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He no longer had a lot of divine crystals left in his Space Ring.

He had already spent over half of the supreme grade divine crystals he had obtained from Yaxi Lian, so he only had a little over a dozen blocks left.

Jian Chen frowned.

With a flip of his hand, a few more Space Rings appeared in his hand, and he sent in the senses of his soul to check inside.

These Space Rings belonged to the Godkings who had entered the barrier.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya naturally did not miss their Space Rings after they had been slain.

Indeed, Jian Chen discovered quite a few divine crystals in the Space Rings.

He immediately took out all of them.

But to his pity, the Godkings they had slain were not particularly wealthy even though there were late Godkings among them.

In total, there was only a little over a dozen blocks.

“Its a pity that I failed to get all the Space Rings of the early Godkings I killed, allowing others to benefit for nothing,” thought Jian Chen.

When he faced the slaughter of so many Godkings, he had no spare energy to collect the Space Rings.

“Over thirty blocks of supreme grade divine crystals should be enough to last for a while.

However, we wont be able to last for very long with just this formation.

Jian Chen, keep watch over the formation.

Ill go cast down more,” master Chanlong growled and immediately got to work.

“Kai Ya, you go heal up first.

Leave the matters here to me for now.

There might be a horrific battle afterwards.” Jian Chen gave Kai Ya his best healing pills.

He could not help but feel deeply ashamed from how Kai Ya was covered in blood.

“Sigh, its all because of the decision I made without asking you all that made you end up like this.

Kai Ya, I cant make it up to you,” Jian Chen blamed himself.

Originally, he could have taken another choice.

As long as he gave up the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, they would not have become a public target.

However, they had managed to retain the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways after a battle against Mo Cheng.

He had almost become its owner, so he was truly unwilling to give it up and make all his efforts go to waste.

Kai Ya smiled gently.

She showed no blame at all on her pale face.

Instead, she was slightly happy.

She said, “Jian Chen, I discovered that my strength increases extremely rapidly through fights like that.”

Kai Ya continued, “When I cultivated before, I didnt encounter a single bottleneck at all, allowing me to break through extremely quickly.

I cultivated to late Overgod in a single breath, but ever since I reached late Overgod, I felt like I had reached a bottleneck.

My comprehensions of laws no longer advanced, forcing me to halt there.”

Kai Yas eyes were bright.

She looked at the Godkings who constantly attacked the energy barrier, and she said, “But when I fought against them earlier, I could clearly sense that the bottleneck that caught me seemed to be slowly loosening.

I can even vaguely see the cornerstone of Godking.

I shouldnt be far away from breaking through.”

“Thats fantastic.

My comprehension of the Laws of the Sword has already reached the level of Godkings.

As long as I have some time, I can raise my cultivation to Godking as well.

At that time, there really wont be a lot of people wholl be able to pose a threat to us with our battle prowess,” Jian Chen said excitedly.

Then, he added, “However, the matter at hand is to make it through this danger first.”

Jian Chen also looked beyond the barrier of energy.

He had already prepared the resources for his breakthrough, and now that his Laws of the Sword had broken through, he only needed some time, and his Chaotic Body could reach the twelfth layer.

However, it clearly was not a good time to break through right now since the barrier of energy could shatter at any time.

Yun Xin looked at the Space Ring in her hand with much attachment.

The Space Ring that contained the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways had been taken away.

After the Godking was slain by Jian Chen, the Space Ring returned to her hands.

“Jian Chen, Ill give this Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways to you.

If it werent for you, I wouldnt have been able to keep it at all.

It wouldve entered the hands of other people long ago.

Our Yun family no longer possesses the right to keep the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways,” Yun Xin passed the Space Ring to Jian Chen slowly.

She was dejected as she said gently, “If you really cant stop them, then hand over the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways.”

“Yeah, miss Yun Xins right.

Jian Chen, if we really cant stop them, then just hand over the root,” Xiao Zheng looked at Jian Chen with mixed feelings as amazement filled his eyes.

He said, “Jian Chen.

Kai Ya and your talent are basically unprecedented.

I think even some Grand Exalts would be willing to fight over you to take you in as disciples.

They would be willing to nurture the two of you with everything they have.

Various heavenly resources and God Tier pills will be presented on your whim.

It really isnt worth it to force yourselves into desperate straights over a single Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways.”

Jian Chen looked at Yun Xin quietly.

He hesitated slightly before accepting the Space Ring decisively.

Then, he looked at the people outside the barrier of energy as the light in his eyes flickered.

At the same time, a group of people shot towards the Divine Medicinal Garden with lightning speed from several hundred kilometers away.

They moved extremely quickly, crossing several kilometers in a single instance.

There were roughly fifty people in the group.

The person at the front was a handsome young man in violet soft armor.

He seemed to be in his twenties, and he possessed an arrogant air.

His violet armor was actually a precious supreme quality saint artifact.

It flickered with light as it gave off powerful pulses of energy.

No one was weaker than early Godking in this group.

In reality, there were only a few early Godkings and not a lot of mid Godkings either.

Most of them were late Godkings.

With so many late Godkings banded together, they were quite a powerful force in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

However, all of them seemed to be following the young man in violet armor.

Most of them looked at the young man politely, and they spoke submissively.

“Fifth prince, its right ahead.

According to the soul imprint we left on Daolai, he seems to be several hundred kilometers away,” Yun Weifeng said from behind the young man.

Right now, his face was pale, and he seemed haggard.

His clothes were also red with blood.

Alongside Yun Weifeng were the eight other Godkings of the Yun family, including Yun Lianqing.

All of them suffered from injuries of various degrees.

A gleam of light flickered through the fifth princes eyes as he showed some excitement.

He said, “Good! Lets speed up.

We need to get there as quickly as possible.

We cant let anything happen to the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways.”

The fifth princes eyes were filled with a burning desire as his heart beat heavily.

His blood seemed to be raging through his veins.

It was a Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, something that could create a Chaotic Prime.

If an item like that was released into the outside world, it would be enough to cause a fight between the Chaotic Primes of various eternal empires and ancient clans.

This was because the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways would guarantee a Chaotic Prime for the clan.

This was a huge temptation to any eternal empire or ancient clan.

It was enough to affect their futures.

“Your Yun family has played a vital role this time by providing such important information.

Dont worry.

As long as I obtain the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways successfully, I definitely wont mistreat your Yun family,” the fifth prince of the Sky Empire from the Profound Thunder Plane promised to the people of the Yun family.


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