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Chapter 2260: A Reversal of Wrong and Right

“Disciple Chang Yang of the Soaring Clouds Peak, get your *ss out here.

Why wont you return what you owe to young master Gongzheng Xin”

The Soaring Clouds Peak was fated to not get any peace on this day.

The black-robed man who Han Xin had thrown out returned to the region around the Soaring Clouds Peak a few hours later.

However, he did not set foot in the territory of the Soaring Clouds Peak.

Instead, he hovered high in the air, calling out loudly.

His voice was extremely loud, like thunder.

Not only did it boom across the entire Soaring Clouds Peak, causing the trees and grass on the mountain to shake, but it even reached a few neighbouring mountains clearly.

He did not try to keep quiet at all.

With his cultivation akin to an Overgod, he directly alarmed the peaks in the surroundings.

Immediately, figures flickered among the mountains, and many Radiant Saint Masters looked over.

The low-level formation that Jian Chen had just cast down was naturally unable to cut off the sound.

As a result, Jian Chen was forcefully roused from cultivation.

“He really is persistent.” Jian Chen opened his eyes and made his way out of the dwelling with a frown.

He stared at the figure in the sky from afar as a sliver of irritation appeared in his eyes.

“Senior brother, what has happened Why does that person say you owe Gongzheng Xin” Bai Yu arrived before Jian Chen using Radiant Saint Force and glanced at the black-robed man in the distance before asking Jian Chen in doubt.

“He has come for the Thousand Leaf Lotus,” Jian Chen said indifferently.

“Junior brother, what exactly do you owe Gongzheng Xin Youve actually made them come all the way to our mountain, shouting out loud.

If this spreads, how will we, the disciples of the Soaring Clouds Peak, still have the dignity to show ourselves before others” The first senior brother, Zhuo Feng, also made his way over.

Before he had even arrived, his critical voice had already reached them.

When he arrived before Jian Chen, he glared at him as he lectured sternly, “Since you owe someone something, hurry up and return it to them.

Isnt it embarrassing enough”

Jian Chen glanced at Zhuo Feng and scoffed, “Senior brother, the Saints World is filled with danger, and people scheme everywhere.

You naturally dont know about these dangers since you havent truly witnessed it all.

When you truly make it out of the protective bubble around you and personally experience the weathering of the Saints World, youll discover that this world isnt as peaceful as you thought it to be.

However, at that time, itll probably be too late for you.”

“Thats because many people will have already died by then.”

“As a result, I want to use this matter to teach you a proper lesson, to make you truly understand the dangers of the world.

Senior brother, you only need to stand to one side and watch.”

“Chang Yang, how dare you!” Zhuo Fengs face became extremely sunken.

He clearly understood that Jian Chen was scorning him.

In particular, Jian Chens disdainful attitude made Zhuo Feng absolutely furious.

He felt like his pride as the first senior brother was being challenged.

“Gongzheng Xin Isnt he one of the five candidates for Chosen Saint…”

“Chang Yang actually dares to borrow something from candidate Gongzheng Xin and not return it I- isnt he far too bold…”

“Junior Chang Yang, just what do you owe young master Gongzheng Xin…”

“Junior Chang Yang, since you owe someone something, you better return it quick…”

“You owe someone something, yet you dont return it.

If this makes it out, not only will it be a stain to junior Chang Yangs name, but even the name of the Soaring Clouds Peak will be affected…”

At this moment, Radiant Saint Masters flew over one after another from the nearby mountains.

They all criticised Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently.

He directly looked at the black-robed man and said, “I really do want to know what exactly I owe to Gongzheng Xin.”

Jian Chens words immediately made the Radiant Saint Master in the surroundings stop talking.

They all looked at the black-robed man.

Immediately, the black-robed man sniggered coldly.

He said loudly, “Back when you fought Wen Cheng on the Sky Gazing Peak, the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak gave you a Thousand Leaf Lotus as a reward to the final victor.

And you secretly asked for assistance from young master Gongzheng Xin to achieve victory, where you would give young master Gongzheng Xin the reward after you won…”

The black-robed man did not try to tone it down at all.

As a result, every single word of his boomed out like thunder.

It was no longer just the mountains near the Sky Gazing Peak.

Even the disciples on mountains further away heard about thesecret behind why Chang Yang was able to defeat an opponent far more powerful than him.

Discussions sprang up.

“I never thought there would be another story to Chang Yangs glorious victory…”

“So it was like that.

Like I was saying, how can someone with a one-colored soulcore defeat a Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore…”

“No wonder Chang Yang fled in the end when I met him last time and wanted to spar with him.

It looks like hes not as powerful as hes rumoured to be, which is why hes not bold enough to accept…”

“Quick, spread the news.

Let everyone learn the truth.

Chang Yang is a sham…”

Not only were the Radiant Saint Masters around the Soaring Clouds Peak discussing this, but similar discussions sprang up in the surrounding mountains as well.

The news even reached the Sky Gazing Peak with astonishing speed before spreading out in all direction from there.

Jian Chens victory over a Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore had once shaken up the Radiant Saint Hall, where basically everyone knew about it.

If it were not for the sudden closure of the Radiant Saint Hall that shifted everyones attention, the matter would probably continue to build up and even make it to the sacred hall in the end.

However, when everyone thought they had learnt thetruth, they were naturally astonished.

“Its not like that.

Its not like that…” Bai Yu became temporarily flustered from everyones conversations.

She knew that if this really made its way out, her senior brothers reputation would be permanently damaged.

Unfortunately, she felt very helpless against the rumours and gossip between the disciples.

She was unable to explain it to them.

On the other hand, Jian Chen remained completely composed.

He did not care about this at all.

He said calmly, “Do you have evidence”

The black-robed man sniggered coldly, “Evidence Of course.

Wheres Wen Cheng”

Very soon, Wen Cheng flew over from the Snowfall Peak whilst surrounded by Radiant Saint Force.

His face was sunken, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“The second senior brother of the Snowfall Peak, Wen Cheng, has actually come…”

“Senior Wen Cheng was directly involved.

He would understand the situation back then the best…”

“Lets see what junior Wen Cheng has to say first…”

Many disciples discussed in the surroundings.

Even a few of the more powerful disciples that had a three-colored soulcore or greater became interested in the matter.

Wen Cheng sneered from the bottom of his heart as he listened to the surrounding discussions.

He already knew what he had to do, so as soon as he arrived, he stared at Jian Chen emotionlessly and growled, “Chang Yang, do you really think you can defeat me with your measly one-colored soulcore If it were not for young master Gongzheng Xins message that day, forcing me to be defeated, do you still think you could have been victorious over me”


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