Yas eyes gradually moistened when she reached there.

They clouded up before condensing into two translucent tears that slowly flowed down her face.

There was something she did not explain to Jian Chen, and that was the strong feeling she experienced.

It was as if she did not have much time left with Jian Chen, as if they would separate soon.

The separation this time might be forever!

Jian Chen obviously had no idea that Kai Ya was referring to eternal separation.

He fell into a long period of silence after he listened to Kai Yas words.

A while later, he sighed gently and said, “Kai Ya, we can only be friends.”

Kai Yas heart gently trembled.

She did not say anything.

Instead, she looked at the space outside gloomily; she seemed rather miserable.

She knew that this would happen.

They did not talk for the remaining portion of the journey.

It remained silent within the spaceship.

Both he and Kai Ya said nothing.

Before long, they reached the Star Brilliance Plane.

As spaceships could only be used in outer space, he stowed the spaceship away after reaching the plane.

Without any hesitation at all, they immediately flew towards the nearest city.

Very soon, Jian Chen and Kai Ya arrived in an extremely bustling city.

They immediately paid a hefty price to locate the closest teleportation formation that could take them to other planes.

Before long, Jian Chen gained a more detailed understanding of the Star Brilliance Plane, learning even more than what he had learnt from Yi Jianping and the others.

The Star Brilliance Plane was where the Nine Brilliance Star Lord cultivated.

As a result, in order to express their respect towards the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, no one dared to found kingdoms or empires on the entire Star Brilliance Plane.

No one dared to take the name of emperor.

The various organisations all stood on the Star Brilliance Plane as sects or clans.

The overall power of the Star Brilliance Plane ranked towards the top of the forty-nine great planes of the Saints World.

It was basically only second to the seven sacred planes.

As a result, there were over a hundred teleportation formations that could take people to other planes on the Star Brilliance Plane.

They were controlled by several dozen peak clans and organisations.

Jian Chen learnt that the city where he currently stood was actually only under the control of a sect with Infinite Primes.

A sect like that was only average on the Star Brilliance Plane, or even slightly worse than the average.

It was obviously impossible for them to have teleportation formations that could take people across planes.

Jian Chen finally learnt after some investigation that the closest interplanar teleportation formation was located in the territory controlled by a peak sect called the Five Point sect.

Afterwards, he and Kai Ya immediately went to a teleportation formation to travel to the territory of the Five Point sect.

Just when Jian Chen and Kai Ya were about to make their way to the Five Point sect, the space in a region extremely distant from the Star Brilliance Plane twisted, and a huge crack suddenly appeared.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas appeared there like a ghost.

As soon as he appeared, he closed his eyes and used his innate ability.

When he opened his eyes, coldness flashed through them.

“Ive found you.

You seem to be on the Star Brilliance Plane.

Hmph, dont you even think about escaping through the teleportation formations on the Star Brilliance Plane!” The Elder of Mountains and Seas became frantic.

He did not dare to waste any time, so with a single movement, he vanished.

He hurried off towards the Star Brilliance Plane as quickly as he could.

“Ive chased you for so long, so I cant let you enter the teleportation formation no matter what…” The Elder of Mountains and Seas snarled inside.


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