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Chapter 2370: Kai Ya’s Transformation

The pool of blood that was as vast as an ocean radiated with terrifying, vital energy.

It submerged the headless corpse in vital energy, seemingly nourishing it.

It made the headless corpse brim with life.

The corpse belonged to the strongest king of the Ancient Great Apes, Gusta!

Kai Ya stared at Gusta’s headless corpse from a hundred kilometres away.

She would glance at the vast pool of blood from time to time.

Her doubts grew.

She could clearly sense that the source of this sense of familiarity was right in front of her.

However, she was rather hesitant.

She did not dare to go up, as she knew that the region a hundred kilometres around the pool of blood was a forbidden zone.

It would be very difficult for her to survive with her currents strength.

However, the hesitation only lasted for a while.

Suddenly, she stepped forwards, setting foot in the range of a hundred kilometres.

At a closer glance, Kai Ya’s eyes had already lost their usual liveliness and color.

All of a sudden, they seemed hollow as if she had lost her soul, where her actions were no longer hers.


At the same time, the pool of blood no longer remained peaceful with Kai Ya’s intrusion.

The entire pool of blood surged and churned wildly as terrifying vital energy swept towards Kai Ya with devastating power.

The vital energy churned terrifyingly.

Even Primordial realm experts faced the danger of dying before the vital energy, let alone Kai Ya, a mere Godking.

However, Kai Ya’s eyes were hollow and dull, making it seem as if she could not sense the incoming danger at all.

She continued to make her way forward, nearing the vital energy that surged over.

In a single instance, the terrifying vital energy arrived before Kai Ya with devastating power.

However, just when Kai Ya was about to be swallowed, a seemingly-invisible power appeared from her body.

The appearance of the power made the laws there change.

It was like the laws in the space around her had been forcefully twisted into new laws by a pair of invisible hands.

In the end, the terrifying vital energy that was enough to kill Primordial realm experts immediately eased up when it approached Kai Ya.

It lost all of its wildness, no longer posing any threat.

Kai Ya’s eyes remained hollow.

She advanced step by step, where she took each one steadily and firmly.

She grew closer and closer to the pool of blood up ahead.

The space around her twisted, and the laws fell into chaos.

It was like they had been interfered with and forcefully changed, making her the supreme ruler there who could not be defied.

Up ahead, the tremendous pool of blood that nourished Gusta churned even more violently.

The blood-red waves shot high into the air, sweeping towards Kai Ya with even more terrifying vital energy.

However, it remained a futile effort.

No matter how terrifying the vital energy was, even if it could harm peak experts, it was still not enough to stop or harm Kai Ya.

In the end, Kai Ya arrived three kilometres away from the pool of blood.

At this moment, a barrier rose up and blocked Kai Ya, enveloping the entire pool of blood.

The barrier was extremely powerful.

It had fused with the terrifying vital energy in the pool, using it as an endless energy source.

Moreover, it had even fused with the fragments of the laws of the world, allowing it to possess unbelievable defence in the end.

Kai Ya stopped before barrier.

Her hollow eyes suddenly changed at that moment, becoming boundless and profound like the cosmos.

The endless mysteries of the world seemed to be invoked, possessing the truths of the world and hiding the ultimate essence of the ways.

At a certain moment, her eyes were no longer hollow.

They recovered their light.

It was a pair of icy-cold, emotionless eyes.

They were extremely unfamiliar.

The eyes basically made Kai Ya seem like a completely different person.

However, Kai Ya’s entire bearing underwent a drastic change with the appearance of these eyes.

In that instance, a supreme, dignified sense seemed to appear around her.

The astonishingly powerful barrier that could even stop Grand Primes suddenly twisted before Kai Ya.

The barrier had cracked open silently, as if it had been ripped open by an invisible power.

It formed a tunnel.

Kai Ya’s eyes remained cold.

The greatest essence of the ways seemed to gather around her, making her seem invincible.

It was like she could control the entire region.

She directly stepped through the crack in the barrier and set foot within three kilometres of the pool of blood.

Jian Chen was unable to get this close even with the Anatta Tower, yet it had been extremely easy for Kai Ya.

It was like all the arrangements here were unable to stop her tracks.

The pool of blood churned wildly as it roared thunderously, like Gusta’s corpse had produced a roar.

Terrifying pressure crashed down on Kai Ya like a cascade.

The pressure was shockingly great.

It could twist space and distort time.

Even some Grand Primes would not be able to endure it.

However, Kai Ya’s face remained the same as before.

No matter how the vital energy churned, no matter how great the pressure became, it was all unable to shake her, unable to approach her.

In the end, she stood at the edge of the pool of blood and stared at it emotionlessly.

She extended a finger towards it gently.

The world seemed to be ripped apart under the gesture, causing the ways to boom out.

The churned blood began to part, forming a tunnel that led straight to the bottom of the pool.

The pool was hundreds of metres deep.

A droplet of bright blood rested in the very depths quietly.

The droplet of blood differed greatly from the rest of the pool.

Not only was it at a higher level, but the energy it contained was even more terrifying as well.

Even if all the vital energy within the pool was combined, it would still be nowhere near enough to match the droplet of blood.

This was because the pure energy within the droplet of blood seemed to be absorbed by the pool at all times, making the energy within it leak away, while the energy of the pool was gradually strengthened.

In the end, the energy in the pool would be used to nourish Gusta’s headless body, not only making it brimming with life, but also constantly refining it, making it more and more powerful.

Clearly, the droplet of blood only existed to nourish Gusta’s body.

A cold light suddenly flashed through Kai Ya’s emotionless eyes when she saw the droplet of blood.

As she was in thought, she gently waved at the blood.

Immediately, the droplet of blood seemed to experience a calling.

It flew out from the bottom of the pool by itself, shooting into one of Kai Ya’s eyes as a streak of red light.

Kai Ya’s eyes seemed to be connected to a whole different world, so the droplet of blood vanished completely when it entered her eyes.

Afterwards, two colossal vortexes seemed to revolve in the depths of Kai Ys’ eyes.

She looked at the pool of blood.

All the blood gathered within the pool suddenly surged violently.

Strands of pure vital energy were whisked away, forming a river that flowed into Kai Ya’s eyes.  


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