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When Cang Ying was with Mo Cheng, he had always remained calm and expressionless.

Regardless of how great of a matter happened, it would struggle to make his expression change.

As a result, he always gave off a feeling that he was someone knowledgeable and wise as if he had seen the entire world and there was nothing left.

But now, the layer of scales on his hand had cracked.

Cang Ying struggled to maintain his aloof exterior.

His heart, which had been as calm as still water, now seemed like someone had tossed in a large rock, creating large splashes.

He was perturbed.

His scaled armor was a pseudo god artifact.

Even though it was not a true god artifact, it was not much weaker than one, yet that strike had damaged it.

Cang Ying would not have been so surprised if the person who damaged it was a supreme Godking who ranked within the top ten of the Godkings Throne.

That was because there were rumors that experts like that could bypass a major realm of cultivation and fend off Primordial realm experts or even slay Infinite Primes.

They were extremely powerful.

However, the person who had damaged his armor just happened to be a woman who had become a Godking recently.

It was impossible for Cang Ying to not be shocked.

However, his shock was soon followed by great joy and burning desire.

It was to the point where Cang Ying basically treated Kai Ya with much more importance than Xiao Man.

“I have to capture this woman and understand the secret behind her usage of laws.

I have to get this secret technique no matter what,” Cang Ying secretly made up his mind as he struck out with his full strength in an attempt to capture Kai Ya.

However, although Kai Ya was far weaker than Cang Ying in terms of cultivation, her unmatched mastery over the usage of the laws granted her battle prowess that was not much weaker than Cang Yings.

Moreover, she had Jian Chens assistance.

Under their teamwork, there was nothing much that Cang Ying could do to them, even though he was a supreme Godking on the Godkings Throne.

Moreover, a major part of why Cang Ying could display his astonishing strength earlier was because of the azure scales that surpassed supreme quality saint artifacts and were only below god artifacts.

Now that it had cracked, it would affect his battle prowess to a certain degree.

Seeing Jian Chen and Kai Ya get closer and closer to the passage to the eighth floor as they fought and retreated, Cang Ying began to secretly feel worried as well.

Then he suddenly looked at mister Shu behind him, and he growled, “You keep Jian Chen busy while Ill deal with the woman.

Once I capture her, Ill help you against Jian Chen.”

Behind them, mister Shu had already mostly recovered from his wounds after ingesting God Tier healing pills.

He charged over without any hesitation after hearing Cang Yings words, engaging in an intense battle against Jian Chen with the Cataclysmic Onyxwind Fan.

Mister Shu had understood the situation long ago.

If they wanted to deal with Jian Chen and Kai Ya, it was impossible for either of them to do it alone.

Only by working together would they be able to achieve their goals.

Jian Chen was kept busy by mister Shu, while Kai Ya faced the barrage of attacks from Cang Ying all by herself.

Immediately, the pressure she experienced multiplied as she found it more and more arduous.

However, it was still difficult for Cang Ying to capture Kai Ya despite that being the case.

The battle between the four of them had already reached a great intensity.

None of them held back, unleashing their full strength.

It was chaotic as the world around them seemed to pale in comparison.

It shook up the entire ninth floor.

Soon after their battle began, mister Shu showed signs of weakness first.

Using the god artifact over long periods of time depleted his origin energy rapidly.

Coupled with his unhealed wounds, he struggled to last for very long.

On the other hand, Jian Chen was even more heavily injured than mister Shu.

He was covered in blood and had even been directly struck by the god artifact, littering him with wounds and causing chaotic blood to splash everywhere.

However, his battle prowess did not decrease at all, making him seem like a beast in human form.

He seemed like something that could not be killed no matter what was tried.


Finally, under the vicious collision this time, mister Shu, who was clearly weakening, was blown away by Jian Chen in a single stroke.

The god artifact in his hand dimmed as well after losing the support of sufficient origin energy.

Even if mister Shu consumed a recovery pill to recover his origin energy, it would be nowhere near enough to match the depletion rate of using a god artifact.

Freed from mister Shu, Jian Chen immediately charged towards Cang Ying and engaged in a great battle against him to relieve Kai Yas pressure.

“Cang Ying, Ive done all I can.

Itll be up to you next,” mister Shu said from afar as he seemed rather dishevelled.

The battle had an extremely great impact on him.

He was a mighty peak Godking, yet he actually lost to an early Godking while wielding a god artifact.

He felt shame from this.

In reality, it was not because mister Shu was weaker than Jian Chen.

It was just that he did not possess a body as tough as Jian Chens and did not have the powerful energy support of Chaotic Force.

“Jian Chen is already injured.

He cant last for too long.

Everyone, attack him together.

I only want the girl.

You can have everything else on Jian Chen,” Cang Ying called out.

He wanted to borrow everyones power to deal with Jian Chen and Kai Ya because he truly did not have the opportunity to capture Kai Ya when the two were fighting together.

However, Cang Yings urges were useless.

Although over two hundred Godkings had gathered in the surroundings now, and all of them wanted something on Jian Chen, none of them were willing to become Jian Chens first target after understanding how powerful he was.

At this moment, a blinding streak of light shot over from the distance.

It moved extremely quickly, shooting over with a flash directly towards their location.

It was a ten-meter-long sword that shimmered with light.

It shone like the sun as it dyed the pitch-black night white as day.

A young man in golden robes stood on the sword.

He only seemed to be in his twenties, and he was extremely handsome.

His facial features were chiselled while his face was cold.

Powerful sword intent revolved around him.

He was an expert of the Laws of the Sword, having reached peak Godking already.

The sword intent around him never dispersed, making him seem like an unmatched sword of power.

The young man in gold had ridden over on his sword before stopping several kilometers away to witness the battle between Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Cang Ying.

He coldly glanced past the several hundred Godkings who tailed the three of them closely as he said emotionlessly, “I heard a girl who is protected by the world has appeared on the ninth floor.

Do you know about this”

From that, many of the Godkings shivered inside.

They could already deduce that the young man in gold had probably come down from the tenth floor from what he said.

Seeing how no one replied, the young mans face sank slightly.

He snorted coldly as a supreme presence radiated from him along with powerful sword intent that flooded over the Godkings in an overwhelming fashion.

Immediately, the expressions of many of the Godkings changed.

Under the young mans presence, many of the weaker Godkings felt like they had entered a roaring wave, where they could be submerged at any time.


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