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Chapter 2030: Within the Divine Palace

“Mother!” Xiao Man could not help but think of the old, extremely blurry figure that only existed in her memories when she heard Zi Yun’s words.

Her eyes reddened slightly as she showed deep sorrow.

Her mother had departed far too early.

Just when she had turned three years old, the old figure who had carried her every day and gave her deep, motherly love had left her.

Even though Xiao Man was only three years old when she saw her mother for the last time, she still had not forgotten everything that had happened when she was young.

It had just become slightly blurry.

As for her father, Xiao Man never met him before, as he had already passed away before she was even born.

There were no images or memories.

In the past few years, Xiao Man had only learnt a little about her father from her sister Zi Yun.

This was because her sister Zi Yun had seen her father.

Everything she knew about him came from her.

Xiao Man only knew that her father was an old person with a head full of withered hair from Zi Yun.

Her mother was a hunch-backed old woman, making both her parents extremely old.

“Sister Zi Yun, do you know how my parents died Since my father taught you everything, doesn’t that mean he’s not an ordinary person And my mother is not ordinary either, right Since they’re not ordinary, they can’t have passed away from age,” asked Xiao Man with red eyes and sorrow.

As she grew older, she understood more and more things.

Now that she thought of the past, she realised that there were many illogical factors to her parents’ deaths.

Zi Yun shook her head.

She was unable to answer these questions, as she did not know how to answer them at all.

She did not understand what had happened to Xiao Man’s parents either.

The only thing she was certain about was that Xiao Man’s parents were no ordinary people.

Even though she could clearly sense that Xiao Man’s parents had no cultivation and that their bodies were sometimes not even as great as ordinary people, everything she learnt as well as the various powerful secret techniques and treasures for fleeing came from her master, who was also Xiao Man’s father.

Aside from her master, even her master’s wife, Xiao Man’s mother, had passed many things onto her.

Not only did these things include comprehensions and knowledge on cultivation, but it also included the various brutal aspects on the Saints’ World and so on.

As such, she already possessed a clear understanding of the outside world before she set foot there.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to know these things.

Most importantly, Zi Yun had spent over ten thousand years with Xiao Man’s parents.

If they were truly ordinary people, it would have been impossible for them to live for this long.

However, when Xiao Man’s parents passed away, they had no wounds at all.

No matter the perspective, it seemed like a natural death, like an ordinary person reaching the end of their lives.

There were no other reasons.

“Xiao Man, let’s enter the Neptunean Divine Palace,” Zi Yun said softly and approached the Neptunean Divine Palace with Xiao Man.

She vanished using the Neptunean Medallion she had obtained from Xiao Man’s parents.

When Jian Chen appeared again, he discovered that he was in a long hallway.

Apart from Kai Ya, Chanlong, and the seventeen people from the Yun family, there was no one else around him.

“Brother Jian Chen, the delivery location of each Neptunean Medallion is unstable, where it can be anywhere on the first floor,” Yun Lianqing said to Jian Chen.

He studied the surroundings and said, “It’s the first time we’ve come into the Neptunean Divine Palace as well, but we have heard of some things about the situation in here.”

“The Neptunean Divine Palace has a total of twelve floors.

The higher the floors, the more powerful the legacies.

It’s said that the Grand Prime ancestors have left their legacies on the highest floor…”


Yun Lianqing, all they can do is wander around the more remote places, so what’re you telling them this for Knowing more is not necessarily beneficial for them,” Yun Weifeng snorted coldly before Yun Lianqing had even finished speaking.

“Yun Weifeng is right.

Who knows whether they’ll run off to the twelfth floor ignorantly after they know this and accidentally offend some powerful person there Wouldn’t that be causing problems for our Yun family for nothing” Yun Shan snorted coldly as well.

Due to his own carelessness, Jian Chen had broken his arm from a single clash.

He still clung onto this matter, so he was naturally hostile towards Jian Chen.

Yun Lianqing thought about their words and found it to be reasonable.

Telling this to Jian Chen really did not benefit them.

They would basically be sending Jian Chen’s group to their deaths if they were unable to resist the temptation of a Grand Prime’s legacy and ran off to the twelfth floor rashly with their current strength.

He was left temporarily speechless.

He could only bid farewell to Jian Chen before leaving with the Godkings of the Yun family.

In the blink of an eye, the sixteen Godkings of the Yun family vanished from the hallway, only leaving behind Jian Chen, Kai Ya, Chanlong, and the emotionless young lady of the Yun family, Yun Xin.

Afterwards, the three of them left with Yun Xin as well to wander the first floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace.

The interior of the structure was extremely large.

From the outside, it only seemed to be a few hundred thousand meters in length, but in reality, its interior was countless times larger.

Along the way, the four of them discovered many remains of experts who had died in here as well as traces of many destroyed formations.

Ever since the Daoist Sect of Neptunea had been destroyed, the Neptunean Divine Palace had already been opened several hundred times.

For the sake of the legacies in there, it was naturally impossible to avoid bloody conflict, which left behind many corpses.

However, at the same time, all the legacies on the first floor had been cleaned out.

There was nothing of value left.

This was because the disciples on the first floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace naturally were not particularly powerful.

Obviously, it was extremely easy for the outsiders to obtain their legacies, unlike the four ancestors who managed to stop countless people.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen’s group had already remained on the first floor for several days.

They basically wandered through the entire floor, but they failed to find anyone else.

Jian Chen did not find this to be strange at all.

Basically everyone who entered the Neptunean Divine Palace knew that there was nothing on the first floor, so they directly made their way to the second floor as soon as they entered.

It was probably only because Yun Xin was not in a good mood, which was why they remained on the first floor that was littered with remains for so long.

“Miss Yun Xin, if you keep wasting your valuable time here, you won’t benefit at all once our year-long agreement comes to an end,” Jian Chen could not help but say.

The Neptunean Divine Palace was only open for ten years.

It seemed very long, but it was actually an extremely short period of time.

It was like a huge loss to Jian Chen for Yun Xin to waste time like this.

“Why do you care I just happen to like it here.

What can you do” Yun Xin glanced at Jian Chen as her lips curled into a sneer.

She said, “As for any benefits, do you really think you can obtain some expert’s legacy in the Neptunean Divine Palace with your strength”

“Hehehehehe, I really do have to say that you’re taking this far too simply.

It’s not that I’m looking down on you.

Although you have an early Godking with you, that’s nothing in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

None of the remaining legacies that everyone has failed to take in the past are easy to obtain.

If you want to contend for them, then hmph, it’s just wishful thinking.”


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