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Unfortunately, he had already passed the point of no return.

Moreover, with his personality, he would never allow himself to turn back in the first place.

Whether it was because of Jian Chen killing Bai Qi and the other or because of Yun Xin who was supposed to become his wife, he would not allow himself to let Jian Chen go.

“Mister Shu, you have to kill Jian Chen right here no matter what.

You cant let him escape,” the fifth prince said to mister Shu secretly.

Jian Chens strength made him shiver, and on his side, only mister Shu could fend off Jian Chen.

Mister Shu frowned when he received the fifth princes message.

After fighting Jian Chen for so long, he understood Jian Chens strength much better than anyone else.

He seemed like he had the upper hand on the surface, completely suppressing Jian Chen through the might of his god artifact, but he also knew that even though Jian Chen seemed to be very heavily injured, his battle prowess had not weakened at all.

Jian Chen stood firm and fought steadily, using a supreme quality saint artifact against his god artifact.

It seemed extremely dangerous, where his sword had been knocked away several times, but he had not suffered a life-threatening wound at all.

Moreover, the burden of using a god artifact was far greater than anyone could imagine.

After all, only Infinite Primes could use god artifacts as they wished through the tremendous power of their cultivation.

Mister Shu was only a Godking, so the difference in the power of his cultivation to Infinite Primes was extremely large.

Even though he could just barely use this god artifact through special means, he could not last for long.

Mister Shus eyes gradually turned cold as his presence rapidly soared.

He used his full strength, unleashing the limit of the god artifact.

He knew that he could not draw things out and needed to finish the battle soon.

Immediately, the Cataclysmic Onyxwind Fan shone with blinding light as it pulsed with powerful energy.

A terrifying dark whirlwind, powerful enough to rip through space, swept over, whistling towards Jian Chen with terrifying might.

From afar, the dark whirlwind seemed to fill the entire sky, obscuring the moon and stars and plunging the world into darkness.

It was a shocking sight.

Jian Chen hovered in the air.

He was soaked in blood, but his presence surged out as a powerful sword intent revolved around him.

He bellowed out and sent several strands of golden sword Qi that were several meters long towards the whirlwind as he laughed aloud, “It looks like god artifacts really are so-so.

We will fight again in the future, mister Shu.

Farewell.” With that, Jian Chen turned around and shot off into the distance, no longer dwelling on the battle.

The disturbance from his fight with mister Shu was just too great.

The violent shockwaves of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, where they could be clearly sensed from even a million kilometers away.

More and more people hurried over right now, so if this continued, the situation would only develop badly for him.

When Jian Chen retreated, Kai Ya turned into a blur and unleashed her full speed as well, flying towards the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace with Jian Chen.

“Dont let them escape…”

“There are still so many heavenly resources on him.

Everyone pursue, we cant let them leave the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

“And a Chaotic Primes legacy is with Jian Chen as well.

Jian Chen has taken so many good things all for himself, so we cant let him have it easy.

Chase him…”

“No matter how powerful he is, hes alone.

We have so many people, so are we supposed to even fear him…”

As soon as Jian Chen and Kai Ya retreated, the expressions of the Godkings in the surroundings immediately changed.

They all pursued loudly.

“Jian Chen, leave behind the girl, and Ill get out of your way.

Otherwise, you wont be able to leave here today,” mister Shu said calmly and steadily.

He pursued with his god artifact.

Mister Shu was already a late Godking.

He possessed many secret techniques, so he was naturally must faster than Jian Chen.

In just a few seconds, he blocked Jian Chen again.

“Mister Shu, you are indeed very powerful, but if I want to leave wholeheartedly, just you is not enough to stop me,” Jian Chen laughed aloud as his presence surged.

The Laws of the Sword condensed as he stabbed out as hard as he could.

This time, Kai Ya did not choose to stand down.

When Jian Chen attacked, she moved as well.

She did not use any saint artifacts.

Instead, she struck out with her slender hand using the Laws of Destruction.

In mister Shus eyes, Jian Chen was his only opponent, so he naturally placed all his attention on him.

He never thought that Kai Ya, who had only become a Godking recently, would attack him at this moment.

Moreover, Kai Yas palm strike was extremely swift, where it seemed to move through the fabric of space-time.

By the time mister Shu reacted, it was already too late.

Kai Yas hand easily tore through the barrier of energy around mister Shu with the power of the Laws of Destruction and struck his chest with great speed.

Mister Shus face changed suddenly, and a mouthful of blood immediately spurted from his mouth.

He was blown far away, and his entire chest had already caved in.

Kai Yas attack possessed formidable power.

It was no weaker than a full-powered strike from Jian Chen.

Mister Shu had been caught off-guard, so he was heavily injured in a single instance.

He became frail.

He only stabilised himself with much difficulty after flying several thousand meters.

His face was pale as his body tottered in the air.

He stared at Kai Ya in shock as he became filled with surprise.

From Kai Yas palm strike alone, he could tell that Kai Yas strength was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

She was also an early Godking, but her true battle prowess was no less than Jian Chens.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya did not remain for a single moment after heavily injuring mister Shu.

They continued towards the eighth floor.

Mister Shu watched Jian Chen and Kai Ya travel away with much reluctance.

After coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood, he looked behind him.

An old man and a young man hovered there.

To no surprise, one of them was the supreme Overgod Mo Cheng, while the other person was the mysterious old man who had always accompanied Mo Cheng.

Mister Shus gaze directly ignored Mo Cheng and focused on the old man behind Mo Cheng.

His lips moved slightly as he communicated with him from very far away, “Cang Ying, you must have seen how extraordinary that girl is.

Shes able to receive the protection of the world within the Neptunean Divine Palace, which means theres a huge secret related to the Neptunean Divine Palace hidden on her.

Doesnt that interest you”

“Moreover, the Neptunean Moon that hasnt made an appearance for millions of years has actually appeared at this moment.

Havent you ever wondered whether the appearance of the Neptunean Moon has something to do with the girl”

Mister Shu was clearly very cautious about Cang Ying, and he also showed some admiration.

That was because Cang Ying was a true supreme Godking who had made it onto the Godkings Throne, and he ranked at nine hundred and fiftieth.

He was extremely powerful.

A gleam of light flickered through Cang Yings eyes with that.

He gazed at Jian Chen and Kai Yai in the distance, and after hesitating slightly, he vanished from Mo Chengs side with a single movement.

He directly flew towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya with a terrifying speed.

A dense, azure light appeared around him, which seemed to form the blurry image of an eagle.

Ahead, Jian Chen and Kai Ya seemed to sense something.

They suddenly looked back and just happened to see Cang Ying approach them rapidly.

It made their eyes narrow.

“What shocking speed!” Jian Chen shivered inside.

He had always feared Cang Ying inside.

Although he had not seen Cang Ying fight personally, he knew that he was definitely much more powerful than mister Shu.

“Be careful, Jian Chen!” Kai Ya became stern.

To them, he would definitely be a difficult opponent.

Cang Ying shone with azure light as he shot over like a huge, monstrous bird.

He moved with shocking speed, catching up to Jian Chen and Kai Ya in a single instance.

His hands turned into five eagle talons as he swept them towards both Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

When Cang Ying struck out, a terrifying pulse of energy immediately surged from him.

It truly was world-shaking and extremely terrifying, enough to make the moon and stars pale and shock all Godkings.

Previously, Cang Ying had hidden his strength.

Only at the moment he struck out did he expose his true power.


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