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Chapter 2316: Encountering Qing Shan Again (One)

“But even if its like what I imagined, who knows how long itll take before I can become the master of the World of Moon and Sun.

Collecting ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts is not an easy feat,” Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts and no longer dwelled on the topic.

He lowered his head to observe Donglin Yanxue.

Donglin Yanxue lay in his arms.

Her eyes remained closed, as she was completely unconscious.

She was not aware of the world around her at all.

“Her wounds havent worsened, but they havent improved either.

Now that the mist is gone, she should awaken very soon,” murmured Jian Chen.

He looked around him before flying off in one direction.

Since Donglin Yanxue was still unconscious, he did not need to continue hiding his strength.

He immediately hurried off with his full speed, flying into the depths of the World of Moon and Star.

At the same time, he used the Laws of Space.

He moved extremely fast under its assistance, crossing a thousand or even two thousand kilometres in each instance.

Ten thousand kilometres was only a matter of a few seconds to him.

“Although I dont know how much time has passed, I need to cover as much ground as I can before Donglin Yanxue awakens so that I can avoid Qing Shan…”

“Although I dont fear Qing Shan, its impossible for Donglin Yanxue to continue to remain unconscious.

Once she wakes up, I wont be able to fight anymore, or Ill expose my identity and lose the chance to enter the Tower of Radiance.”

“I can only hope that Qing Shan has already left the World of Moon and Star now…” Jian Chen thought.

As he hurried with his full speed, he paid attention to Donglin Yanxue at all times.

As soon as she showed signs of waking up, he would need to slow down.

Jian Chen moved with lightning speed.

The powers of space wrapped around him as if he had fused with space, allowing him to demonstrate extreme speed.

In just a short period of time, he had appeared several million kilometres away.

Suddenly, Jian Chen came to a halt.

He stood in a rocky canyon and stared straight ahead.

A Radiant Saint Master in white robes lay on the ground a hundred metres away.

Most of his robes were soaked in blood, and he was completely dead.

He was an ice-cold corpse.

Jian Chen arrived before the corpse and looked at the familiar face.

He recognised this Radiant Saint Master.

He was one of the protectors who had come in with Donglin Yanxue.

However, when they were hunted down by Qing Shan towards the end, he had abandoned Donglin Yanxue and fled by himself.

Jian Chen felt no sympathy towards the death of this Radiant Godking.

At the same time, he had been expecting these people to die.

Qing Shan had entered the World of Moon and Star to erase the candidates who were undertaking a trial here.

However, with the grievances between the Martial Soul lineage and the Radiant Saint Hall, these protectors would still face death even if they abandoned their candidates to flee.

“I wonder how many protectors are still alive in the World of Moon and Star and if the four other candidates are all dead,” Jian Chen murmured softly.

However, he did not leave the corpse behind.

He stowed it in his divine hall.

Now that the Immortal Devouring Orchid was gradually maturing, it would need more and more corpses to devour.

Instead of abandoning the corpse of the Radiant Saint Master to the vicious beasts here, he would much rather use it to nourish the Immortal Devouring Orchid.

Afterwards, Jian Chen changed the landscape so that it seemed like a vicious beast had passed by to cover his traces before leaving.

“Once the World of Moon and Star opens up, the elders will definitely scour this entire place.

Its better if Im cautious at such a sensitive time.”

Jian Chen continued on his way with Donglin Yanxue in his arms.

As he proceeded, he found the nests of many vicious beasts.

Perhaps due to the strange mist, all the nests were empty.

The vicious beasts that lived there had already fled far away, and they still had not returned.

Clearly, the vicious beasts were extremely fearful of the mist.

Even after the mist dispersed, they still had not returned.

“There are quite a few Radiant Origin Pearls in the territories of the vicious beasts.

However, every single one of them has been placed there purposefully by elders.

They have a clear record of the number, so I cant take any of them,” Jian Chen felt that it was a pity.

He could sense the pure origin energy of Radiant Saint Force within the Radiant Origin Pearls.

If used to cultivate, it would greatly benefit any Radiant Saint Master.

Before long, Donglin Yanxue finally woke up.

As soon as she did, Jian Chen slowed down.

He travelled at the speed that a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore should possess.

As a result, he felt like he had become a snail compared to before.

“This is… the World of Moon and Star.

Chang Yang, how did we made it out of the mist” Donglin Yanxue asked as soon as she roused.

“I dont know.

I just kept on walking, and we made it out.”

“The mist is very strange.

Its appearance unsettled the vicious beasts.

Didnt you come across any dangers in there” Donglin Yanxue was curious.

She had fainted very quickly after they entered the mist, so she had no idea what had happened in there.

“There werent any.

Perhaps the mist poses a threat to the vicious beasts, but not to us…” Jian Chen casually made up some lies.

The mist was actually a fusion of the artifact spirits power and the powers of the curse.

He believed that no one knew about its existence apart from him and the sword spirits.

“The mist shouldnt be that simple.

If I make it out alive, I have to report this to the elders…”

Jian Chen carried Donglin Yanxue and covered ground for a day before finding a cave to rest in.

He acted like he was recovering.

“Fortunately, we didnt come across any vicious beasts along the way.

However, who knows if our greatest problem, Qing Shan, has left or not.

I hope he has departed from the World of Moon and Star,” Donglin Yanxue leaned against the cave wall powerlessly.

Currently, she was very worried.

Due to the strange mist, many vicious beasts had fled the region, so it became a large, safe expanse in the World of Moon and Star.

She had stopped worrying too much about the vicious beasts.

However, Qing Shans existence made her uneasy.

“We probably stayed in the mist for a long time.

The World of Moon and Star should open up soon.

Perhaps Qing Shan has already left,” Jian Chen said as he acted like he was recovering.

But very soon, his expression changed.

His powerful soul had already detected Qing Shans presence.

Even though Qing Shan was not giving off his terrifying presence purposefully, he was not trying to conceal it either.

He currently flew in a straight line towards Jian Chen.

“Oh no, Qing Shan is actually still in the World of Moon and Star.

Not only is he here, but he has even found my precise location.

Just how did he achieve that” Jian Chens heart sank.

He looked at Donglin Yanxue who sat nearby, and the light in his eyes flickered.

Donglin Yanxue was still conscious right now.

As soon as he started fighting, he would directly expose his identity.

He had considered knocking Donglin Yanxue unconscious, but once she woke up and thought about it slightly, his strength would still be exposed to her.

After all, Donglin Yanxue had a peak four-colored soulcore.

Even though she was injured, she could not be knocked unconscious easily by a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore.

As a result, he would basically be telling Donglin Yanxue that he was not as simple as a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore if he did that.


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