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It sure was a coincidence.

Just when Jian Chen entered the mist with Donglin Yanxue, the mist gradually slowed down, coming to a complete halt.

It stopped spreading forwards.

Afterwards, the strange mist that seemed to link the ground and the sky gradually thinned out.

It became fainter and fainter to the point where even the region engulfed by the mist became visible.

Finally, in under a minute, the strange mist that had silently appeared vanished from the World of Moon and Star completely.

The surroundings completely cleared up.

Strangely, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue had completely vanished after charging into the mist.

They were gone.

Jian Chen experienced a strange feeling the instance he stepped into the mist.

He felt like he had left the World of Moon and Star, entering a different world.

Of course, he only experienced that for a split second before dismissing it.

He began to study the mist.

Jian Chens gaze was piercing.

Like a pair of lanterns, they shone brightly as he looked around.

However, he discovered very soon that he was actually unable to see through the mist with his vision.

The mist was extremely strange.

It seemed to possess a mysterious power where even Jian Chen struggled to see further than a metre.

It had to be mentioned that in the World of Moon and Star, he could clearly see everything within a million kilometres.

However, his vision was limited to a metre here.

That was not all.

Even the senses of his soul had been rendered useless in the mist.

Once it left his body, it stopped working.

At this moment, Jian Chen was no different from a blind man.

“Chang Yang, I cant see anything here at all,” Donglin Yanxues rather flustered and uneasy voice rang out.

Jian Chen, on the other hand, immediately felt a strange feeling from his neck.

Donglin Yanxue had already wrapped her hands around it tightly.

Jian Chen could even sense Donglin Yanxues uneasiness through her hands.

“The mist is strange.

I cant see anything either,” Jian Chen said with composure.

He was filled with caution.

Since the appearance of the mist could unsettle all the vicious beasts in the World of Moon and Star, it meant that the mist definitely was not as peaceful as it seemed on the surface.

Some kind of fatal danger was definitely hidden within it.

However, Jian Chen showed no fear.

Barely anything could threaten him in the World of Moon and Star given his strength.

Even if he encountered danger that he could not handle, he still had the Anatta Tower as a trump card.

Jian Chen held Donglin Yanxue as he traveled in a straight line based off instinct alone.

He lost sense of time and direction.

He even lost sense of distance.

He had no idea how long he had been walking through the mist, nor did he know how far he had traveled.

The expected dangers did not appear, and their journey was surprisingly smooth.

At this moment, a faint, azure light appeared up ahead in the hazy mist.

Jian Chens eyes immediately narrowed.

The faint, azure light was eye-catching and attention-grabbing in the snow-white mist.

It caught his attention immediately.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before speeding up.

He was traveling towards the azure light.

As Jian Chen rapidly drew closer, the azure light became more and more resplendent.

In that moment, it seemed like a lighthouse in the dark, directing Jian Chen.

In the end, Jian Chen charged out of the mist under the guidance of the azure light, and the landscape around him immediately cleared up.

A majestic, ancient divine hall made out of rusted bronze lay before him like a primordial beast.

It stood there quietly.

The entire bronze divine hall bore the presence of age as if it had existed for countless years.

The bronze divine hall stood within the hazy mist.

The azure light that it shone with seemed to possess a mysterious power, purging the mist from its surroundings.

“I never thought there would be such a place hiding within the World of Moon and Star,” Jian Chen stared at the divine hall in a daze.

After a while of thought, he asked, “Donglin Yanxue, with your status in the Radiant Saint Hall, have you heard anything about this bronze divine hall before”

He did not receive a response.

When he lowered his head, he discovered that Donglin Yanxues eyes were closed.

She had fainted some time ago.

Jian Chen raised his hand and glanced at the bronze divine hall before looking at the rolling mist behind him.

He frowned slightly.

If he returned the way he came from now, he would probably get lost in the mist because he had no sense of direction when he was in it.

He would not be able to find his way out.

As a result, he could only advance forwards now.

Making up his mind, Jian Chen immediately carried the unconscious Donglin Yanxue onwards, approaching the bronze divine hall.

When he climbed the long flight of stairs and stood before the door that was hundreds of metres tall, it produced a deep rumble and slowly opened.

Immediately, a desolate, primal presence gushed out from the divine hall as a refreshing gust of wind.

Jian Chen could not help but close his eyes and submerge himself within it.

Under the surge of the presence, he felt as if he had experienced an indefinite amount of time.

It was like countless years had passed in an instance.

A while later, when he opened his eyes and looked at the gaping door into the bronze divine hall, his eyes immediately deepened.

The bronze divine hall of mysterious origins and unknown age had actually opened its door by itself.

He could sense that he did not come here coincidentally.

The master of the bronze divine hall made all of this happen.

Jian Chen stood in the doorway.

After hesitating slightly, he stepped in.


The door slammed shut heavily after he entered the bronze divine hall.

Jian Chen carried Donglin Yanxue as he stood there.

He remained calm as he said clearly to the empty room, “Senior, please show yourself.

Why have you led me here”

With that, strands of azure light condensed before him, gradually forming an old man.

He was illusionary and completely condensed from light.

He did not have a physical body.

Jian Chens heart jumped the moment the old man appeared.

He could clearly sense that the slumbering sword spirits were actually beginning to awaken slowly.


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