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Chapter 2300: Death of a Primordial Realm Expert

But very soon, Jian Chen’s eyes dimmed down and returned to normal.

Elder He Tian and Qing Shan were just too far away; they were beyond the limits of his vision.

Jian Chen looked back and glanced at the eight Radiant Godkings who were still arguing as well as Donglin Yanxue who sat on the ground helplessly.

After some slight hesitation, he carefully extended the senses of his soul into the distance.

Jian Chen’s current level of cultivation was greater than the eight protectors.

Coupled with the changes to his soul, the senses of his soul were far greater than the eight protectors.

As a result, Jian Chen enveloped a range of five million kilometres in just a short amount of time.

However, he did not stop there.

Six million kilometres… 

Seven million kilometres… 

Very soon, the senses of Jian Chen’s soul had extended for ten million kilometers, and he finally found traces of Qing Shan and elder He Tian.

The two of them were still locked in combat and were producing powerful shockwaves.

These shockwaves impacted the senses of Jian Chen’s soul quite a bit, but it did not obstruct his senses completely like it did with the eight protectors.

As a result, Jian Chen was able to observe the battle between Qing Shan and elder He Tian clearly.

At this moment, elder He Tian’s presence was feeble.

He was grievously injured, and he had lost most of his essence blood.

He had become a skinny bag of bones, which was clearly the price for using various secret techniques.

He struggled to block Qing Shan’s attacks more and more as blood constantly sprayed from his mouth.

He was nearing his end.

Qing Shan’s attacks remained just as sharp and swift as before.

His presence was so powerful that it made the wind and clouds churned.

Even though he was also bloodied, he was not feeble.

When the senses of Jian Chen’s soul reached over, a bright light flashed through elder He Tian’s gloomy eyes just when he was about to reach his end.

As if he now saw a ray of hope, he immediately called out, “I am an elder of the Radiant Saint Hall.

My friend hidden in the dark, no matter who you are, please intervene.

Our Radiant Saint Hall will be filled with gratitude.”

However, Qing Shan had also sensed it as well.

A chilling light immediately flashed through his cold eyes as he looked at elder He Tian like the latter was already dead.

He said coldly, “Quit dreaming.

No matter who comes today, they won’t be able to save you!” With that, Qing Shan’s clothes immediately began to ruffle as his hair danced crazily.

A terrifying presence radiated from him, filling the surroundings.

“Soul Mountain Seal!” Qing Shan crossed his hands and used a powerful secret technique.

After calling out, a blurry, illusionary mountain immediately condensed.

With immense pressure, it descended upon elder He Tian with terrifying force.

Elder He Tian bellowed out and also used a secret technique.

He burnt the last of his essence blood.

At the cost of his vitality, he condensed the Laws of the Hallowed into a resplendent spear that shot out.

This was the elder He Tian’s last attack.

After that, he became completely haggard.

He was feeble and was basically taking his last breaths.

He had used everything he had in his battle against Qing Shan, but he felt completely powerless before the latter’s Martial Soul Force.

He was unable to resist the impact to his soul at all, so it was his utter defeat.

He did not even manage to cause any severe injuries to Qing Shan.


Elder He Tian’s final attack collided with the illusionary mountain Qing Shan had conjured.

Immediately, there was a great rumble as the mountain shook.

However, it only shook.

Not only did the attack fail to disperse the mountain, but it continued to sink at the same speed, enveloping elder He Tian with tremendous pressure.

“My friend, please intervene!” Elder He Tian bellowed out miserably, but in the end, he was struck heavily by Qing Shan’s Soul Mountain Seal before the mysterious person could intervene.

The Soul Mountain Seal was extremely wondrous.

It did not injure elder He Tian’s body at all.

Instead, it directly crushed down on elder He Tian’s soul.

Elder He Tian’s dimming soul immediately collapsed.

It had dispersed.

Elder He Tian of the Radiant Saint Hall had died!

After elder He Tian’s death, the senses of Jian Chen’s soul receded into the distance like water, vanishing in a single instance.

However, Qing Shan looked around after killing elder He Tian.

His eyes shone with a chilling light as he murmured, “Who is this person The senses of his soul are slightly different from other people.

If he purposefully hides it, even I can’t locate him.”

“But from the strength of the senses of his soul, he’s probably equal to the elder of the Radiant Saint Hall.

It’s fine if he’s not a part of the Radiant Saint Hall, but I can’t show any mercy if he is.”

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as he sat on a tree ten million kilometres away from where elder He Tian had died.

He stared right ahead sternly.

He had witnessed Qing Shan’s strength.

His strength was far greater than what Shui Yunlan displayed in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

He was no weaker than Jian Chen himself.

With elder He Tian’s death, the Hallowed Saint Masters in the World of Moon and Star had completely lost the power to fight against Qing Shan.

Naturally, Jian Chen had heard elder He Tian’s pleas prior to the latter’s death.

He did want to help out, but there was nothing he could do from ten million kilometres away.

Even if he really could assist him somehow, he needed to consider whether his identity would be exposed.

Otherwise, it would become a stupid decision of dooming oneself.

“Aren’t you scared at all” At this moment, Donglin Yanxue’s voice rang out from behind Jian Chen.

She had also leapt onto the tree and stood on a branch gently while she looked at Jian Chen’s figure with rather mixed feelings.

At that moment, to Donglin Yanxue’s surprise, Jian Chen’s back seemed particularly straight and tall.

She felt like he could hold up the sky.

But afterwards, Donglin Yanxue secret shook her head and discarded the hilarious and immature thought.

She became embarrassed by her own thinking.

After all, the person seated before her was just a weak Radiant Saint Master whose cultivation was not even as great as hers.

“What’s the use of being afraid I’ve faced plenty of much more despairing situations in the past.

In my eyes, the danger you face right now is nothing,” Jian Chen said calmly.

He sat still on the tree as he looked ahead.

Donglin Yanxue clearly became slightly surprised when she saw Jian Chen demonstrate a level of composure that even the eight Radiant Godkings lacked.

She could not help but study Jian Chen properly.

At that moment, she suddenly discovered that she seemed to have failed to see through Jian Chen completely.

However, as soon as she thought of Jian Chen’s intentions of getting close to her, she became extremely repulsed.

“Chang Yang, do you regret becoming my ninth protector very much now that we’re in danger” Donglin Yanxue asked.

She spoke very softly, very indifferently, and slightly coldly.

“I don’t regret it because I want to enter the Tower of Radiance.

Becoming a retainer of the five candidates is the only choice,” said Jian Chen.

He spoke very calmly, without any emotion at all.

Donglin Yanxue frowned.

Just when she wanted to ask him why he had gone so far when he could have just asked the vice-leader to enter the Tower of Radiance with his medallion, Jian Chen glanced at the eight Radiant Godkings and said, “They’ve finished discussing.

Let’s head over and see what they’ve decided on.”

With that, Jian Chen drifted off the tree slowly and made his way over to the eight protectors.

Donglin Yanxue could only swallow what she wanted to ask earlier.


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