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Chapter 1994: Arena of Life and Death

“Hmph, once you join us, I have countless methods to kill you.

At that time, it doesnt matter how many divine crystals you have on you.

Itll all be mine,” the middle-aged man sneered secretly.

Naturally, he had come for Jian Chens divine crystals.

Seeing how Jian Chen treated the high grade divine crystals like nothing, he knew that Jian Chen was extremely wealthy, having probably obtained it all through luck.

As for Chanlong and Kai Ya, who were with Jian Chen, the middle-aged man did not take them seriously at all even though they were Overgods and no weaker than any of his companions.

This was because they were the Swordswolf adventurers.

They had three Godkings, and aside from that, his brothers who had stood forward with him were no ordinary people either.

They possessed a combination attack that basically made them invincible below Godkings when used.

Even against opponents who outnumbered them, they would be able to emerge victoriously.

“I have no interest,” Jian Chen said extremely calmly.

Even though he knew the Swordswolf adventurers possessed three Godkings, he did not care at all.

As long as he did not encounter late Godkings, they would not be able to pose too great of a threat to him.

Moreover, late Godkings would not just appear this easily.

Moreover, he had already learnt from Chanlong that fighting was prohibited on the spatial battleship, so it did not matter even if the Swordswolf adventurers possessed late Godkings.

The rules of the spatial battleship still bound them, preventing them from fighting.

The middle-aged seemed to have expected Jian Chens declination.

His face did not change, and he said, “Our Swordswolf adventurers possesses some fame and prestige.

Were a group of rather powerful adventurers.

Sir, are you turning down our invitation because youre looking down on us”

“Any person who looks down on our Swordswolf adventures will suffer horrible consequences.

Brother, you better consider it well.” From behind, a gloomy young man who seemed to be approaching his thirties said gruffly.

There was a vague sense of killing intent.

“Arent you going overboard We dont want to join, so you assume it to be looking down on you.

Do all the people you want to join have to join” Kai Ya stood up and said furiously.

“Haha, thats right.

Our Swordswolf adventurers just likes going overboard, so what “ The young man sneered.

He stared at Kai Ya and scoffed, “But you dont have to worry, girl.

Not anyone can join our Swordswolf adventurers.

Your cultivation is just barely enough, but your appearance…” The young man sighed when he reached there, “Sigh, after spending some time in the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire of the southern region of the Cloud Plane, I have seen plenty of beautiful women.

It has taken my tastes to a whole new level.

Now that Ive seen your appearance, I really cant let you join us because the women we had fun with in the brothels of the imperial capital were hundreds of times pretties than you.

If I let you join us, our Swordswolf adventurers will probably be completely humiliated.”

“Hahaha, thats right.

Our Swordswolf adventurers is a group with some fame after all.

We cant just let an extremely ugly woman join.

Otherwise, we wont be able to show ourselves in the future.”

“Woman, quit staring at us.

You wont get invited even if you stare at us like that because your face really makes us troubled.”

The people of the Swordswolf adventurers laughed aloud.

Gradually, the topic of the conversation began to revolve around Kai Ya.

They scoffed and scorned her as they pleased.

“You-” Kai Ya paled in fury.

She was a woman before being an Overgod.

Since most women cared about their appearance, the scathing words of the Swordswolf adventurers made her extremely furious.

Indeed, Kai Yas beauty was not breathtaking.

She could not compete with fairy Hao Yue, Shangguan Muer, and so on.

Even the two princesses of the Xuandao Empire, Xinger and Laner, were prettier than her.

However, she was still pretty, nowhere near as bad as the people from the Swordswolf adventurers had described.

Seeing the Swordsworth adventures humiliate Kai Ya, Jian Chen experienced heavy killing intent.

He turned towards Chanlong emotionlessly and asked, “Master Chanlong, is there any way to kill them”

Master Chanlongs face was ugly as well.

The vague sense of familiarity he felt from Kai Ya had already made him treat her as his best friend.

Now that his best friend was being harrassed, he also experienced killing intent.


“Theres an arena of life and death set up on the spatial battleship.

There are no rules there.

As such, once you enter it, you can kill to your hearts content without breaking any rules of the spatial battleship,” said master Chanlong.

He seemed to know what Jian Chen wanted to do, so he stood up from his stone pedestal.

Jian Chen stared at the Swordswolf adventurers and said emotionlessly, “Havent you deliberately come to provoke us for my Space Ring I can give you a chance to obtain all my wealth.

In the arena of life and death, if you can kill me, then-” Jian Chen directly took out a block of supreme grade divine crystal and tossed it onto the ground when he reached there.

He continued, “Then all my wealth in my Space Ring belongs to you.

This block of supreme grade divine crystal is only a portion of it.

I just wonder whether you have the courage to come get it or not.”

The block of supreme grade divine crystal was placed before Jian Chen.

The huge crystal was transparent, and it shone with a dense, hazy light.

Pure origin energy pulsed, causing all the people in the cabin to become green with envy.

They all stared right at the block of divine crystal.

This was a block of supreme grade divine crystal, one meter in length, width, and depth.

Let alone supreme grade, many people in the cabin had not even seen a high grade divine crystal the size of this.

All the people from the Swordswolf adventurers stared at the block of supreme grade divine crystal as well.

Desire filled their eyes.

They knew that Kai Ya and Jian Chen were together, which was why they made fun of Kai Ya to aggravate Jian Chen, forcing him into the arena of life and death.

They had never thought they would achieve their goal so easily.

“We accept your challenge.

Lets go to the arena of life and death,” the Swordswolf adventurers agreed without hesitation.

Even though there were people amongst them that could already sense that something was off, they ignored it very quickly before the temptations of supreme quality divine crystals.

Although they could not tell Jian Chens level of cultivation, they knew he was not a Godking from his presence alone.

They had no need to fear as long as they did not encounter Godkings.

Moreover, even if he were a Godking, it did not matter.

There were no rules in the arena of life and death.

If the seven of them combined their strength, they could remained tangled with Godkings for a while through their various techniques.

That time would be enough for their captain to arrive.

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong set off for the arena of life and death with the seven Overgods.

Behind them were the several dozen members of the Swordswolf adventurers below Overgod.

After they had left, the remaining people in the cabin hesitated before quite a few people followed them away as well.

They had gone to watch.

At the same time, in a luxurious room filled with origin energy within the high class cabins of the spatial battleship, a scarred, muscular man in tight, red robes sat on a jade bed.

He was the captain of the Swordswolf adventurers, known by other as the Wolf King!

Suddenly, the mans face changed, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He took out a jade talisman from his Space Ring and scanned it with the senses of his soul.

“Qing Fan and the others have caught a big fish in the low class cabin.

He actually holds a block of supreme grade divine crystal at the very least, and he has already in the arena of life and death.

Yes, thats a big fish in deed.

Qing Fan and the others have done well.

I gotta properly reward them later,” the Wolf King was elated.

Even to him, a Godking, a block of supreme grade divine crystal was wealth that he could not ignore.

However, the Wolf King furrowed his brows soon after.

He murmured, “Not only does the target hold a block of supreme grade divine crystal at the very least, but hes not afraid of the challenge either.

It looks like he might be a difficult target.

I have to go have a look, just in case the big fish escapes,” the Wolf King immediately left the room.

He summoned the other two Godkings of the Swordswolf adventurers and went to the arena of life and death together with them.


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