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Jian Chen began to cultivate, focusing on comprehending the Laws of Creation, Fire, and Corrosion.

The law he picked first was the Laws of Fire.

The Laws of Fire was an extremely powerful law for attack.

Once he comprehended the Laws of Fire to Godking, it would increase his battle prowess slightly at the very least.

As Jian Chen comprehended the Laws of Fire, the Celestial Sword Saint who sat on a mountain peak suddenly opened his eyes.

He glanced at Jian Chens location.

His expression did not change at all.

He calmly said, “He has already gained the bearing of a Sword Immortal.

If he continues to comprehend it, its extremely likely for him to reach Sword Immortal within the three years.

However, he hasnt chosen the Way of the Sword but the Laws of Fire instead.

It looks like he really plans on doing it…”

A gleam of light flashed through the Celestial Sword Saints eyes.

His eyes became extremely deep in that instance, and he murmured, “Thats the secret set up of Bloodtear.

If he really does do that, hell draw out Bloodtear… However, his true crisis doesnt come from Bloodtear.

Whatever, Ill just let him toil about.”

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already been cultivating in the Sword God Mountains for over a month.

He roused after that time, and he frowned slightly.

He was in a bad mood.

Without the fortune jade, his comprehension of laws became extremely slow.

Even though it would still seem unbelievably fast in the eyes of others, it was impossible for him to comprehend the Laws of Creation, Fire, and Corrosion to Godking in just three years.

“The fortune jade is just too precious.

As a result, I cant use it, even if Im inside the Anatta Tower.

After all, the Celestial Sword Saint is just too powerful.

Hes far greater than most Grand Primes.

Im still not completely certain that the Anatta Tower can stop the senses of the Celestial Sword Saints soul.

After all, the Anatta Tower is damaged right now.

It no longer possesses the defences it had when it was in perfect condition,” worried Jian Chen.

“Fortunately, Kai Ya has grasped the Laws of Creation and Fire already.

Ill comprehend the Laws of Corrosion first.

I hope Kai Yas Laws of Creation and Fire will be useful when I need them.” Very soon, Jian Chen made up his mind.

Just when he was about to continue cultivating, he suddenly sensed something and looked outside the cave.

It was also at this moment that two figures walked in from outside together.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed, and he was taken by surprise when he saw the two figures.

They happened to be the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall and Hun Zang of the Martial Soul lineage.

“Ive already been waiting outside for a month.

Youve finally roused,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall said as soon as he entered the cave.

He stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings.

He cut right to the chase and said, “Jian Chen, I hope you can return that to me.

As long as you return that, I wont look into the other matters.”

Jian Chen understood that the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall had come for the Method of the Exalted Saint.

However, he had obtained the Method of the Exalted Saint after great effort and difficulty, and it was something that he needed.

He had obtained it completely thanks to his own abilities, so how could he just return it

“You wont look into the other matters Hmph, Yu Chen, you better listen up.

I would like to ask you if youre bold enough to look into them,” Hun Zang said mockingly as soon as the leader of the Radiant Saint Master had finished talking.

He did not even look at Yu Cheng, and his ugly expression.

Instead, he looked at Jian Chen encouragingly.

He smiled, “Jian Chen, dont worry.

This is the Sword God Mountains.

The Celestial Sword Saint permitted us to meet you, which was quite a joyous surprise.

If he dares to touch you here, hell definitely end up biting off more than he can chew, so you dont need to be afraid of him.”

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall snorted coldly inside, and he looked at Hun Zang icily.

However, it was just as Hun Zang had said.

He was indeed not bold enough to make a move in the Sword God Mountains, or it would have been impossible for him to stand so close to his arch nemesis Hun Zang.

“Jian Chen, I understand you a little.

I know youre a person who places emphasis on ties of friendships.

You might not know it, but your teacher, the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Han Xin, and Bai Yu, who youve cared for so much, along with Donglin Yanxue, will all be pulled into this because of you.

Strict punishments await them.

Donglin Yanxues punishment will be especially severe.

She clearly knew that you were a member of the Martial Soul lineage, yet not only did she not report you, but she even assisted you in escaping, making our Radiant Saint Hall lose our greatest treasure.

Her sins are so great that dismissing her as Chosen Saint is nowhere enough.

Even execution will be regarded as a light punishment…” said the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall coldly.

He never wanted to do this, but the Grand Exalts cultivation method was just too important to the Radiant Saint Hall.

He would do everything within his ability to take it back.

“Leader, are you threatening me” Jian Chens face gradually darkened.

He said coldly, “Lets ignore the fact that I obtained the cultivation method through my abilities alone for now.

Your Radiant Saint Hall should be grateful and not resentful towards me for the appearance of the cultivation method in the first place, as I am the reason why the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance awakened.

It was also because of me that the hidden miniature world opened up, and it is all because of me that the Grand Exalts legacy underneath the stele appeared.”

“Moreover, I only obtained the cultivation method within the legacy.

Everything else is still with your Radiant Saint Hall.

They were obtained by the descendant of the Grand Exalt, the lord of the Scorching Sun Peak.”

“If it werent for me, the Tower of Radiance would remain the same as before, filled with endless mist.

It would be impossible for it to become like now, a place that protects all Radiant Saint Masters,”

“As a result, your Radiant Saint Hall should be thankful towards me.

I eliminated a huge threat for your Radiant Saint Hall…”

The leader of the Radiant Saint Halls face changed time and time again as he listened to Jian Chens words.

He stared right at Jian Chen with a shocking gaze and said sternly, “Why did the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance awaken because of you”

“Perhaps it is because I can control Martial Soul Force,” Jian Chen said ambiguously.

Obviously, he would not reveal the fact that the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance was no longer the same one as before.

“The ties between the Martial Soul lineage and the Radiant Saint Hall runs extremely deep, whether good or bad.

I dont know the exact details, but I do know that there needs to be Martial Soul Force to obtain the Grand Exalts legacy, as one cannot overcome the final juncture of the stele forcefully.

Only Martial Soul Force can get through the final obstruction and release the Grand Exalts legacy suppressed below it.”

Jian Chen stared at the leader of the Radiant Saint Master with shining eyes and continued, “Martial Soul Force is crucial for obtaining the Grand Exalts legacy.”

“Impossible!” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall stressed every single syllable.

He refused to accept this.

“Leader, perhaps you should ask the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.

I dont know the exact details, but he should,” said Jian Chen.

Now that the artifact spirit had fused with some memories, he should be able to answer a few questions.

“I will be back.” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall glanced at Jian Chen deeply.

He turned around and left with that.

Martial Soul Force was crucial to comprehending the diagram and obtaining the Grand Exalts legacy.

This news was simply far too shocking, and it had completely toppled the leader of the Radiant Saint Halls thinking and understanding.

He needed to return and ask the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance closely.


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