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The arena of life and death was located in the central region of the spatial battleship.

This was also the busiest and most prosperous area of the entire ship.

Shops, food, and entertainment all gathered here, making it seem like a miniature, bustling city.

Not only was there free trade here for various cultivation methods, battle skills, treasures, and so on, but there was also delicious food made from the meat of various huge space beasts.

It would draw in a large number of diners every day.

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong made their way through the bustling region of trade with the people from the Swordswolf adventurers.

They headed directly towards the arena of life and death.

The arena of life and death was a circular platform that was a thousand meters wide.

A barrier surrounded the entire place, and it was so powerful that even Godkings would struggle to make it tremble.

As soon as they arrived here, the gloomy young man who had mocked Kai Ya directly leapt onto the platform.

As for the six other Overgods of the Swordswolf adventurers, they surrounded Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong to cut off their path of retreat.

They wanted to prevent them from running away suddenly.

“Im already in the arena of life and death.

Brat, werent you pretty arrogant earlier You boasted that you would kill us.

Now that your opportunity is right before you, come in here,” the gloomy young man stood in the arena as he stared at Jian Chen in provocation.

‘The three of you are already here.

Surely, youre not considering to flee now”

“Haha, you havent been frightened by our Swordswolf Adventurers, right Look at the three of them.

You can tell with a single glance that theyre cowards.”

The six people who surrounded Jian Chen and the others all scoffed.

From how nervous they seemed, they appeared to be afraid that Jian Chen really would flee now.

They did not pay any attention to Kai Ya and Chanlong.

Their main target was only Jian Chen.

A cold light and killing intent flickered through Jian Chens eyes as he listened to the various remarks from the people.

With a gentle leap, he took to the air and passed through the barrier around the arena of life and death with no obstruction.

He stood in the arena now.

There were no restrictions on the people who used the arena of life and death in the spatial battleship.

It did not matter if people were fighting in it already, as people could enter from outside whenever they wished to engage in a deathmatch with their opponents.

Once the deathmatch began, it would continue until someone died.

Only those victorious could leave the arena alive.

Defeat meant death!

Seeing how Jian Chen had really entered the arena of life and death, the eyes of the Swordswolf adventurers lit up.

They were elated.

Once he had entered the arena of life and death, it would mean that the deathmatch had begun.

Unless he was victorious, he could not leave.

“Haha, sir, you really are impressive!” The people of the Swordswolf adventurers laughed aloud.

Afterwards, the six other Overgod leapt into the arena as well.

They had never even considered fighting Jian Chen alone.

They were already prepared to rush him together once Jian Chen entered the arena of life and death.

They would surround him until he died.

Once Jian Chen died in the arena, all his wealth would become theirs.

“Jian Chen, leave that person to me.

I want to teach him a lesson personally,” Kai Ya said to Jian Chen secretly.

She and master Chanlong had entered the arena together.

She glared at the young man who had scoffed at her before and killing intent surged out.

People had already begun to gather around the arena gradually.

They pointed at the people in the arena and conversed softly.

As it was seven against three, many people felt the odds were against Jian Chen and his group.

The Swordswolf adventurers were quite famous here.

Many people knew they possessed a combined attack, allowing them to defeat people more powerful than them.

Moreover, these people were not all the Swordswolf adventurers.

There were three Godkings who supported them.

Although this type of organisation was nowhere close to the apex, it was considered quite powerful on the spatial battleship.

“Spirit and Body Fusion!”

It was also at this moment that the people from the Swordswolf adventurers began to move.

They yelled out together, and the seven Overgods fell into specific positions as quickly as they could.

They were prepared to use their combined attack.

“Once we use the technique, those three people are dead for sure.

Even if were unlucky, and we come across a supreme Overgod who is on the Overgods Plaque, well be able to fend them off.

All we need to do is keep them busy until the captain makes it here.

By then, even supreme Overgods will be doomed.”

“That block of supreme grade divine crystal belongs to our Swordswolf adventurers, and I heard that the kiddo seems to have more than that.

Hahaha, weve struck big money!”

The seven Overgods were excited inside as if all of Jian Chens wealth was already theirs.

Just as they dreamed about just how many supreme grade divine crystals they were about to obtain, a terrifying presence filled with destruction suddenly appeared.

Kai Ya reached out with her right hand, and a sword immediately condensed out of purely the Laws of Destruction.

It produced a terrifying presence before turning into a black streak of light, shooting towards the young man who had insulted her earlier with lightning speed.

Although Kai Ya had only grasped the power of laws recently, she had mastered its usage.

Her usage even surpassed Jian Chens usage of the Laws of the Sword.

No one could match up to her.

As a result, not only was it a piece of cake for her to use the Laws of Destruction like it was second nature, but the power of all the laws she used, whether it was the Laws of Fire, Laws of Destruction, or Laws of Creation, was extremely pure, without any contaminants at all.

Their power had completely exceeded the same laws from any cultivator at the same level.

The Laws of Destruction moved extremely quickly.

In the tiny space of the arena, it was basically instantaneous.

With a flash, the Laws of Destruction had approached the young man.


With that, the Laws of Destruction had already pierced the young mans head before he could react, and it exploded right after.

It blasted the young mans head to pieces as red and white matter flew everywhere.

Before they could even use their combined attack, one of them had already died.

Clearly, this had surprised all of them, causing them to tarry slightly.

They all looked at the headless corpse of the young man as disbelief filled their faces.

Just a single strike had claimed the life of one of their companions.

Just what was this strength

Everyone looked at Kai Ya as they were absolutely astounded.

Only now did they realise just how terrifying of a person they had provoked.

She had managed to kill one of their companions with the first strike, and they were unable to react at all.

Even most of the supreme Overgods on the Overgods Plaque were not able to do something like that.

Just as they were stunned, the clear thrum of a sword rang out.

Jian Chen had arrived before them as a blur with the Startling Rainbow sword, stabbing out with lightning speed.


Faced with Jian Chens attack, they were unable to block at all.

Just that one strike pierced the head of one of them.

Jian Chen had killed one of their companions with lightning speed.


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