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Chapter 225: The Death of Tianxiong Lie

Seeing the seven people stay silent, Jian Chen smiled coldly, “So its like that Then dont blame me for being impolite.” With that, his arm shook in place as the Light Wind Sword was immediately engulfed in a large amount of Sword Qi.

The seven mens face hardened as they threw away their hesitation and brought out their Saint Weapons.

Jian Chens sword was extremely fast and flew out at such a high frequency that the seven men were not only at a disadvantage, but they were also completely overwhelmed.

The Sword Qi weaved in and out of the area as the Light Wind Sword stabbed into the throats of several Tianxiong clansmen guards.

Various Saint Weapons pulsed outward with their inner Saint Force, crashing and shattering apart the slabs of rock underneath and filling the air with the sounds clashing.

In a short moment, Jian Chen and the seven other men had already exchanged a series of blows.

The seven mens faces were all unnaturally serious, even though they had already known how fast Jian Chens sword was now that they were personally up against it, the profoundness of his ability with his sword was all too terrifying for them to comprehend clearly.

In this small moment, there were already two men who were injured.

If it were not for the men by their side quickly pulling them out of the way or attempting to block Jian Chen, then he would have left devastating blows and the men wouldnt have a life to fight back with.

Seeing Jian Chen fight furiously against the seven men, Tianxiong Lie and Tianxiong Daoyun didnt waste a moment and instantly joined the group to fight against Jian Chen to make it a total of 9 Great Saint Masters against one.

From farther away, the few remaining guards stood still as they watched the fight seriously.

With ten Great Saint Masters fighting in the same battle; nine of them versus one in fact, it was a sight that left them thunderstruck.

Especially since the fight was happening in such a remote city like Wake City and each fighter slashing out at another with a large amount of Saint Force, everyone couldnt help but be slack-jawed.

Jian Chens body disappeared in a blur of white as he instantly dodged to the side to avoid a blow before retaliating with his own sword that flew at the nine instantly.


The sounds of Saint Weapons crashing against each other could be heard as Jian Chen held his Light Wind Sword against the others.

At this moment, a cold wind could be heard from behind before a biting cold wind pressed against Jian Chens shoulder tightly as a yellow colored Saint Force infused battle axe swung down on it.

Suddenly, just as the battle axe began to emit more earth Saint Force down onto the battle axe, in a split second, Jian Chens body flickered away and reappeared a step further away and dodged the giant axe just in the nick of time.

At the same time, Jian Chens body suddenly turned as his Light Wind Sword began to emit an amazing amount of Sword Qi and flew at the battle axe like a viper.

Tianxiong Lie had a serious look on his face as he observed the Light Wind Sword.

He had already experienced the lightning quick draw of Jian Chens sword once before and was thus prepared against it this time.

Upon seeing the protective shield of the earth Saint Force wrapping up around his own upper body.

He tilted his head and moved to the side while bringing his battle axe around to swing at Jian Chen from a different angle.

The first blow had looked to be extremely dangerous, but Tianxiong Lie had actually held back his strength.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to draw back his weapon and change its trajectory so easily.

Jian Chen snorted as he looked at the next attack from Tianxiong Lie with disdain.

His eyes betrayed the killing intent in them as he changed the path of his stab so that it would follow Tianxiong Lies movements.

Even more amazing was that the speed had even multiplied three times over.

Seeing the change in momentum of the sword, Tianxiong Lies face turned pale with shock.

In a moment, he had realized that he wouldnt be able to shake off the sword.

The incredibly sharp point of the Light Wind Sword met against the earth Saint Force armor around his body, it only momentarily stopped before the defense, well known for being the strongest defensive attribute, was instantly shattered.

In an instant, the Light Wind Sword regained its lost momentum and flew at his throat, shaving away his defenses like a hot knife through butter.

Suddenly, just as Tianxiong Lie was on the verge of death, a bent shaped sword dropped down heavily on the Light Wind Sword, instantly forcing the path of it to deviate from its original target.

A few strands of hair floated gently in the air as people saw that a part of Tianxiong Lies long beard had been cut, but that was a small price to pay for his life.

Tianxiong Lies forehead was full of sweat now.

If it were not for that sword, he wouldnt have been able to stand there alive and breathing.

Not only was Jian Chens sword extremely fast, but it was extremely agile to a degree that Tianxiong Lie had not expected.

Then, the other seven had finally caught a good chance to kill Jian Chen.

Joining together at once to kill him, eight Saint Weapons all flew toward Jian Chen all at the same time and all from different angles.

The large amount of Saint Force acted almost as if it was a web of pressure that shackled Jian Chen within and sealed off any possible way of escape.

With a snort, Jian Chen shook his arm that held the Light Wind Sword and instantly struck out with it toward the direction Tianxiong Lie was at.

In the perspective of the other seven who were attacking him, it was as if he disappeared from their vision.

Against Jian Chens entire strength, the opposition of Great Saint Masters could only defend themselves against three sword strokes with confidence.

After his Light Wind Sword had pressured them to retreat backward, Jian Chen made another movement and instantly propelled himself forward toward Tianxiong Lie like a bullet.

Following the sound of air being displaced, Jian Chens body catapulted forward as six Saint Weapons tried to attack him from behind while another Saint Weapon tried to cut into Jian Chens shoulder.

After being saved from a critical moment, Tianxiong Lie did not think he would be in danger again so soon.

His face couldnt help but grow startled once more as he realized that the Light Wind Sword was traveling toward his throat again.

Immediately bringing up his battle axe to defend himself, the large battleaxe tried to shield the upper half of his body from the sword.

The next moment, Tianxiong Lie suddenly felt the protective barrier created from his Saint Force breaking once more.

Clenching his giant battle axe in this moment of crisis as his only reaction, Tianxiong Lie could only feel a sharp stinging sensation in his throat.

Jian Chen had gotten around him and pierced through Tianxiong Lies throat from behind.

Seeing the sight of his own blood splashed on the sword through his neck, Tianxiong Lie suddenly grew sluggish as though he was going into shock from what he was seeing.


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