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Jian Chen was stern.

At the same time, strands of destructive Chaotic Force gushed out of his chaotic neidan, forming surging rivers as they rampaged through his body rapidly.

Not only did he push his defences to the maximum, but a strand of extremely powerful Chaotic Force had also condensed on his sword silently.

Immediately, Jian Chens sword went from the initial silver-white to a dark grey.

Destructive, violent power radiated from it, giving off a chilling presence.

Afterwards, Jian Chen called out, and he suddenly swung his sword as a streak of dark light.

At the same time, Kai Ya struck out as well.

She raised her hand and condensed the power of the Laws of Destruction, turning it into an inscription of the laws of the world.

It shot out with a profound presence.

Their attacks collided with Cang Yings talons at basically the same time.

A layer of densely-packed azure scales seemed to appear on Cang Yings hands, covering every inch of it.



Two sounds enough to deafen people exploded.

When Jian Chens strike that contained Chaotic Force collided with Cang Yings hand, it actually produced a screech of metal.

Cang Yings hand was extremely tough, even tougher than a high quality saint artifact.

Jian Chen even felt like he did not stab Cang Yings hand with his attack.

Rather, it seemed like he struck a supreme quality saint artifact.

This was because the feeling that Cang Yings hand gave Jian Chen was just like a supreme quality saint artifact!

Jian Chen and Kai Ya both drifted backwards after the strike.

Cang Ying was just too powerful, far more powerful than mister Shu.

They failed to gain the upper hand even when working together.

However, Cang Ying did not gain the upper hand either when he fought the two of them together.

His body shook violently as he retreated uncontrollably in the air.

“The Laws of Destruction seem different.

Its the same laws, yet theyre actually so powerful in this womans hands,” Cang Ying stared at Kai Ya with surprise and confusion.

He could tell with a single glance that Kai Ya was only an early Godking while her comprehension of the Laws of Destruction remained at early Godking as well.

However, in Kai Yas hands, the Laws of Destruction were actually even more powerful than late Godkings, which shocked him deeply.

“There seems to be something extra in the Laws of Destruction.” Cang Ying frowned as he recalled every moment of contact with the Laws of Destruction when he clashed with Kai Ya earlier.

However, he was unable to understand the mystery at all due to his limited cultivation and knowledge.

“I need to capture that girl and interrogate her properly.

If she possesses a secret technique, itll be extremely significant to the clan.” A gleam of light flickered through Cang Yings eyes.

With a single movement, he shot towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya again.

But this time, his primary target had shifted from Jian Chen to Kai Ya.

Cang Ying moved just far too quickly.

Faced with Cang Yings pursuit, the two of them were unable to flee at all.

With no other choice, they could only attack together, retreating as they fought.

The strength Cang Ying displayed increased.

He formed claws with both hands that could rip through anything.

Every strike was so powerful that not only did Jian Chen and Kai Yas pressure increase by several folds, but even the Godkings who hurried over from behind shivered when they saw them.

“Cang Ying is much more powerful than I imagined him to be,” mister Shu became extremely stern as well when he saw Cang Ying fight.

He was also a supreme expert who made it onto the Godkings Throne, but he failed to make the rankings.

Originally, he believed that even if there was a difference between his and Cang Yings strength, it would be very limited, but only now did he understand just how great the difference was.

“Supreme Godkings from the Godkings Throne are actually so powerful that its unbelievable.

Moreover, Cang Ying is only ranked nine hundred and fiftieth on the Godkings Throne.

I really struggle to imagine just how astonishing the Godkings who rank in the top one hundred or even the top ten are,” the fifth prince of the Sky Empire was shocked.

As the prince of an eternal empire that had existed for millions of years, this was his first time seeing a supreme Godking fight.

The terrifying, astonishing battle prowess had an unprecedented impact on him.

“With a supreme Godking taking part, Jian Chen is dead for sure!” The fifth prince thought.

His occasional glance towards Jian Chen was cold.

Suddenly, the world darkened as a terrifying might permeated the surroundings.

Two huge hands filled the surroundings, replacing the sky and obscuring the Neptunean Moon.

They slammed down towards the ground with terrifying force.

The two hands were covered in azure scales.

Every single scale pulsed with powerful energy as they flickered with hazy, azure light.

When the hands fell, the pressure caused the entire ground to sink as the vegetation was pulverised.

This was a powerful strike from Cang Ying.

It was so powerful that it caused many Godkings behind to pale in fright as they felt like the world was ending.

Jian Chen roared out and used his full strength.

He turned into the sword as he shot into the sky as a resplendent streak of light, colliding with the huge hand with the greatest intensity so far.

Boom! Jian Chen was smacked into the ground with that.

Half of him had become buried while blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Kai Ya was emotionless, and her eyes were cold.

At that moment, her mind seemed to empty out as her entire body calmed down, entering a state of no thought.

She pointed her hands at the sky, and immediately, the power of the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire condensed together, revolving around her.

Kai Ya used the three laws without any hesitation at all.

The three powers all shot out.

It was so powerful that it had reached a new level.

In particular, when the three powers merged together, it seemed to resonate with the laws of the world, shooting out as a streak of light.


Kai Yas strike possessed unfathomable power.

When the powers of the three laws collided with the huge hand that descended, there was an immediate, crisp sound.

The azure scales there actually cracked, forming a hole where blood poured out like rain from the sky.

Cang Ying grunted as he staggered backwards.

Seeing how the scales on his hand had cracked, he was shocked inside.

Disbelief filled his face.

“How is this possible How on earth is this possible These scales came from master when he moulted, which he then bestowed to me.

Theyre so powerful that theyve completely exceeded supreme quality saint artifacts in toughness.

Theyve reached the level of god artifacts, so how did they shatter” Cang Ying stared at the cracked scales on his hand as his heart churned.


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