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Chapter 2214: Hallowed Saint Masters

Jian Chen had already arrived on the Desolate Plane now.

Currently, he was in a luxurious inn within the central region.

He had ordered some dishes and ate by himself.

Many people ate in the inn.

They enjoyed their alcohol as they discussed with one another loudly in great interest.

They talked about the various interesting matters that had occurred on the Desolate Plane as well as various rumours that they had heard.

Jian Chen had already gained a rough understanding of the Desolate Plane from Xuan Ming.

However, it had already been far too long since Xuan Ming had returned to the Desolate Plane, so he only learnt about some very old matters from Xuan Ming.

As a result, Jian Chen needed to acquire some new knowledge about the current Desolate Plane.

After all, he did not plan on staying here for just a few days.

If nothing went wrong, he would be on the Desolate Plane for quite a long time.

“In three years, the Radiant Saint Hall will select a new Chosen Saint.

I wonder who will become the Chosen Saint this time…”

“It’s said that there are five geniuses with nine star talent in the Radiant Saint Hall right now.

Three of them have gone from being a Class 1 Radiant Saint Master to Class 9 in just one thousand years.

It’s said that they’re all trying to comprehend the second law of being a Radiant Saint Master, the Laws of the Hallowed, to become a Hallowed Saint Master.

It shouldn’t take long for them to become extremely powerful Hallowed Saint Masters.”

“Hallowed Saint Masters are existences with extremely great battle prowess.

They rarely have any opponents at the same level of cultivation.

Only those supreme prodigies raised by great organisations have the right to rival them…”

“Hehe, the heavens are fair.

Even though Hallowed Saint Masters have very powerful battle prowess, there’s a price for them to pay as well, and that’s the great difficulty in making any progress…”

“How long do you think the three nine star geniuses who reached Class 9 in just a millennia will take before they comprehend the second law of Radiant Saint Masters and become a Hallowed Saint Master…”


At this moment, the discussion to one side raised Jian Chen’s attention.

He turned his head slightly and glanced at them very casually.

They were a group of young people in white robes, which he identified to be Radiant Saint Masters with a single glance.

They discussed the matters of Radiant Saint Masters enthusiastically.

Jian Chen was not unfamiliar with the Chosen Saint and nine star geniuses.

He had already understood it from Xuan Ming.

The Chosen Saint was the most outstanding person selected from all the Radiant Saint Masters of the Radiant Saint Hall through various means of elimination and selection.

This person would then be raised into the leader of the younger generation with the most authority.

Moreover, they would have all the resources and the full support of the Radiant Saint Hall.

Once a Chosen Saint was selected, they would be an existence that stood above almost everyone in the Radiant Saint Hall.

Not only would they be a representation of status and authority, but they would also have an exceptional future paved for them, possessing extremely great room for growth and future glory.

However, it would be extremely difficult to become the Chosen Saint.

In the past, even with Xuan Ming’s talent, he had no right to be chosen.

As for the nine star geniuses, it was a form of measurement for the talent of Radiant Saint Masters.

Every single person who could be called a genius possessed extraordinary talent.

They would be a one star genius at the very least, and it could range to as high as a nine star genius.

Even one star geniuses would have a certain amount of status in the Radiant Saint Hall.

They would receive superior treatment, which could not be compared to regular disciples.

As for Hallowed Saint Masters, they were like Xuan Ming, who had grasped the trick to change Radiant Saint Force.

As a result, not only did it possess healing qualities, but it also possessed great offensive power.

Right now, Jian Chen was only a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master at most.

He was not a Hallowed Saint Master.

After remaining there for a little longer, Jian Chen realised that he could not obtain any more useful information.

As such, he left some high grade divine crystals and left the inn.

He had a basic understanding of the Desolate Plane’s situation.

It was also split into five major regions, and the Radiant Saint Hall resided in the central region.

It was not far from where he was right now.

Jian Chen directly made his way to the Radiant Saint Hall.

He discovered many wanted posters stuck around the streets.

Unsurprisingly, he was there.

However, the person who had published them was only the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

The Azure Peng King’s wanted posters did not seem to reach the Desolate Plane yet.

Apart from him, there was also a young man who was wanted.

His image was stuck all over the streets and alleyways.

The young man was called Qing Shan.

He was handsome and only seemed to be twenty-five or twenty-six.

The people who had published the posters were the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Qing Shan comes from the Martial Soul Mountain, ranked first on the Godkings’ Throne…” Jian Chen’s gaze darkened when he saw Qing Shan’s introduction.

When he had just come to the Desolate Plane, he had already heard of the Martial Soul lineage.

They were hostile to the Radiant Saint Hall, where the two of them were basically arch enemies.

The reason why Qing Shan was wanted by the Radiant Saint Hall was because he killed a Hallowed Saint Master who had condensed a soultree from the Radiant Saint Hall.

The cultivation system of Radiant Saint Masters was different from fighters.

Hallowed Saint Masters who had condensed soultrees were akin to Primordial realm experts.

“There are rarely any opponents of Hallowed Saint Masters at the same level of cultivation as them, yet a Hallowed Saint Master who has condensed a soultree and reached the Primordial realm was slain by Qing Shan, a mere Godking.

Qing Shan truly deserves the position of first on the Godkings’ Throne,” Jian Chen thought.

He could not help but compare Qing Shan to Shui Yunlan.

Shui Yunlan was also known to be invincible among Godkings.

Her strength had been fully revealed in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Jian Chen stopped when he passed by the centre of the city.

He stared ahead.

There was a flight of stairs completely constructed from sword Qi.

It led towards the sky, heading into the depths of the clouds.

Quite a few people had gathered at the bottom of the sword Qi stairs.

From time to time, a few young prodigies would step onto the stairs with determination and burning desire, doing everything they could to reach the end.

The stairs formed from sword Qi were known as the Path of Swords.

It was rumoured that the Path of Swords had already existed on the Desolate Plane for hundreds of thousand years.

It was so well-known that its name was not restricted to the Desolate Plane.

It had even spread to other planes.

This was because the Path of Swords was a test personally set down by the Celestial Sword Saint.

It was once said that someone made it to the end of the Path of Swords, they would have the right to be accepted as the Celestial Sword Saint’s disciple.

The Celestial Sword Saint was referred to people as a saint on the Desolate Plane, so his strength was evident.

Jian Chen stopped before the Path of Swords for a very long time.

He silently sensed the incredible sword intent that radiated from the stairs before leaving in the end.

Before long, he arrived at the Radiant Saint Hall.

“I want to join the Radiant Saint Hall!” Jian Chen directly stated his intentions.


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