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Chapter 239: The Beginning Prominence of Ones Reputation

After hearing Yun Lis confession, everyones face immediately grew deathly serious.

Yet, no one was making a loud fuss since each one of them could roughly guess that this was the reason why the magical beast wave was so different this time around.

With a magical beast wave happening in Wake City every twenty or so years, there were plenty of people who would come to participate.

So for those who had been in Wake City for many years, they had understood the nature of how a magical beast waves worked.

This new wave was especially weird.

If the normally dumb magical beasts were suddenly walking in the same manner as a disciplined army, this could only be the work of a Class 5 Magical Beast.

“How troublesome this is.

A Class 5 Magical Beast is extremely strong, and even an Earth Saint Master would have trouble being victorious if they fight alone.

With our Wake City having no experts of our own to help defend against a Class 5 Magical Beast, it looks like we can only hope to try and an employ a strategy of overwhelming them with our numbers.” An expensively robed elder spoke gravely as the news of a Class 5 Magical Beast had registered completely with him.

“Against a Class 5 Magical Beast, we would have to use an entire crowd of Great Saint Masters in order to have a hope of overwhelming it.

Those who are of the Saint Master level wouldnt have a chance of penetrating its defenses therefore no hope of doing any type of damage to it at all.” Spoke another middle aged man cloaked in a red robe.

He was sturdy in stature and radiated a strong killing intent as he looked at the magical beasts.

“Thats right, a Class 5 Magical Beast is something that only those at the Great Saint Master level could hope to damage.

Even then, if there is a Class 5 Magical Beast that specializes in defense, then Great Saint Masters couldnt even hope to damage it, even if it stood still for us to hit it.

I truly hope that this Class 5 Magical Beast wont be too hard to deal with, otherwise, Wake City will be extremely hard to defend.” A short haired man spoke out to the others.

“Words are easy to say, but if a Class 5 Magical Beast truly does show up, all of our Great Saint Masters shouldnt be focused on it alone.

Aside from the Class 5 Magical Beast, there are still a multitude of other magical beasts, certainly including many Class 4 Magical Beasts.

If we were to have all of our Great Saint Masters fighting the Class 5 Magical Beast, then how would we deal with the others”

“What are you afraid of Our Wake City has at least a hundred thousand mercenaries and easily double that in city soldiers.

Although we cannot go one to one with those beasts, our men will be victorious! I dont believe that our combined mass of people will not be able to defend against these magical beasts, nor will they be able to stand against the Magical Crystal Cannons we have on the walls!”


Hearing the men begin to quarrel, Yun Li cleared his throat, “Do not panic everyone.

While a Class 5 Magical Beast brought us a great deal of pressure, but that has been dealt with..

Our enemies right now are those of the Class 4 Magical Beast and lower.

Despite this, there are still a mass amount of magical beasts to deal with, so everyone cannot let down their guards.

If we cannot match them with our numbers, then we will fight them with our experience!”

Lord Yun Li had shocked everyone with his words, “My lord, what are you saying The Class 5 Magical Beast has been dealt with Could it be there are some Earth Saint Masters in Wake City right now”

Yun Li nodded his head gravely with a faint smile on his face, “Thats right, so everyone shouldnt pay attention to the Class 5 Magical Beast and focus your attention on the other lower leveled ones.”

“My lord, then do you know where these seniors are We would like to pay our respects to them.” Someone immediately called out.

Yun Li shook his head with an apologetic expression, “My apologies, but the envoys had made it clear that their identities would not be exposed.

If they become displeased, then it would be quite disastrous for our Wake City.”

Hearing that, everyone could only secretly sigh in sadness.

Earth Saint Masters were incredibly rare in Wake City, and even in the continent, they were considered experts of the higher order.

To these people, they truly wished to pay their respects to them in order to make friends with them and hopefully gain their assistance in any matter.

After Yun Li had spoken, they had given up on their idea of getting close to them.

However, the word “Envoys” had alerted them of a few things worth remembering.

Jian Chen who was standing nearby wasnt overly noticeable.

Instead, he spent his time looking over a hundred meters away at the two black robed envoys.

He couldnt help but think to when the two were forced into a miserable position, and smiled as a result.

Who knew that the two Earth Saint Master envoys hired by Wake City from Monarch City would have ended up in such a sad condition by him

When Jian Chens eyes hovered over the two envoys, Katata suddenly felt that he was being stared at.

Turning to look at him, he had a kind smile on his face as usual, “Brother Jian Chen, come here and lets have a talk, shall we” Although being a hundred meters apart and a noisy crowd divided the two, his voice could still be heard loud and clear as if amplified by some unknown mean so that it felt as if the two were talking right next to each other.

Katatas voice had suddenly attracted the attention of everyone else in Yun Lis company who immediately turned to look at the two black robed envoys.

However, their own strengths werent enough to perceive anything out of the ordinary from the envoys strength, so when they tried to inspect the two for a moment, they finally lost interested and turned away once more.

At the request of an Earth Saint Master like Katata, Jian Chen didnt dare to refuse.

Bidding goodbye to Yun Li, he immediately headed for the envoys position.

“Jian Chen Hm…”.

Seeing Jian Chen walk by, the white haired elders eyebrows furrowed together as he sounded out Jian Chens name before his eyes suddenly took on an astonished glint as he stared at him.

Seeing how the elder was standing perplexed now, the cyan robed elder to his side whispered to him, “Elder He Yu, whats wrong”

The white haired elder continued to stare at Jian Chens retreating back, whispering so that Jian Chen couldnt hear, he said, “Ive heard the name Jian Chen before, isnt that the same name as the person who destroyed the Zhou and Tianxiong clans”

The cyan robed elder started when he heard that.

Immediately, his eyes flew over to Jian Chens back and sucked in a deep breath of air sharply, “Elder He Yu, I had completely forgotten about the matter until you mentioned it.

According to the guards who had fled from the Tianxiong clan, the one who eradicated the Tianxiong clan and single handedly beat nine Great Saint Masters was a twenty year old youth who is apparently quite handsome to look at.

The youth who just walked by us seems to be a good fit, take another look, this has to be the very same Jian Chen who destroyed both clans!”


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